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I'm GuRu, I make clips about Clay Character Contact advertising : Donate
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Hamro English Guru

Hamro English Guru is here to help you improve your English. This channel is for Nepali people who want to improve their English listening and speaking. Thousands of students in Nepal learn English from Hamro English Guru every day. It offers free online English language class in Nepal for everyone willing to learn. I’d like to make a few suggestions to help you become a good English speaker faster and better. Watch and listen to all the videos on Hamro English Guru channel every day. You receive the language by listening, and you produce the language by speaking. You become a good speaker only if you speak a lot. You can speak with your friends and family. Or you can even speak with yourself. Speak on different topics including the topics that you have learned on this Hamro English Guru channel. CONTACT: COPYRIGHT: We are the legal copyright owners of all videos on this channel. Misappropriation of our videos will be dealt with legal action.
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Guru Mann Fitness

Guru Mann, world's first fitness professional who has launched 50+ free complete fitness programs with exercise and nutrition videos on the internet including Medical condition programs like: Diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, cancer, drug rehab, thyroid, etc 1. 6 Week Shredded - Fat Loss Program 2. Muscle Size 5x5 - SIZE GAIN PROGRAM 3. Ultimate Arms - Biceps & Triceps Work Out 4. Muscular 8 - Fat Loss Program 5. Pure Mass - Muscle Building program 6. GET RIPPED - Fitness Model Program 7. CONTROL DIABETES - (Medical Condition Program) 8. FIT-ZONE - BODY WEIGHT WORKOUT" 9. SHREDDED NEXT LEVEL - Advance Fat Loss Program 10. LEAN MODE - Clean Gain 11. CHOLESTEROL DIET(Medical Condition Program) 12. MASS UP - Mass building 13. Transformation 30 Body weight workout Program 14. GAINER (Pecs & Delts) 15.GET RIPPED Fitness Model Workout ......Total 50programs launched till Dec 2020
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The Find Guru

Hey Youtube! I am Los Angeles native that shares my favorite curly hair tips and tricks. I will also share some of my personal beauty tips, fashion advice, and fitness routines. Any further question? Personal me: Business inquiries:
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Facts Guru

Welcome to Facts Guru Channel, Here you will find many types intresting videos. Hope you guys will enjoy. Daily 2 videos :- Contact Us -
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Hack Guru

HACK GURU I Will try to show you something good all the time. Hope you can learn something better from here. Subscribe to our channel to get the next video first. Thanks for visiting our channel.
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Steel Guru

Hello everyone! My name is Max. Just a place to relax, I will do videos on different games, including War Thunder. Gaijin Verification: STEEL_GURU
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Bienvenidos a EL GURU, para contratos Publicidad o campañas de reproducciones (+51949708907) Whatsapp o
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Phone Repair Guru

I do phone stuff. Repair guides Tips and tricks Phone Customization. Jailbreak/Icloud bypass & More! Subscribe :) Accepting Mail ins from CANADA & The US ONLY
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Crochet Guru

The main goal for Crochet Guru is to create video tutorials that make crochet fun and easy to learn! “Hi! I’m Bobbie the voice behind Crochet Guru. I understand what it’s like to be brand new to crochet and have no idea where to begin. That’s why I make every effort to create crochet tutorials that provide simple instructions and clear visuals. My crochet tutorials include: learning crochet basics, pattern reading, crochet stitches, crochet tips and tricks, and fun crochet patterns. If you are interested in learning how to crochet or if you're looking for exciting new patterns, please subscribe and join me for weekly crochet videos! I post a new video every Wednesday and I have both right and left handed tutorials. Being able to crochet and create something meaningful and beautiful has brought me so much joy and purpose throughout my life. And now my joy comes from helping others crochet so that they can find the same purpose and joy through their own creations!
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GURU Mobile Game

I'm Anh, I make clips about funny animation, game animation, parody game, mobile gameI will produce and upload 1 videos weekly. Contact advertising : Donate
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Welcome Dosto Start Guru channel me aapko bahut bahut Swagat he. Dosto Is channel me Apko game se related content Milega Jaise, free fire game Tips and trick, free fire game event and update, free fire game live stream game play video and others video Milenge... Thanks you. Contact:
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मध्यप्रदेश से जुड़ी हर खबर आपके काम की मध्यप्रदेश डेली ताजा समाचार, मध्यप्रदेश मौसम की ताजा अपडेट, मध्यप्रदेश के किसानों से जुड़ी ताजा खबरें, फसल बीमा, PM किसान सम्मान निधि,नई योजनाए MP Education News, MP New Vacancy 2022, MP Bhopal Latest news, MPPEB, MP POLiCE, MPNHM, MPTET, अतिथि शिक्षक ,MPPSC, MP Board, स्कूल शिक्षा विभाग एवं अन्य विभागो से संबंधित एकदम सटीक जानकारी सबसे पहले हमारे चैनल पर , तो जल्दी से हमारे चैनल को Subscribe कर लीजिएगा ताकि हमारी वीडियो सबसे पहले आपके पास पहुंच सके
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Bullet Guru

Bullet Guru is Not Just a YouTube channel, Its a feeling of a Rider........... Hello Riders, My Videos will help Riders to maintain there Bullet & Motorcycle, how to manage Modification + Performance in HOME and in Easiest Way (Step By Step Tips) In my review video you can see the details of motorcycle(Mostly Bullets), what to buy where to buy how to use, How to check things and many more things In short i will sort out your all issues and Questions in my video point by point. I will answer your Question or query on LIVE Streaming or in Comment box in easy way. So LIKE, Share & Comment to OUR Channel.. We need your Support to help Rider's, So Keep SHARING it, Wear Helmets, Drive Safe & Keep your self Health.. Thank You & Love From BULLET GURU.
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Gujarat Guru

नमस्कार आपका स्वागत है "Gujarat Guru" में. Best Entertainment ❤ Love Story Songs 💞Best Hindi Songs 💖New Love Story Contact :- Thank you 🙏જય હિન્દ🙏 👍👍👌
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Roasting Guru

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#KalabhairavaGuru #KalabhairavaTV ఆధ్యాత్మిక విషయముల కొరకు ధర్మంకోసం_దేశంకోసం దుఃఖ రహిత సమాజం కోసం!! భారతీయులప్రాచీనభైరవతత్వం నిన్ను నువ్వు తెలుసుకో, నిన్ను నువ్వు అర్థం చేసుకో, నిన్ను నువ్వు మార్చుకో, నిన్ను నువ్వు ఉద్దరించుకో, నీకు శక్తి ఉంటే ఒక్కరిమైనా ఉద్దరించుటకు కష్టపడు..(నిన్ను ఉద్దరించుటకు ఎవరూరారు. నువ్వే కర్త కర్మ క్రియ) ఇదియే దిగంబర కాలభైరవ తత్వం దర్శనం:ప్రతీఆదివారం, అష్టమి అమావాస్య పౌర్ణమి రోజుల్లో ఉ7:30నుండి 11:45వరకు, సాయంత్రం: దర్శనం ఉండదు *దయచేసిమీరుఏమీ తీసుకురావద్దు *ఉచిత దర్శనం "ఉచిత స్వయ అభిషేకం *ఉచిత ఆవునెయ్యి దీపహారతి: ఉచితధనప్రసాదం నాణాలను [Ruppe Coins ] ప్రసాదంగా ఇచ్చే నదీతీరాన వెలసిన ఏకైక క్షేత్రం *కాలభైరవ MUDUPU .దుఃఖం లో ఉన్నవారి పేరుపై గురువు గారిచే హోమజపాదులు ఉచితంగా నిర్వహించబడును. *మంత్రోపదేశం *అన్నదానసేవ భక్తులకు, *ఆకలివద్దకేకాలభైరవఅన్నప్రసాద వితరణసేవ, *మాతృపితృపూజ, *ఉచితపుస్తకపంపిణీ, *ఉచితనామకరణమహాయజ్ఞం *మీరు కూడా సహాయం చేయాలనుకుంటే.. Paytm::9000200117, Phonepe::9000200117,
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Catatan Guru

Channel ini Milik Kita Bersama dan dibangun atas Dasar Kebersamaan dan Kebermanfaatan Terimakasih dan Semoga teman-teman sehat selalu. Aamiin ~ Aam Priadi, M.Pd ~
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