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Welcome to the worst channel on the YouTubes ----------------------------------------­­---------------------------------------­-­----- Frequently asked questions: Q: Who inspired you to make videos? A: OfficialNerdCubed, Chuggaaconroy, GameGrumps, UberHaxorNova, H2O Delirious & Vash12349 Q: Where are you from? A: England. Q: How old are you? A: I am 30. Q: What videos do you make? A: I post stupid clip highlights from my Twitch streams
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Chucky Lou Memorial Film Society

Works from the C. Lou archive have screened at MOMA, the San Francisco Silent Film Festival, Sundance, the British Film Institute, South By Southwest, the Harvard Film Archive, the UCLA Film & Television Archive, Fantastic Fest, the Andy Warhol Museum, the New York Underground Film Festival and Butt-Numb-a-Thon. Contact for information regarding stock footage or print rentals. Chucky Lou design by Michael Wells.
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Comedian by trade, troll by nature. Opinionated loud-mouth from North Dakota. Reddit's second favorite person. New videos every day at 4:30. Streamlabs donation link: https://streamlabs.com/kamikazegames
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Culture Clash

On Culture Clash we feature internet documentaries focused on some of the internets most inspiring figures! Have you ever wondered whatever happened to...? Every week we take a deep dive into people and pop culture from the past and figure out where they went and what they are up to now. Your weekly fix of pop culture served up by your host, Ryan Brown.
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Compilations and edits
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Facebook -- https://www.facebook.com/MackdNation Twitter -- MackDNation or https://twitter.com/intent/user?screen_name=mackdnation Xbox -- MackD Nation Youtube -- youtube.com/MackTashi Twitch -- twitch.tv/MackD_Nation
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Cow Chop

Couch Co-op Couch Op Cow Op Cow Chop Cow+Knife = Cow Chop 🐮🔪
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Tonal Revelations

A channel created to share music from the video game genre as well music from any of the other arts. All audio comes from the highest quality sources available to ensure a great listening experience even after being compressed by Youtube's video/audio compression requirements. All uploads listed as "High Quality" are ripped from a lossless source and uploaded as an MKV containing a lossless audio stream. This minimizes quality loss by reducing the number of lossy conversions to one (Youtube's re-encoding).
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I make animations Hago animaciones SuperWiiBros08(Mi primer canal-My first channel) https://www.youtube.com/user/SuperWiiBros08
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Long ago, I used to make UberHaxorNova's Animated Classics. Programs I use: Flash 8 , Clip Studio Paint, Paint Tool SAI Tools: Wacom Bamboo Tablet
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Hey. I make stuff. --- Channel banner by: https://twitter.com/RinTheYordle
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Hello and my name is Eli! I love making gaming videos by myself or with my friends! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more content!
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Nova here, i play wrestling games here. :D
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GameFaceStudios better known as GFS was founded by IpodKingCarter & WyzaNow, two guys who have the best of both worlds in the sports gaming community. The members you see here today weren't the first, GameFaceStudios has had many many directors and even maybe one day that could be you. As a group of talented commentators we have built and established GameFaceStudios as one of the best community channels on YouTube. Requirements To Join: Subscribers: 5,000 at the least. Uploaded Videos: 250 at the least. Average of Views: 2,500 per video at the least. Has to be familiar with and interact with current GFS Members. Has to be a YouTube gaming commentator. Has to interact with their viewers/subscribers. Has to have uploaded a video in the last week of being reviewed by GFS. Has to upload 2-3 videos a week on their personal channel. Has to provide HD quality, 1280x720 or higher. Has to have a clear mic, with very little feedback or background noise.
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Funny and Awesome Challenges. We Take Your Requests and Make Them Entertaining :) Contact Information For Business Inquiries Only: iChallengeYou123@gmail.com
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What up? My name is Steve. I make movie trailers and short videos mainly in Minecraft, If you have questions please read the info below: Email me for Questions / Business Inquiries: TryHardSteve@gmail.com If you would like to do a talk show or have me as a guest in a video add me on skype: TryHardSteve My Twitter name: @TryHardSteve Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/PixelSteve Donate: Link coming soon Comment on a video with your Minecraft username for a chance to be seen in a video.
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HRS Gaming Beast

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