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Rooster Teeth

Hey there, you have stumbled upon our random corner of the internet! Rooster Teeth here, keeping ourselves endlessly entertained since 2003. Whether we're diving into Dungeons and Dragons, gaming, or getting grossed out by fast food freakshows, we never fail to crack ourselves up. And guess what? Our wild passions have led us to create all sorts of awesome stuff across gaming, comedy, animation, and podcasts. Don't believe us? Subscribe to FIRST for some exclusive content and see for yourself! https://roosterteeth.com/signup.
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Death Battle is one of many shows among the Rooster Teeth family! BECOME A CHAMPION to get access to exclusive content! Have an idea for a Death Battle? Request your match-up here: http://bit.ly/DBRequest2019 Visit our website: http://www.RoosterTeeth.com Visit our Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialDeathBattle/ Visit our Twitter: https://twitter.com/DEATHBATTLE Connect with us on Twitter: Ben B. Singer - https://twitter.com/BenBSinger Chad James - https://twitter.com/ChadJamesRT Luis Cruz - https://twitter.com/CVAnimation Liam Swan - https://twitter.com/LiamRichardSwan Joshua Kazemi - https://twitter.com/JoshuaKazemi Billy B Burson - https://twitter.com/BillyBurson
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The Slow Mo Guys 2

This is the Behind the Scenes channel for The Slow Mo Guys. This channel features more laid back "out of labcoats" content that doesn't fit on the main channel including behind the scenes stuff that we have racked up over the years but have never shown, as well as more technical videos such as "how to work the Phantom camera." For business enquiries, use the link below. All emails are read. Buy our shirts! http://store.roosterteeth.com/search?type=product&q=slow+mo © GAVIN FREE
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Join the F**kface Podcast crew of Andrew, Geoff, Gavin, Eric, and Nick in a Let’s Play Regulation Gameplay every Friday. You can support F**KFACE directly by signing up for a FIRST account at fuckfacepod.com/first. Listen to the F**kface Podcast here https://www.youtube.com/@fckfacepod or wherever you get Podcasts.
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I mostly talk about RWBY, Borderlands, & Red vs Blue, but I also make a ton of other gaming & anime content like Complete Unabridged Timelines. So if you enjoy what you see please subscribe!
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Sugar Pine 7

Sugar Pine 7 + Beyond the Pine with your hosts Clayton James and James DeAngelis.
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Jack Pattillo

I'll be posting everything from gaming content, building stuff, making Lego sets, gaming content, as well as exclusive gong content from all over the planet. Join me, won't you?
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Easy Allies Plays

Your one stop shop for all our archived livestreams. For our shows and reviews, please visit youtube.com/easyallies Support us through Patreon for early access and additional shows: https://www.patreon.com/EasyAllies One-time donations: https://streamlabs.com/easyallies/tip Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/easyalliesplays?sub_confirmation=1 Visit our store: https://store.roosterteeth.com/search?view=spring&query=easy+allies Schedule: http://easyallies.com/ https://www.twitch.tv/easyallies https://twitter.com/easyallies https://www.facebook.com/easyallies
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A 3D animator that likes to inspire and entertain! I mostly focus on short funny videos, but I also love to do action and sometimes emotional videos too. My main focus at the moment is Genshin animations. If you repost my videos on other sites like Facebook or etc, please credit me! But please do not repost on twitter, youtube, or bilibili since I use those (except for reaction content, I'm fine with those!) Hoping to one day make my own animated series for my RWBY OCs. I use Blender.
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All Good No Worries

A hub for shows with a feminine vibe 🌻 More @ roosterteeth.com/signup We hope this channel finds you well! Lifestyle content for the savvy and self-aware. Comedy videos, pop culture takes, beauty & makeup tutorials with a twist, podcasts, mental health talk, style stuff, let’s plays, witchcraft, how-to’s, quiz shows, and more. 🌈Our Shows🌈 ♥ Always Open ♥ Let's Blend ♥ Please Be Nice to Me ♥ How Hard Could it Be? ♥ Cozy Couch
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Hello and welcome to the Pond! My name is Al, and this channel is my creative outlet. You can expect to see a lot of randomness here! That could be compilations of my favorite creators, discussion or theory videos, gaming with my friends, stream highlights, voiceover, anything really! Hopefully I can entertain a few of you. Did I mention that I'm a voice actor and a Twitch affiliate? You can see more on my voiceover website and find my social media accounts by clicking on the "All Socials!" button in the top right of my channel. That will take you to my linktree! I hope you enjoy the random :)
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Creator of Tales of RWBY - A crossover between the RWBY webseries by Roosterteeth and the Tales Series of RPGs by Namco Bandai
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Welcome to my channel! Here, we take a look at some of fiction's greatest characters, analyze their arsenals, abilities and stats to see who would win in a fatal conflict! I try to upload once a month, but I am currently on hiatus.
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Red Web

Red Web explores the mysteries of the world around you. From captivating internet mysteries to supernatural phenomena and unsolved true crime cases, Red Web offers a dark yet entertaining journey into the unknown every Monday.
  • 44K subscribers,
  • 181 videos
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David Levy

David is a music composer, sound designer and audio engineer with over a decade of experience working in the game, film and music industry. He has worked with companies such as Warner Brothers, DC Comics, Microsoft, id Software and Rooster Teeth to name a few. His signature sound is contributed by his hybrid approach to scoring which often combines synthetic and organic instruments together and fuses them with modern sound design and mixing techniques. David is best known for his work on Doom Eternal The Ancient Gods, the HBO Max hit gen:LOCK and his latest work on the Justice League x RWBY animated films. He is also known for his compositions for immersive art exhibitions. His work with world renowned Fractal artist Julius Horsthius has been showcased in state-of-the-art museums all over the world; from the Teleport museum in Hong Kong, China to the Artechouse in Washington and New York City.
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The Judgmental Critter

I'm the Judgmental Critter! I review cartoons and try to have fun! I hope you do to!
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IvaN The UnStoppable

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