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Derium's Pokemon

Welcome to our Derium's Pokemon TCG channel! Here you will find us opening all sorts of Pokemon TCG product. You can find things like: Massive Pack Openings where we open several hundreds of Pokemon TCG booster packs in one video! Each one will be the largest pack opening video on YouTube! Profit or Loss? Where we open a Pokemon Booster Box, Elite Trainer Box , Prerelease Kit, tin, Mythical collection, Collection Box or a Three Booster Blister and see if we made a profit, or a loss. Pokemon case (6 booster boxes) openings. Sort of like the Massive Pack Openings, but this time we open a sealed booster box case and see if we made a profit on it. Better Know a Pokemon: Where we go through all the Pokemon, new and old in Pokedex order. Giving you basic Pokemon information, Pokemon lore, just a bunch of facts about Pokemon. Pokemon TCG deck profiles: where we review current Pokemon TCG decks and compare how they are doing in the standard format. Basically a Pokemon review
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Welcome to the Dorkly YouTube channel. For Advertising Inquiries, email ads@chmedia.com
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Pokemon guruji

I will upload the video on topic such as pokemon,Avengers,Anime and etc. 14 April 2019 : 100 subs 21 April 2019 : 500 subs 29 April 2019 : 1K subs 7 May 2019 : 2K subs 6 June 2019 : 10 K subs 1 December 2019 : 50 K subs 5 June 2020 : 100k subs 😎for brand promotion contact me on Instagram 😎 And please subscribe my channel for Amazing Pokemon continue
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Hey y'all! DarkGhoul here! I'm a HUGE Pokemon fan, doesn't matter what it is, games, cards, movies, etc.. If it's Pokemon related, then I LOVE IT! I'm mostly a collector of cards but I also collect the games, and random accessories that are Pokemon themed! If you enjoy openings, gaming, and such.. then I suggest you join the Ghoul Army today, because we're on an ultimate journey to become a Pokemon Master! #GhoulArmy4Life Wanna send fan mail, and be featured in a video? Send it to this address below! Dark Ghoul PO BOX 370363 Las Vegas, NV 89137 For any business inquiries contact this email! darkghoulx@gmail.com
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Shin Art

Drawing channel by Shin Art Team : Pokemon Fusion, Pokemon Type Swap, Pokemon Mega Evolutions, Pokemon as Weapons and More ...
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The Best Pokemon HYPE and Content\nPokemon Sword and Shield is a main focus for the channel. I cover everything Pokemon from Top 10 Pokemon Lists, To Pokemon News, New Pokemon Coverage, Pokemon Movesets for Pokemon Sword and Shield, and Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Analysis. I have a massive archive of Pokemon Sun and Moon guides, so check those out as well!\n\nAchievements:\nFirst Level 100 Pokemon in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire!\nFirst Gen 1 Shiny Porygon\nPokemon Battle Spot Doubles Ranked - 7th Place \nPokemon Battle Spot Singles Ranked - 23rd Place\nPokemon Showdown OU Ladder Top 1%
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Pokemon Unwrapped

Your source for Pokemon Booster Box Openings, Booster Pack Openings, Pokemon Tin Sets, Elite Trainer Boxes, and other awesome Pokemon TCG merchandise! I open up the latest Pokemon Booster Boxes and Booster Packs including: Fates Collide, Breakpoint, Breakthrough, Ancient Origins, Roaring Skies, Primal Clash, Phantom Forces, Furious Fists, Flashfire, XY Base Set. I also have Videos of opening Black & White Series: Legendary Treasures, Plasma Blast, Freeze & Storm, Boundaries Crossed, Dragons Exalted and more!
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What's going on guys I'm Gily and welcome to my channel! I'm a Pokémon GO creator who travels the world and vlogs my adventures! This channel is made to produce high-quality, entertaining, and informative videos! SUBSCRIBE, hop on board, and enjoy! ► TWITCH: http://bit.ly/jtgilytwitch ► TWITTER: http://bit.ly/jtgilytwitter ► INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/jtgilyig ► DISCORD: https://www.discord.gg/jtgily ► 2ND CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjN-wLRyKUmrOJOXz74E3aA ► MERCH: http://bit.ly/jtgmerch ► PINS: http://bit.ly/jtgilyblue, http://bit.ly/jtgilyred, http://bit.ly/jtgilyellow ► PATREON: http://bit.ly/jtgilypatreon ► Business Contact: official.jtgily@gmail.com
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Leonhart is the ultimate Pokemon cards opening and unboxing Pokemon cards channel!\n\nMy channel is all about taking you on a Pokemon experience like no other. From nostalgic vintage Pokemon cards openings to unboxing the new Pokemon cards sets before they're officially released, you'll find everything a Pokemon cards lover could want. I take it one step further when I take the Pokemon cards unboxing videos out of the studio and around the world! \n\nWhether you're a former Pokemon cards collector, current Pokemon cards collector or simply wanting a safe family friendly unboxing and opening channel for all; Leonhart is your Pokemon cards home! Make sure to join the community by subscribing!
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Trainer Tips

I'm Nick, and this is my real life Pokémon adventure. BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY: kevin@moopsy.com MERCH AVAILBALE HERE: https://shop.crowdmade.com/collections/trainer-tips MAILBOX ADDRESS: Trainer Tips 8504 Firestone Blvd #239 Downey, CA 90241 GEAR LIST: Main Camera - Sony a6500: https://goo.gl/53vTG8 Old Camera - Sony a6000: https://goo.gl/DQBvec Small Camera - Sony RX100V: https://goo.gl/jdWhmA Microphone - Rode Videomic Pro: https://goo.gl/GHLdQe Main Phone - iPhone X: https://goo.gl/P9VgwH Android Phone - Galaxy Note 8: https://goo.gl/LWPYbD Old Phone - Google Pixel: https://goo.gl/ZSEDhW Tripod - Joby Gorillapod: https://goo.gl/FcgqEP New Drone - DJI Mavic Pro: https://goo.gl/URpVsW Old Drone - DJI Phantom 4: https://goo.gl/84QFgU Watch - Pebble 2 (RIP): https://goo.gl/zhYWic
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Hi! I'm Mike and welcome to PokeTips, the number one YouTube source for all things Pokemon! On this channel, you will find guides, tips, tutorials and more on how to be the best Pokemon Trainer! Need easy ways to find shiny Pokemon? Want to train a Pokemon to beat all your friends? Look no further!
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Randolph Pokemon

Welcome to Randolph Pokemon! A channel completely dedicated to the Pokemon franchise. Mainly you'll see TCG openings and collection videos -- but I also do playthroughs too! Feel free to subscribe :)
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Hi, my name is MysticUmbreon and I do a lot of Pokemon Content such as countdowns, speculation, Let's Plays, and theories! if you like Pokemon I definitely recommend checking out what I have to offer. My job here on YouTube is to deliver top notch quality Pokemon content for any hardcore fans or hardcore gamers. My content is for anyone new or old coming into the Pokemon series! I also stream here on my gaming channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCojuz7Ys-6QMI_ovJwNkUEQ Also follow me on Twitter for updates of when I upload, go live on our gaming channel or just hear about me in general and my amazing life: https://twitter.com/MysticUmbreon94
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Pokemon Let's Player and Official "Shiny King" of the Pokemon Community. Full time Twitch Streamer on http://www.twitch.tv/aDrive YouTube is where I upload all my stream Shinies, my Lets Plays, tutorials and so on. This channel is focused around Pokemon!
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Heyo! Welcome to one of the last Pokémon Go Channels on YouTube! On this channel you will mainly see Pokemon Go content including Pokemon Go rare catches, Pokemon Go evolutions, Pokemon Go gym battles, and attempts to clean the Pokemon Go community from hack videos. I also shoot for live-time reports on any Pokemon Go news, Pokemon Go Events, and Pokemon Go updates. Planning to travel the world playing Pokemon Go pretty soon here so be ready for those videos! My long time fans know me for my extensive Clash of Clans history. If you check in on my old videos, you can see Clash of Clans world records, Clash of Clans insane attacks, Clash of Clans trolling, and even some Clash of Clans Clan Wars. I also dabbled in the Clash Royale community a bit, but now I upload all Clash Royale and Clash of Clans to my second channel. SUBSCRIBE TO MY SECOND CHANNEL!: https://www.youtube.com/user/Mystic7Plays For ANY and ALL business inquiries contact: theoriginalmystic7@gmail.com
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Hey my name is Nate and I never stopped loving Pokemon! I am just being myself here on the channel opening Pokemon cards, other Pokemon openings from throughout the years, searching for vintage Pokemon items, sharing my world with you, and enjoying life. I am all about that positivity. If you are into Pokemon right now, new to it, or getting back into it then this is the channel for you because everyone is welcome. Peace, Love, and High Five! Fan-Mail Address: RealBreakingNate P.O. Box 133 Pendleton, IN 46064 USA Artwork by: Kasara Wolf on Deviant Art
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