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Star Boots

Name: Boots Birthday: January 5th 1999 Pronouns: Her/She Gender: Female Discord: StarBoots#8122 I Have fun making anime videos like AMVs, MEPs, Trailers and Streaming. I make AMV's like Music Videos, MEP I usually host them but I mostly join most of them, and Parody Trailers like from other movies or from TV Shows to also thank you for watching =^.^=
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Hey I'm Anthony (Dizzasta). I'm a professional Voice Actor, and formerly Co-Creator of the Fairy Tail Abridged Parody. Welcome to my channel and I hope you enjoy the content you see here! Meet the Team: (Fairy Tail Abridged Season 1) egaddmario - Voice Actor, Writer, Co-Founder HyperactiveCatOnNip - Voice Actress Robotfan987 - Editor, Writer, Voice Actor pandoraherself - Voice Actress
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I make AMVs. If you want something: uzumaker147@gmail.com
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AJ Sparkx

Anime, Japan, Gaming, Cosplay アニメ, 日本, ゲーム, コスプレ
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Beast AMVs

I make AMVs (anime music videos), I try to upload something every 2-3 weeks. That's about all there is....enjoy Channel art done by yours truly... Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13 Skype: beastamvs
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Friendship, Family, and Fairy Tail

Hello Fairy Tail Fans!!!! I just love this anime! There are so many amazing moments throughout the show filled with love, courage, determination, and laughter, and I couldn't find them anywhere! So, I decided to make a channel showing them! You cans see there are various playlists, and while some might have the same scene, most of them are clipped in a different way to match the playlist it belongs to. If anyone has an idea for another playlist, or a burning desire to see a scene I haven't posted yet, please let me know! I have some more playlists in mind, but I haven't had time to make them yet. Once I get all of the big/easy to find scenes out of the way, I plan on marching through each episode. Thanks for how many views I already have, and I look forward to providing more encouragement though the awesomeness of Fairy Tail!
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Anime Couples - by Zack Applewhite

Name: Zachary Applewhite About My Channel: I mainly just do basic anime couple tribute videos. I try to pick songs that fit the couple and pictures that go with the lyrics of the song. I am always open to requests and ideas so please share any thoughts. Facebook: My channels Facebook page "Anime Couples" has all the pictures I've ever used in videos and a few that i haven't so feel free to check it out. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Anime-Couples/172528126245505 My Other Channel: On my other channel I just talk about nerd stuff, make reply videos, and just try to discuss anime, comics, pop culture, and pretty much anything else that's nerdy. So feel free to check that out as well. http://www.youtube.com/user/100doglover1
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Majestic Vizuals

Majestic Vizuals is a Music & Amv's vizual channel hope you enjoy my work ^-^
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