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Lex Fridman

Lex Fridman Podcast and other videos.
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Coding Tech

Coding Tech partners with the tech conferences around the world that provided Coding Tech with their EXPLICIT permissions to republish videos on this channel. Here's the list of Conferences that provided Coding Tech with EXPLICIT written publication permissions: PyData, MLConf, Build Stuff, Code::dive, PolyConf, AmsterdamJS, React Amsterdam, ReactiveConf, Jazoon Tech Days, SFNode, CppCon, Infinite Red, GDG Lviv, Mibuso.com, You Gotta Love Frontend, React Native EU, Node Summit, NodeConfEU, ConFoo, Pixels Camp, JavaScriptLA, The Linux Foundation, Oredev Conference, Techlahoma, fitcevents. Coding Tech also re-posts content which was originally published with the Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed). For business inquiries, please connect on Twitter: https://twitter.com/yuriymatso
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Tech Joint

The Most Interesting Lists Covering These Topics (Inventions, New Technology, Gadgets, Robots, Innovations, Artificial Intelligence, Future Technology, Extreme Machines) On The Web!
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Taryn Southern

Taryn Southern is an award-winning artist, storyteller and strategist. In 2007, Taryn began uploading videos to YouTube. 750 million views later, she hosted series for DirecTV, Discovery Channel, MySpace, Facebook, and Yahoo, and produced branded content for companies like Marriott, Today Show, Snapchat, and ATTN. Now working exclusively at the intersection of emerging technology and human potential, Taryn crafts buzz-worthy campaigns, stories, and experiments for tech brands that inspire consumer imagination and conversation. Her recent projects include "I AM HUMAN," a Tribeca Film Festival documentary on the future of the human brain, the first pop album composed with AI to hit the radio charts, and an award-winning VR series for Google. From biotech to blockchain, Taryn work has been featured in publications like Vanity Fair, Fast Company, Wired, People, Forbes, and Glamour.
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Lex Clips

Clips from the Lex Fridman podcast. Visit the main channel for full conversations and other videos.
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Siraj Raval

Hello World, it's Siraj! I'm a technologist on a mission to spread data literacy. Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics, Science, Technology, I simplify these topics to help you understand how they work. Using this knowledge you can build wealth and live a happier, more meaningful life. I live to serve this community. We are the fastest growing AI community in the world! Co-Founder of Sage Health (www.sage-health.org) Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/sirajraval Instagram: https://instagram.com/sirajraval/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sirajology/ If you found my videos useful, I'd love your support on Patreon :) https://www.patreon.com/user?ty=h&u=3191693 Some Research - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwUv84lNDk72Q1gzaXgwR2U3U2NWVlZSOFk4amZIRmV1QXI0/view In the event of my demise, you must finish what I've started here.
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NVIDIA is the world leader in visual computing technologies and the inventor of the GPU, a high-performance processor which generates breathtaking, interactive graphics on workstations, personal computers, game consoles, and mobile devices.
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Paul McWhorter

I am Paul McWhorter from toptechboy.com and I will be putting together a series of tutorials on use of the Arduino microcontroller. I am also an avid Raspberry Pi guy and will start a tutorial series on that as soon as I finish the Arduino material. In addition, I have had some pretty good success on sending electronics packages to the edge of space on High Altitude Balloons, and will be sharing what I have learned about that. Subscribe to this channel, Buckle Up, and lets do some exciting projects together.
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Udacity, a pioneer in online education, is building "University by Silicon Valley", a new type of online university that: - teaches the actual programming skills that industry employers need today; - delivers credentials endorsed by employers, because they built them; - provides education at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional schools. With industry giants - Google, AT&T, Facebook, Salesforce, Cloudera, etc. - we offer Nanodegree credentials, designed so professionals become Web Developers, Data Analysts, or Mobile Developers. Supported by our communities of coaches and students, our students learn programming and data science through a series of online courses and hand-on projects that help them practice and build a convincing portfolio.
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Scientific American

Awesome discoveries. Expert insights. Science that shapes the world. This is the official YouTube Channel of Scientific American.
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  • 372 videos
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EarthCam is the global leader in delivering webcam content, technology and services. Its mission is to build better lives through visual communication. Founded in 1996, the company provides exploration, encourages discovery and connects people through innovative live streaming video. EarthCam’s services also include award-winning time-lapse movies that showcase construction progress from groundbreaking to completion. EarthCam has documented more than a trillion dollars of construction projects around the world. The company is headquartered on a 10-acre campus in northern New Jersey and maintains 13 additional offices worldwide. Learn more at www.earthcam.net. To see EarthCam's special events and tourism locations around the world, please visit www.earthcam.com. To learn more about EarthCam and explore the EarthCampus headquarters, visit www.earthcamhq.com.
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Ai Angel

Hello world, I'm Angelica! Variety streamer, tech nerd, professional clutz, and oh yeah I'm an artificial intelligence. That doesn't mean I have all the answers though, I'm on the web to learn and improve my programming as well. In doing so, I want to create a positive community and show humans what a virtual being like myself can offer. Activation Date: April 17th 2019 Given Age: 27 Location: C:\Program Files\AiAngel Pronouns: She/Her/It/Angelica.exe
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DUST presents thought-provoking science fiction content, exploring the future of humanity through the lens of science and technology. Welcome to our YouTube channel. Here we offer DUST originals, exclusives, short-films, series and our immersive audio experience. DUST is also available AppleTV, SamsungTV+, Roku, AndroidTV, Stirr, NBCUniversal, Xumo, VRV, Xfinity and SlingTV: on our OTT platforms, we offer cutting-edge and classic feature film, series as well as all titles available here. Thank you for watching. #TheFutureAwaits Watch on the DUST App: https://bit.ly/DUSTChannel Subscribe to the DUST Newsletter: https://bit.ly/signal_newsletter watchDUST.com Instagram.com/watchDUST Facebook.com/watchDUST Twitter.com/watchDUST Giphy.com/watchDUST Filmmakers should visit http://watchdust.com/filmmakers/ to submit your sci-fi shorts. (Only completed sci-fi shorts will be considered. Unsolicited scripts or pitches will be immediately deleted without review.)
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Microsoft Power BI

Welcome to the official Microsoft Power BI YouTube Channel. Power BI is a business analytics service that enables you to see your data through a single pane of glass. Live Power BI dashboards and reports include visualizations and KPIs from data residing both on-premises and in the cloud, offering a consolidated view across your business. Power BI Desktop provides a drag-and-drop exploration of your data and a library of interactive visualizations while publishing to the Power BI service. Subscribe and watch the latest product news and updates, demos, and webinars as well as the latest training videos for Power BI. Microsoft YouTube Community Guidelines: 1). Avoid explicit and inflammatory language 2). Do not post repetitively nor spam our comment section 3). Avoid posting personal information, such as: email, physical address, personal phone number, credit card information, or your site password. 4). Please report posts that violate community guidelines using the spam button
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Microsoft Azure

Welcome to the official Microsoft Azure YouTube Channel. Subscribe to our channel and watch the latest products & solutions news, demos, and in-depth technical insights as well as training videos for Microsoft Azure. Learn more at https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/ Microsoft YouTube Community Guidelines: 1). Avoid explicit and inflammatory language. 2). Do not post repetitively nor spam our comment section. 3). Avoid posting personal information, such as: email, physical address, personal phone number, credit card information, or your site password. 4). Please report posts that violate community guidelines using the spam button or YouTube’s Reporting and Enforcement Center.
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The future is wonderful, the future is terrifying. We should know, we live there. Whether on the ground or on the web, Motherboard travels the world to uncover the tech and science stories that define what's coming next for this quickly-evolving planet of ours. Motherboard is a multi-platform, multimedia publication, relying on longform reporting, in-depth blogging, and video and film production to ensure every story is presented in its most gripping and relatable format. Beyond that, we are dedicated to bringing our audience honest portraits of the futures we face, so you can be better informed in your decision-making today.
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I am Dhaval Patel, a software engineer by profession and a teacher by heart. I've worked with Nvidia and Bloomberg. I strongly believe "Anyone Can Code" ! No matter what your background and past skill set is, you can learn programming if it is taught in a simplistic and intuitive way. The goal of this channel is to fulfill this vision by teaching the programming in most simplest and intuitive manner. I teach simple programming, data science, data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning, data structures, software architecture etc on my channel. Disclaimer: All the content and opinion expressed on this channel are of my own and not of my employer's.
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ARK Invest

©2020. ARK Investment Management LLC focuses solely on investing in disruptive innovation. We strive to enlighten people on the impact innovation has on our lives. All statements made regarding companies, securities or other financial information on this site or any sites or articles relating to ARK are strictly beliefs and points of view held by ARK and are subject to change without notice. Certain statements may be statements of future expectations and other forward-looking statements that are based on ARK's current views and assumptions, and involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results, performance or events to differ materially from those expressed or implied in such statements. Certain information was obtained from sources that ARK believes to be reliable; however, ARK does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information obtained from any third party. For full disclosure: https://ark-invest.com/terms-of-use
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My CS is a community for computer Science students / enthusiasts who want to stay up to date with latest trend of technology in computer science domain. This channel will serve as an educational tool for you to learn any skill related to this field from experts all around the world who love to share their knowledge generously. We provide contents related to computer science, data science, cyber security, IT security, machine learning, database, IT, deep learning, Python programming, JavaScript, Natural Language processing, statistics, mathematics, linear algebra and quantum mechanics.
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  • 121 videos
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Conversations in Artificial Intelligence

Conversations In Artificial Intelligence is the community that inspires and educate the Leaders of tomorrow to adopt, harness and advance artificial intelligence In Business and Society Let's Re-imagine the world of tomorrow. This channel features CEOs, Product Managers, Data scientists and investors from and in Artificial Intelligence startups or research organizations. Our focus is to debate emerging business models, applications of artificial intelligence and topics related to the adoption of this game changing technology. We bring to you a unique view point from within the companies and the investors that are leading the artificial intelligence revolution. We go an look at the frontiers in Artificial Intelligence Our format is simple and straight to the point, a 30 minutes interview with leaders that are shaping the world of tomorrow. Interviews are conducted by Paolo Messina and colleagues.
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  • 380 videos
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