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Bienvenidos a mi canal personal, donde veran mi día a día a través de otro lente. Experiencias, viajes y compartir con la comunidad de Marcianos son la característica principal de este medio. Suscríbete y se parte de la Aventura MarcianoVlog.
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Vlog Creations

This channels first intention is to provide entertainment through a balance of comedy, courage, creativity and consideration in a consistent manner. My desire, and ultimate intent, is that nobody feels attacked or upset as a result of our jokes. While we realize that this does happen sometimes due to the nature of our performances, continuous effort to entertain is always the first priority. Second, I want you to feel personally connected to me by being open about my thoughts, emotions, vulnerabilities, and advice I believe to be worth sharing. I want your life to improve as a result of watching these videos. I want to inspire you to not be afraid of pursuing what you want. I want to give you hope and tangible solutions for the conflicts in your life that seem impossible. Every video will not embody all these intentions. The channel, as a whole, will strive for this each and every day.
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Barvina Vlog

Это мой канал повседневной жизни. Это лучший влог канал для детей. Подписывайтесь и не пропустите самое интересное. This is my real life channel. This is the best vlog channel for kid.
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Martin Arek VLOG

Vlog seputar kehidupan saya di Amerika dan pengalaman yang bisa saya share kepada anda semua. Saya melihat ada banyak hal yang positif selama saya tinggal di negeri Paman Sam ini, Yang mengajar saya untuk hidup lebih baik dengan melihat praktek kehidupan orang orang disini dengan budayanya. Namun semua itu juga tidak terlepas dari pengalaman pengalaman yang buruk juga. Tapi jujur kalau saya boleh bilang banyak hal hal yang sangat baik untuk bisa kita terapkan dalam kehidupan kita. Biarlah melalui Vlog saya ini saya bisa memberikan edukasi buat teman teman dan adik adik saya terutama generasi mudah Indonesia. Jangan malu untuk belajar jangan malu untuk mengakui jika kita memang masih belum menjadi lebih baik seperti yang kita harapkan. Membangun bangsa tidak harus jadi politikus , melalui Channel Vlog ini saya juga bisa !! Yes We can bro !! kok jadi inget Obama ya ha ha ha .... Selamat menyaksikan Video video di channel ini. Regards Martin Arek
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Vlog do Rodrigão

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Arthik's Vlog

Its A group Vlog Channel Of Prank King Entertainment Zero Subscriber Cahnnel.
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Making it happen Vlog

We are Mike and Nelly and we are sharing some TRAVEL, FOOD and GOOD VIBES from our life in the Philippines 🇵🇭with you on this channel :) Join us on our adventures and subscribe 🌴 LETS STAY IN TOUCH: 🤗 click the links to follow us on all our other social channels Business Inquiries: 📬
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Lâm Vlog

Kênh vlog của mình chuyên làm các video mang tính giải trí như: Trò chơi, du lịch, review, ăn uống, chế tạo, trải nghiệm, thử nghiệm, thử thách. → Đăng ký kênh để ủng hộ mình làm thêm nhiều video nhé: (Miễn phí) → Facebook cá nhân: → FanPage Facebook: → Tiktok: → Liên hệ Quảng Cáo: (Không nhận QC kênh)
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Alida Vlog

hello my name is Alida My channel shares the life of Vietnamese housewife please subsribe for my channel! thanks you. Donate Paypal:
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ان كنت من محبي السفر و اكتشاف أشياء و عاداة و تقاليد جديدة أو كنت من محبي الرياضة و مهتم باللياقة البدنية فما عليك الا الاشتراك في قناتي التي تجمع بين المغامرة و المتعة و العلم و المعرفة و التحفيز للرياضة و انشاء الله أكون عند حسن ظنكم جميعا و أستطيع افادتكم
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MHB vlog

I am a Youtuber.This is a Documentary vlog Channel. This Channel Does not Promote or Encourage Any illegal Activities. Pleas Seaport and Subscribe my Channel MHB vlog. For Business inquiries -
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KiCanto Vlog

O Casal KIka Leon & Marcio Guerra CANTO agora tem seu próprio canal de vlog. Marcio Guerra Canto já é um conhecido Professor Youtuber que tem um canal sobre voz e música. Kika Leon trabalha no ramo de imóveis em Miami e é fundadora da KiCanto Management LLC. A idéia de fazer vlog sobre o cotidiano nos Estados Unidos e assuntos diversos. ► Contato Comercial: Ps. O CONTATO COMERCIAL É PARA MARCAS PATROCINADORAS DAS REDES SOCIAIS e PARCERIAS. TODAS AS MENSAGENS SEM ESTE OBJETIVO SÃO BLOQUEADAS
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Vlog Star

Welcome to the official Vlog Star YouTube channel. Here we will introduce 3 apps that help YouTubers create vlogs, reaction cam and more -- Intro Maker, Vlog Star and Thumbnail Maker. The channel keeps updating app news, tips, tutorials, and events for users. 1. Intro Maker -- super easy to create awesome intros with over 5000 templates covering various categories and styles. 📱 Download Links: ♢ iOS: ♢ Android: 2. Vlog Star -- a powerful video editor which helps you easily create vlogs, gaming videos, reaction videos, music tempo videos for social media and more. 📱 Download Links: ♢ iOS: ♢ Android: 💖 Follow us on Instagram: 3. Thumbnail Maker -- the strongest thumbnail editing tool for YouTubers with powerful features and diverse resources. 📱 Download Links: ♢ Android:
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Mod2Fame Vlog

We are automotive enthusiasts who created a platform for other auto enthusiasts. Our mission is to provide a stage for car customizing creative's to share their projects with the world so the art form of personalizing vehicles, will never die. With the print industry fading away, we chose filmmaking as our way to deliver content. We create films about car builds, car events, and our own cars. We are a small team of passionate content creators that are fortunate enough to have people follow and subscribe so they can see the world through our eyes. These are not just followers or subscribers, we call them our M2F family aka, M2F'ers. IG: Facebook: Website: Business Inquiries:
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Susu Vlog

If you like this video, don't forget to click the like button and leave a comment below. Contact advertising: Thank you for supporting me!
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Like Nastya Vlog

Привет всем! Настя маленький видеоблогер. На нашем детском канале Лайк Настя вы увидите супер Влоги для детей, истории с любимыми мульт героями, интригующие челленджи, распаковку сюрпризов и новых игрушек. Снимаем игры с шариками Орбиз и Джели Баф. У нас вы Увидите куклу Беби бон, куклу Барби и различные аксессуары к ним. Пластилин play doh прекрасно подходит для игры с мамой. Распаковка киндер сюрприз одно из моих самых любимых занятий. Я очень люблю животных, поэтому мы всей семьей помогаем приюту кошечек и собачек. Благодаря вашим подпискам мы сможем спасти и вылечить больше животных. Подписывайтесь и пишите мне комментарии, я с удовольствием отвечу))) Наши любимые каналы и мультфильмы: Маша и Медведь, Лунтик, Фиксики, Свинка Пеппа и Барбоскины. Лайк Настя, like nastya, девочка Настя, канал Насти
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Adnan Faruque Vlog

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