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Hello, my name is Faruk. Welcome to iPhonedo. Do in iPhonedo is pronounced like music note DO, or avocaDO. iPhonedo started in 2007 as a website where you could find all sorts of information about your iPhone. Back then I had similar websites for Nokia and Sony Ericsson as well. One day to make fun of unboxing videos I uploaded a 13 minute unboxing video where I didn't even unbox the product and somehow that video paved the way and now, here we are. I'm an independent reviewer and I take a lot of pride in that. Sometimes I make sponsored content but those are clearly marked. I usually prepare my own music as well. The more we know about tech the less we'll be fooled by the marketing terminology. The less we're fooled by the marketing terminology, the better products companies has to make. So we all win! Thank you for being here, reading this, checking my work and my videos. You're the best. All my links:
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iPhone Photography School

Welcome to iPhone Photography School, where we empower you to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary masterpieces right from the iPhone in your pocket! You don't need an expensive camera or heavy gear to capture jaw-dropping photographs With us, you’ll unlock the EXACT blueprint for capturing breathtaking iPhone photos! You'll be amazed at the transformation you can achieve in just a few minutes of learning with us. Whether you're capturing sunsets, portraits, landscapes, or everyday moments, we guarantee that you will never see your photos the same way again. No more blurred shots, no more missed opportunities... It's time for your photography skills to soar! So, are you ready to master your iPhone photography? Subscribe to our channel today and start taking stunning photos with the only camera that’s always by your side!
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Filmmaking democratized. Don’t wait to create! NEW videos every week. Please subscribe to join the revolution. :) And check out my courses on learning the FiLMiC Pro app, color grading in LumaFusion, smartphone cinematography & mobile audio production, etc. And I also offer LUT Packs, too. Links below. Produced/directed/edited by Blake Calhoun. Business inquiries:
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EverythingApplePro E A P

EverythingApplePro: Apple Leaks | Quality Renders | News, Reviews, Updates & Phone Rebel Cases! Filip Koroy from the great PNW I live for the future of  Send Products To Address Below; Phone Rebel Inc 9813 SE 16th St Vancouver WA 98664 Order my case from
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Hey it’s me Kabonster. You might have heard my crazy laser sounds.. or seen my entertaining/educational tech videos 😂 I founded Telè in August 2018 and operated 100% out of my car. Now, our two-story HQ receives mail-ins every day from all over the world, thanks to you!! Phone repair is my bread and butter and I’m excited to make more content about hobbies that I'm passionate about like tech, cars, and more! It's all about the #teletouch! Subscribe or I'll hack your phone 👀
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SUBSCRIBE! Instagram: @zhc Business Inquiries:
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If you love Apple 🍎, iPhones📱, Tech 🌎 , Shopping 🛍 & Nails 💅 .... You've come to the right place! ✨ We also post other content like unboxings, hauls, pranks, random silly videos, holidays, birthdays, vacations, routines, celebrations, vlogmas, big life & family events, random vlogs & more! ♥️ We have 6 children from 17 all the way down to only a year old, so it's always a fun time! 🤗 SUBSCRIBE! ⬇️ EMAIL FOR BUSINESS AND COLLABORATIONS;
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• Tech, video games, failed cooking attempts, vlogs and more! • Email me for business related projects inquires: business at ijustine dot com + iJustine at addition-llc dot com • Buy my book here! • Get my learn to edit Final Cut Pro X app here:
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#ios beta news

 #iOS BETA NEWS We really hope that we will meet your expectations. We are telling all the latest news from the world of Apple, as well as about all the hidden features of the iPhone. Thank you for being with us! Specially for you!
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The Apple Circle

Dedicated to covering everything Apple. Come take a bite with us. From the mind of Jon4Lakers. Part of JFL Network.
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蘋果爹頻道 在這裡我會持續發表 蘋果 科技 攝影 生活 相關類的影片 本頻道影片會分享一些個人對蘋果和一些科技的想法,評測方面會有包含很多個人主觀的部分,但也歡迎觀眾分享自己的看法。 🤘加入頻道會員: Collaboration 合作相關可以 email :
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2283 East Main Street,Bridgeport ,Connecticut,USA ,06610 TIKTOK/INSTAGRAM : MONEY TALKS WIRELESS TikTok link : Instagram link : Snapchat link : Merch link : Discord link : Money talks wireless -MAIL-IN ORDERS .PLEASE FILL THE FORM AND SEND IT WITH YOUR DEVICE .WE'LL SEND YOU AN INVOICE ONCE WE RECEIVED YOUR PACKAGE AND SHIP BACK TO YOUR ADDRESS YOU PROVIDED. -WE SPECIALIZING ON PHONES AND ANY ELECTRONICS REPAIR .. -OVER 4 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON TIKTOK (MONEY TALKS WIRELESS) -Thanks for subscribing my channel -If you want to know about the Restoration, Repair, Fixing, Replacement Screen, Crack screen repair..etc you can subscribe my channel and hit the bell you will get the new video almost every day. Thanks!
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Iphone Bofarj

صانع محتوى عربي Arabic content maker مهتم في جميع اجهزة الموبايل و الجوالات الحديثة و ملحقاتها Interested in all modern mobile phones and their accessories For commercials, contact me on Twitter تواصل معاي خلال تويتر Bofarj@ قناة تعشق الايفون و الايباد القناة تجد فيها اخر اخبار و برامج و اصدارات iOS حركات مخفيه و تعليمية و كل ما تحتاجه لتسهيل استخدام الايفون و ملحقاته القناة تعتمد على تصوير و مونتاج كل الفيديوهات بأحدث ايفون. iPhone XS Max iPhone 12 Pro & Apple Watch ⌚️ & AirPods Pro iphone 7 هواوي و جالكسي ايفون 11 برو ماكس ايفون 12 برو ايفون 13 برو iPhone 14 pro ايفون 14 برو وكل الهواتف الذكيه الجديده. جالكسي S8 + ايفون ⁦‪#bofarj‬⁩ iPhone x و iPhone 8 ايفون ماكس ساعة ابل. لا تبخل علينا باشتراك بالقناة لكل جديد مع تفعيل الجرس و نشر الفيديو ليستفيد غيرك.
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Canale di, il blog italiano non ufficiale dedicato all'Apple iPhone.
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Want to know how to replace that cracked screen on your phone? Or maybe you want to know if the newest gadget is worth the sticker shock? Then you’ve come to the right place! iFixit’s team of repair experts and tinkerers are here to guide you through product teardowns, and helpful repairs for your favorite devices. We also like to share repair stories, and answer your questions live! Whether you’re an expert DIY-er or a first time fixer, has everything you need to complete DIY electronics repair. From thousands of free step-by-step repair guides to our huge inventory of quality tested replacement parts and tools, iFixit’s got your repair needs covered. Click that subscribe button to be the first to see our new videos every week! Don’t forget to follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram and share your repair photos with us using #iFixit. Happy Fixing!
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Just Shorts

For Promotion Dm me on Instagram 👇 shorts_meme Business Mail 👉
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SA Edition

Hello, My name is Shuvojit Adhikary. Welcome to my channel. Here i provide most interesting tech videos. New video upload in every week. ◾Shorts ◾Data Comparison ◾Miniature Unboxing ◾Smartphone Speed Test ◾Smartphone Review ◾Smartphone Comparison ◾Android tips and Tricks ◾Upcoming Smartphone And much more only on SA Edition Channel. Contact for Business or Copyright Issue: ( Channel Owner: 𝗦𝗵𝘂𝘃𝗼𝗷𝗶𝘁 𝗔𝗱𝗵𝗶𝗸𝗮𝗿𝘆 #saedition
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Simple Alpaca

I don't really remember how I came up with this YouTube channel name but it's kind of dope. Anyways I review products that I find interesting, both old and new. Also, If you own a phone that's running Android or iOS you might want to stay tuned since I update my phones constantly to see if the updates are buggy and what not. I also make other videos that I find interesting that might have nothing to do with technology. Anyways I make content for you, so i'm always here to listen, if you need someone to talk to please feel free to DM on twitter or instagram, I Love You So Much! PS: Please checkout my SoundCloud! Linked Below! 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Add me on instagram/Snapchat/twitter @SimpleAlpaca . Stay tuned guys! If you would like to sponsor a video please email me at
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Andy To

NYC based filmmaker passionate about storytelling My YouTube channel covers primarily Film, Tech, and Travel
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