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How It Should Have Ended

Welcome to How it Should Have Ended! A place for animated alternate endings to movies. We make cartoons as fast as we can and hopefully we can make you laugh along the way. Thanks for watching our videos and thank YOU for subscribing. You can find us also at Check out our new channel that's fun for the whole family! Help us spread the word! Want to help support HISHE? Buy HISHE merchandise from our DFTBA store: or our TeeSpring store: Please note that outside of our specific "written by the fans" episodes, HISHE has a long standing company policy to not accept or review unsolicited submissions of creative materials. Please do not send us your scripts, story ideas or other creative materials as we will not review them. Thank you!
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How Buzz

How to do everything
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How it was

If you could live for any single day in the history of mankind what day would you choose to live? What would you choose to see? Who would you choose to meet? Even thinking about it is fascinating, isn't it? Like a time machine, we'll let you experience the most influential events in the history of humanity as if you were their witness. Through the extensive research that we're putting in every episode, we are restoring the exact order of events, their precise timeline and sharing captivating facts you didn't know before. Subscribe and hit that notification bell to support our channel!
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How To Home

From law enforcement officer back to the construction industry I was raised around, I share and create content focused on DIY, how tos, tips and tricks, and reviews of products used around the home. I offer information and ways to save money on projects, builds, renovations, and everyday repairs. I will touch on projects covering woodworking, renovations, electrical, air conditioning, lawn and garden, power equipment, and solutions to typical problems around the house, just to name a few. New content will be uploaded regularly. Please click that subscribe button to get updates on all of the new time and money saving life hacks I have coming your way!
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How To Beat

Welcome to How To Beat, ladies and gentlemen! Your go-to most wholesome apocalypse guide on the Internet :) Love ya~ have a damn good day!
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How To Rap

How To Rap is the world's first rap coaching company created in 2014 by head coach and founder, Drew Morisey. Drew has personally coached more rappers 1-on-1 than any other music education service online... This channel is design to help your career, not promote Drew's! How To Rap collaborators and clients have worked with Kendrick Lamar, Drake, TDE, Harvard University, 808 Mafia, Wiz Khalifa Juice Wrld, and many others. With over 15 years of experience in both rap and rock music, "How To Rap Drew" has most recently performed internationally in over 15 countries and 3 continents on his 2018 world tour... Secured recording contracts from multiple millionaire investors... ...And worked with multiple Grammy award winning artists! For more information on how to get coached by Drew and the How To Rap team, please visit Thanks for visiting us and we hope you subscribe!
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How to ADHD

Have ADHD? Know someone with ADHD? Want to learn more? You're in the right place! Most weeks I post a new video with tips, tricks and insights into the ADHD brain. This channel is my ADHD toolbox -- a place to keep all the strategies I've learned about having and living with ADHD. It's also grown into an amazing community of brains (and hearts!) who support and help each other. Anyone looking to learn more about ADHD is welcome here! Support me on Patreon: Check out our new website! You can also follow me on Twitter: Facebook: Send me things! (no food please :D ) Jessica @ How to ADHD PO BOX 16738 Seattle, WA 98116 COMMENT POLICY +=+=+=+=+ I encourage positive discussion about nearly any topic; however, I have a family-friendly, no-bullying policy and comments that contain insults, triggers or R-rated language may be deleted.
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How Farms Work

Remembering the lost part of America's rural history. We're a YouTube channel dedicated to showing people who weren't born on a farm what the farming life is like by vlogging events on the farm from How To Operate videos, all the way down to daily activities. How Farms Work is a dynamic family-friendly farm vlog that showcases several beef and crop farms located in Southwestern Wisconsin. Equipment operation, techniques, daily activities, and farming strategies are all first-hand accounts given by Ryan, an agricultural business major whose family run these farms. How Farms Work takes place on over 10 different farms, with each farm ranging from 30 to 200+ acres. Be sure to subscribe to stay in touch with farming practices, new and old, used in the Midwest or if you are a farmer or aspiring farmer! *SUMMER SCHEDULE* Our schedule may vary, but expect a new video every Sunday at 11 AM CDT! Subscriber Goals ✅ 100,000 ✅ 200,000 ✅ 300,000 ⬜ 400,000
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How To Drink

How to Drink is a show about making drinks and how to drink them. I hope you like the show! Twitter: @How2Drink Instagram:@How2Drink Twitch:
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How to Survive

Survive whatever awaits you. How to Survive is a web series that takes you on a journey to the most dangerous places in the Universe and human mind. Subscribe to the channel. Produced with love by the makers of What If.
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How Money Works

Subscribe to learn more about finance, business, the markets and everything else involved in How Money Works.
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How to Beast

Proven steps for building confidence & getting jacked.
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How To Make Everything

Today, getting what you need is as easy as a trip to the store; from food to clothing, energy, medicine, and so much more. Andy will discover what it takes to make everything from scratch. His mission is to understand complex manufacturing and production processes that are often taken for granted, doing it all himself. Each week he'll travel the world to bypass the modern supply chain in oder to harvest raw materials straight from the source. Along the way, he’s answering the questions you never thought to ask. Andy is learning How To Make Everything! Thank you to our patrons for making this series possible!
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Learn How to Sign

Hey Signers, welcome to Learn How to Sign! Our channel is dedicated all things ASL (American Sign Language) for those just now learning sign language to signers who need to brush up on their skills. We post weekly with new content and are always looking for suggestions on signs you want to know. Thanks for joining us and keep learning how to sign. Credentials: Meredith is a state certified ASL teacher and certified educational interpreter. She also holds a M.Ed. in Deaf Education. Brian is the director, editor and CEO of Learn How to Sign. He has two decades of experience in the video industry along with his full time job as a Director of Video. 📨 Send us mail! 1304 4th Ave # 1674 Canyon, TX 79015 USA
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How To with Doc

Lawn care , farm life, and home renovations. Mostly DIY projects and how to around the yard and home. Trying to add some fun to list of things that need to get done.
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How to Hand Letter

Modern calligraphy & handlettering tutorials that are easy to follow! Join my free 7 day handlettering course:
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How Ridiculous

3 Australians having fun.
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How To Cake

Welcome to How To Cake Channel!!! My channel is colorful Cake videos. Its shows you the most satisfying video in the world about colorful decorating, colorful tutorials compilation. It's so amazing colorful decorating tutorials videos that make you want to eat. Thank you!
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This Is How We Bingham

Life is for living and we LOVE living life! Focused on finding the positive in every situation. We are a dynamic and energetic family of seven! 🤪 We are the HAPPIEST family on YouTube!! (maybe even the world) We love SHARING our happiness with all of you! This Is How We Bingham! Join us on this adventure and let's take life's everyday joy to the extreme! #ThisIsHowWeBingham SUBSCRIBE and share the fun with your family and friends :) LET'S BE FAMILY EVERYWHERE! Facebook: Instagram: @ThisIsHowWeBingham Twitter: @HowWeBingham Snapchat: @HowWeBingham Blog: Store: Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1276 Pleasant Grove, UT 84062
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