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Hastar BTC

✻━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━✻ My Name is Gopal Sarda aka HastarBTC I'm 24 years of age, I'm from Surat, Gujarat. I have completed BBA & I was a professional pubg player for ➡️ Team Indian Tigers (January 2019- July 2019) , ➡️ Team Orange Rock (July 2019 - December 2019) & ➡️ Team Godlike ( January 2020 - January 2021) currently content creator at - RedOwl gaming ✻━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━✻
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Ruben Sim

Roblox moderation enemy no. 1 here, bringing you the most heartbreaking downward spiral to ever be documented on YouTube. Brave Browser Referral: BTC: 1ByWCVFizjJESCqNHmngHubuSQYeYFfTEk ETH: 0x47465162943FD4E713e22a5571cE90DA6a8A6BF1
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Chico Crypto

Informational cryptocurrency and altcoin videos for the intermediate to advanced crypto enthusiast. Brought to you by Tyler Swope of Chico Crypto!!!! My name is Tyler Swope. First thing I should tell you-- I'm a die-hard crypto investor. I also have a passion for writing, editing, and producing videos. I started investing in bitcoin, in late 2013 and have since grown my diverse crypto portfolio to moonshot levels by investing in Ethereum, Chainlink, MakerDao, 0x protocol, and more. The blockchain, the tech I have coveted for 5 years, is getting woven into the fabric of everyday life. Watch as I spread my knowledge and take crypto reviews and information to the next level. Initiate Chico Crypto! New Videos land every day around 1 PM PST & live streams usually happen on Saturday! P.S. Subscribe to be the first to receive top class altcoin information and follow me on social media at the links below!
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Crypto Zombie

Crypto Zombie is Bitcoin, altcoin, and cryptocurrency news brought to you every day! We discuss coins like BTC and Ethereum, blockchain technology, host interviews with top projects and leaders in the space, and bring you the most up to date and relevant breaking topics in the fintech space!
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The latest Bitcoin and Crypto news, analysis, and research. Two daily streams at 11:30 AM / 8:00 PM CST.
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DElEd Up BTC Math/English/Science PATHSHALA

DElEd Up BTC Math/English/Science PATHSHALA For TET/UPTET/CTET/SuperTET/Sahayak adhyapak ki taiyari Free Youtube Online Maths Classes daily.... Channel Owner ~~ "Vinay Singh" From U.P. : "New Delhi", "Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh" Daily a New Education Video best Online Learning Programs For All Competition Exams:-Candidates here can check the General Knowledge Tricks, ALL NEW VACENCY NOTIFICATION, ALL TYPES OF EXAM PAPER AND SOLVED PAPERS for all kind of exams. It is very helpful for the exam preparation for long term. Through the short trick candidates can remember the all trick long time. It is very helpful for those candidates who want to preparation for the government sector exam like that RPSC, SSC, UPSC, RAS, IAS, FCI, CLAT, MAT, REET, Patwari, Forest Guard and Gram Sevak, NDA, CDS, AAO, LIC, IBPS, Police, Railway, AAI, Clerk. online degrees,internet stopwatch Thanku for your Support & love Stay Tuned for all new updates SUBSCRIBE US & LIKE & SHARE
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Crypto Capital Venture

Bitcoin is my two go-to cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is obviously the innovation behind it all, and it is truly an innovation in and of itself. I've truly enjoyed getting to know so many in the communities of both Bitcoin. On this channel I mainly track Bitcoin price, but I also look at BTC news as well. I myself am a technical recruiter in the startup world of blockchain and crypto & also an investor. I get to tend to the creative side of me that likes making videos and share my thoughts with you about the crypto world and community! Thank you for coming by! A lot of what you see on this channel will consist of Bitcoin price analysis. I also really enjoy covering Bitcoin news and crypto news. Thanks for coming by my channel as we track these markets. Bitcoin to the moon by 2020. Yes, I also do cover other interesting Cryptocurrencies.
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Final Stand

This is now the largest Dogecoin community on the internet! We also love talking about finance and other cryptocurrencies.
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Jeb Gardener

My name's Jeb and this is my channel. I like to try out new things in the garden and have some fun at the same time. The best way to support my channel is to watch the videos and share the ones you enjoy. However any donations to the cause are much appreciated! Patreon BTC deposit address 12zckkJQ4suG3qecpHZGFR8NeWqppPzbk4 ETH deposit address 0x340e3037c21c3c14beafe4e6e855b646b68215f7
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Mãe Youtuber

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Mirror of Years

New Video Every Saturday _ Sunday Only Mirror of Years Is One Of The Best Pyramid Of Information. Here You Will Discover Information All About Then And Now, Before And After,Transformation On Celebrity's Lifestyle From Worldwide. So Keep Visiting Our Channel And Subscribe For Instant Videos Thanks! Congrats! Mirror Of Years For Subscribers 1000..........12/18/2017 ✔ 10,000.......04/02/2018 ✔ 50,000.......05/25/2018 ✔ 100K.........? (Special Gift) 07/20/2018 12:16 PM ✔ 500K.........?, 1M............? (Mission) Donate BTC: 1DE2vLnSE17S4BeAQmfPq7Fhir7M76MtFp
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Dan Takahashi - English Channel

Dan Takahashi profile ・1.8 million monthly Unique Viewers (Japanese & English channel) ・Cornell University, Honors Magna Cum Laude ・Co-founder of Hedgefund at 26 yrs old Born in Tokyo, half-Japanese, half-American. Have lived in 6 countries and visited 60 countries! Started investing at 12 years old and joined Wall street after graduating Cornell. Co-founded a new Hedge Fund when 26, and sold personal stake at 30 years old. I love nato beans & karaoke ❤ ■ Media Inquires please Contact: ■ Japanese Channel
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Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano, who is best known as Pomp, is an American entrepreneur, investor, and host of The Pomp Podcast (formerly Off The Chain). He posts videos of interviews and personal opinions on this channel, particularly with a focus on technology and finance.
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Subscribe for more videos: OUR CHANNEL ON SALE FULL ACCESS : ONLY 1 BTC...... please contact directly.....
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Benjamin Cowen

You have just jumped into the cryptoverse, which provides high quality cryptocurrency education to those who want to dive deeper into the metrics that are driving the market. We all know that there are thousands of people/websites discussing cryptocurrencies, so what makes this different? Many sites discuss cryptocurrencies solely in the form of memes and catchy slogans. Analysis is typically limited to price and price predictions, rather than looking at metrics that drive the price. As an academic, I approach cryptocurrency from a practical perspective and use my science/engineering/programmatic background to package these metrics in an easily digestible way for the community. I try and keep a level head with my discussions and provide you information that is helpful to you as you research different coins.
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Marc Nieto

¡Muy buenas internauta! Si estás leyendo esto es porque posiblemente te haya entrado curiosidad saber un poco más de mi, imagino. Voy a hacerte un resumen de lo que podrás encontrar en el canal, principalmente todo sobre el Dropshipping, Inversiones, Trading, Negocios Online... ¡Emprendimiento! ¡Ya sabes, si no quieres perder el tren del canal, agárrate fuerte y únete! Un saludo. "Goofy sempre en el meu cor Guau" ♥♥♥ 22-4
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Mark Moss

If you want to learn about making money, investing, and having success in life, and on your own terms, without taking the long slow traditional route, then you are in the right place! My name is Mark Moss, I have been a full-time investor and entrepreneur for over 25 years. I have been through multiple market crashes, have built multiple 7 and 8 figure business and investment portfolios, through the worst market cycles, giving me the experience and perspective the young bucks on YouTube are missing today. If you want to succeed in life, you have to learn how markets really work, find ways to make money, invest your money, and be a true entrepreneur. Because, for true success and security, you have to have the knowledge and skills on your own, because no one is looking out for you. Each week, I bring you 2 new videos to help you make more money, navigate the business world and financial markets, if you are ready to live life on your own terms than subscribe and tune in now! MM
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Dave Lee on Investing

My channel is a stream of consciousness of my real-time thoughts on investing and the world. Check out my playlists and subscribe to keep up with my videos. Also, check out my channel on parenting (link below). 🐦 Dave Lee on Twitter 🎧 Apple Podcast: 💁🏻‍♂️ Disclaimer: All content on this channel is for discussion and illustrative purposes only and should not be construed as professional financial advice or recommendation to buy or sell any securities. Should you need such advice, consult a licensed financial or tax advisor. All views expressed are personal opinion as of date of recording and are subject to change without responsibility to update views. No guarantee is given regarding the accuracy of information on this channel. Neither host or guests can be held responsible for any direct or incidental loss incurred by applying any of the information offered.
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