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AfinArte Music

AfinArte Music es una disquera líder del género Regional Mexicano. Una compañía comprometida con preservar la música tradicional Mexicana y desarrollar nuevos talentos.
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NPR Music

The official YouTube channel for NPR Music featuring Tiny Desk Concerts, live shows, documentaries and more. Find more at
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JT Music

We make songs and skits for video games! Like and Subscribe to us...don't forget to hit that notification bell too! Check out our music on iTunes and Spotify as well! Can you use our music? The answer is yes you can. BUT please read these terms first: Meta PC Partner 💻 Check out custom PCs here! Use code "JTMusic" to save!
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Bethel Music

A community of worshipers pursuing the presence of God. We exist to gather, inspire, and encourage the global church toward deeper intimacy with the Father. Together, we express who God is and who we are in Him, capturing fresh expressions of worship in every season.
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WaterTower Music

Check out the score from Barbie now: WaterTower Music, Warner Bros.' in-house music label, was launched in January 2010 as a reimagining and rebranding of New Line Records to create music assets as diverse as the films, television shows and interactive games they support. - Our page here will feature everything from behind the scenes footage with today’s top composers, music videos, and so much more!
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Avang Music

Avang Music's official YouTube channel is the ultimate destination for Persian music lovers. As the leader in the Persian music industry, Avang Music offers viewers an unparalleled experience with the latest and greatest music videos and songs from top Persian artists. With a vast collection of music and entertainment content, Avang Music's YouTube channel offers a wide variety of playlists for viewers to enjoy. From pop and rock to traditional Persian music, the channel has something for every taste. In addition to music videos, the channel also features live performances, interviews, and behind-the-scenes content that offers a unique look into the Persian music industry. Fans of Persian music will also appreciate the latest news and updates about their favorite artists, available exclusively on Avang Music's YouTube channel. Whether you're a fan or simply curious about the vibrant and exciting world of Persian music, Avang Music's YouTube channel is the perfect place to start.
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Nightblue Music

BRINGING YOU ONLY THE BEST EDM - TRAP 🔥 Submit your tracks for promotion here: 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 Please email for all other business inquiries 🔥
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Royal Music

Welcome to Royal Music, home of Lyric & Visual Videos of New Electronic Music including EDM, Future Bass, Pop, Trap and much more. Submissions & Enquiries: / Submit demos for our record label:
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Magic Music

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Popular Music

Popular Music is a carefully curated musical hub aimed to help listeners discover the newest and most addictive songs from around the globe. I strive to find the best and most enjoyable music for you guys. I hope you have a good time here :) Want to RELEASE your track on Popular Music? Please send me a private link to stream your track via email: Important : We have rights / Permission for all content in our channel from Owner/record label. Business Queries :
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Car Music

Welcome to my channel where you can find the best bass boosted music that fits your car! Do you want your track on my channel? Send me via mail : Don't forget to subscribe!
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Alkaline Music

Strategic in his mysterious persona and a burning beacon for the reggae-dancehall genre, Alkaline who is known for his aggressive hip-hop influenced style artistically captures the core of the genres past whilst embodying todays diversity. Since his debut in 2011, recording artiste Alkaline has consistently surpassed his peers and raised the bar for those working in the reggae-dancehall genre. The artiste debut album, New Level Unlocked peaked at #1 on the Billboard charts and went on to sending 18 weeks. Unstoppable since his meteoric rise to the top shelf of Dancehall, amidst mounting opposition and constant criticism, Alkaline singles since his debut has amassed millions of streams globally. Musicians to media, fans and entertainment executives globally have stopped to take note of his artistry and success which to date is unquestionable. Its beyond a doubt, Alkaline is the most successful influential independent artiste to emerge from the Caribbean in recent history.
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Trap Music Now

Trap Music Now is an internationally known music brand / label that reshapes the future of trap and dance music providing millions of listeners with remixes of their favorite songs and original releases that bring a fresh wave of sound to the genre. For Business Inquiries: 2012 - 2024 Trap Music Now © All Rights Reserved.
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Music Travel Love

Welcome to the official Music Travel Love YouTube channel! We travel the world making music, friends, videos and memories! It's fun :) On our channel, you’ll find a variety of content containing elements of music, travel and love including original songs, covers, acoustic covers, and more. Keep up with us by subscribing and enabling ALL notifications!
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Bienvenidos a la Pagina Oficial de Alex Zurdo. Aquí encontraras toda la información de nuestro ministerio y la agenda de nuestras actividades. Contacto: Dennisse Contreras 787-463-2638 email: Biografía Juventud, vocación y talento.Tres palabras claves que definen la vida del ministro y cantante, Alex Zurdo, quien quedó marcado cuando Dios tocó a su puerta. Motivado por su padre, el vocalista participó de un retiro espiritual y desde ese instante su camino tomó otro rumbo. Alex Zurdo Ministry: Dennisse Contreras Tel: 787-463-2638 Email: web: Facebook: alexzurdomusic Twitter: @alexzurdomusic Instagram: @alexzurdomusic Youtube: Alexzurdomusic
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JN Music Group

JN Music Group abarca todas las áreas de entretenimiento con sus filiales: JN Records y JN Publishing en la música, JN Entertainment en la producción de eventos y conciertos; Nómada Films en el cine. También cuenta con la estación radial El Yunque en Puerto Rico. El Sr. Juan Hidalgo, Presidente y el Sr. Nelson Estevez, Vicepresidente han liderado el mercado de la música latina por más de 40 años. Poseen una larga lista de éxitos, como fueron los trabajos de Proyecto Uno, Rikarena, Eddy Herrera, Tito Rojas, Milly Quezada, Wilfrido Vargas, Big Boy y Kinito Méndez, por mencionar algunos. Cuentan con mas de 150 discos de Oro, Latin Grammys y otros reconocimientos de instituciones de la música y gubernamentales. Además poseen uno de los catálogos musicales más extensos con más de 25.000 canciones entre los que se encuentran éxitos como “Tu Eres Ajena” de Alejandro Montero, “Nadie Se Muere” de Orlando Santana, “Cuando El Amor Se Daña” de Bonny Cepeda, “Perdidos” de Daniel Cruz Sánchez
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JulianspromosTV | Soca Music

Brand, Label - Julianspromos LLC 🔔Subscribe for New Music: ▶Streaming Playlists: Official source for Soca Music on YouTube with over 1,000,000 subscribers and 1 billion total views worldwide. Top outlet for marketing your Soca Music across the world. Mission | To showcase the cultural musical elements of Caribbean entertainment in the most professional way possible. We motivate and encourage the artist to provide us their best material for us to demonstrate what the culture has to offer.
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Strange Music Inc

The Official YouTube channel for Strange Music Inc. - independent record label founded by Tech N9ne & Travis O'Guin, EST 2000. Check in for official music videos, songs, updates and exclusive behind the scenes content!
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TheSoul Music FUN

Welcome to TheSoul Music FUN! 🎵🎉 Are you in for a mix of vibrant entertainment and energetic tunes? You've just landed at the right spot! Our channel mashes up entertaining, dynamic visuals in the form of YouTube Shorts with our very own captivating music. 🎧🎈 At TheSoul Music FUN, we believe in the power of rhythm to make any content come alive. That's why every short video we share is set to a unique soundtrack - music that we believe deserves the limelight. 🎶💥 Whether you're a fan of quick, engaging visual content, a music lover, or both, TheSoul Music FUN has got you covered. Hit subscribe, turn up the volume, and get ready to have a great time with our content! 🥳🎸 Soak in our tunes, support our artists, and let's build a lively and respectful creative community together. 🌐🤝 Stay tuned, keep the rhythm going, and have a blast with TheSoul Music FUN! 🎈🎊
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Kids Music Land

Hello! My name is Sandra. Welcome to my official Kids Music Land- kids videos Channel. About channel Kids Music Land. We create high-quality entertaining and educational songs so that your kid can have fun and benefit. Our videos are suitable for those parents who consider it important to develop in kids: - Emotional intelligence. In all our videos we instill eternal values – love for family, friendship, kindness, and mutual help. - Thinking and erudition. Our educational video-songs will help kids learn colors, shapes, professions, new words and others. By the way, watching, dancing, and singing along together with us children will be able to easily learn English, because we always sign the lyrics in large colorful letters and sing so that children can intuitively learn new words and sing along. New useful and entertaining songs for children we publish every week! Please SUBSCRIBE and help us by sharing our videos. Thank you :)
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  • 127 videos
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