Playboard announces the most objective YouTube rankings.

Playboard collects the viewer ratings for YouTube channels worldwide to determine and announce reliable popularity rankings.

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Playboard’s viewer ratings refer to the percentage of the number of views for a given channel against the total number of viewes in the country where the channel originates from.

This allows an intuitive insight into how popular a certain channel is among countless other channels.

Viewer ratings are updated daily and can be found sorted by date on the channel page.


LPV is a number showing ratio of likes per views. For instance, for a video with 10 likes and 100 views, its LPV is 10%.

LPV helps to easily check how the audience feels about a channel and compare it with other channels.

Worldwide average LPV for YouTube videos

LPV reliability index

Some videos may record a very high LPV during early stages of its posting through help from the fans.

In such cases, to reflect opinions from a wider audience, only some fraction of LPV is reflected in the rankings until it reaches a certain number of views.

LPV reliability is measured between 0% ~ 100%. Higher LPVs require more cumulative views to reach higher levels of LPV reliability.

Popularity Ranking formula

Playboard’s popularity rankings are determined using the number of likes as the primary index.

This is due to the fact that although high number of views may be reached through advertisements or provocative thumbnails, the number of likes can only be increased through active participation of the audience.

Popularity score = number of views * ( LPV * LPV reliability index )

Rankings are made daily based on the popularity score, determined by the number of views and likes over a day.

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To ensure an accurate ranking, Playboard analyzes anywhere from millions to tens of millions of data every day.

Cumulative number of data analyzed

Changes to the number of subscribers in a channel is checked once a day.

Checking period for data such as the number of views and likes differ depending on the elapsed time since the video was posted.

  • Videos posted in the past 10 days are checked daily
  • Videos that are viewed more than 5,000 times are checked daily regardless of the date of posting
  • Other videos are checked once from a minimum of every 2 days to a maximum of every 365 days depending on the elapsed time since the video was posted

Ranking update schedule

TimeAggregate period(GMT+0)
Daily RankingEvery day 12:00 PMYesterday
Weekly RankingEvery Monday 12:00 PMLast week
Monthly Ranking1st of every month 12:00 PMLast month
Yearly Ranking1st of every year 12:00 PMLast year
Total RankingEvery day 12:00 PMTotal
  • Depending on the time it takes to aggregate, the update time may vary.
  • Aggregation periods are based on Greenwich Mean Time.

Requirements for channel registration

Only channels with a minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 1,000,000 cumulative views are registered and ranked.

Viewer ratings and LPV are aggregated for channels with a minimum of 24,000 subscribers or 10,000,000 cumulative views.

Channel category

Channel categories are set by aggregating the categories of each video in the channel.

The category with the highest number of views through videos that has the same category is set as the representative category.

This operation is done automatically and updated on an average of once a week.

Channel tag

Channel tag is selected based on the keywords entered by the channel owner through YouTube Studio.

How to set tags : YouTube Studio > Settings > Channels > Basic info

Only identifiable keywords among the ones entered in the channel such as ASMR and Travel are selected as channel tags.

If there are too many keywords, only the first five keywords are used.

This operation is done automatically and updated on an average of once a week.

Super Chat

The Playboard provides you with the information about Super Chat and Super Sticker statistics.

  • Live streaming before January 10, 2020 : Aggregate only if stream is saved
  • Live streaming After January 10, 2020 : Aggregate all Super Chat
  • All Premiere Video are counted.
  • The amount may change due to exchange rate fluctuations.

Monetization data for videos

Playboard provides monetization data for videos (yellow icon) by extracting and analyzing YouTube data unavailable to the general public.

We have monetization data on about 10 million videos. The data can be found on the video tab of each channel page.

As of October 30th 2019, YouTube has blocked the collection of this data, resulting in temporary stoppage to updates. We are exploring alternatives and will make an effort to resume the service soon.

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