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Hello! I make Super Smash content. Schedule is once every month (hopefully), and I'll try to make quality ones! Channel Art made by Alpharad: http://www.youtube.com/user/alpharadd FAQ Q: How are you playing Melee online? A: www.Smashladder.com for setup and matchmaking. Q: Editing software? A: Sony Vegas. Q: How do you record? A: OBS. Q: Where's your second "W"? A: Removed for easier searching. Q: Why do you suck so much in your videos? A: Ouch. H - THREE E'S - W Tags: Heeww, Heew, Hew, Heww, Heeew, Heeewww.
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Captain Kidd

Hey guys! My name is Captain Kidd and my goal is to make entertaining content for all of you to enjoy! I hope that we can build an awesome community together! Can't wait to see where this all goes! I mostly make videos for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, but I would like to branch out towards other games moving forward! The content will usually be Nintendo focused, but that doesn't mean that I am opposed to trying games outside of my circle of knowledge! Looking forward to having you all on the crew!
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JoeK is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate YouTube channel focused on Nintendo Switch videos. These include gameplay for smash ultimate, how to guide for super smash bros, smash bro tutorials, smash tournaments, and everything else one could want from a Super Smash Bros Nintendo YouTube Channel!
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TIN Gaming

I'm Tevlev and I offer a mix of video game content but a big focus is "Games recreated in Games". This is where I use a game's tools to make a recreation of another game! If you're a fan of Smash Ultimate, I hope you'd enjoy my Custom Stage videos that focus on legitimate, good stages! In Smash Ultimate, I have two accounts for Custom Stages: "ranch" and "Tevlev"!
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Welcome to my channel! On the Olexa YouTube channel, we play games... A lot of games. Join me as we checked out some of the best indie games in the industry, specializing in roguelites, puzzle games, simulators, and more. Hope you enjoy your stay!
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Hey! I'm Marss a Professional Super Smash Bros Ultimate player for Panda Global. I'm currently the best ZSS player in the world, and ranked #5 on the global rankings.
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UDubb Network Battle League

UDubb Battle League is a premier rap battle league that showcases signed and unsigned talent domestically and internationally. Subscribe for exclusive battles.
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What's good internet, MockRock here! Specializing in analytical and entertaining videos about Super Smash Bros and other platform fighters, with whatever else catches my eye thrown in for good measure. Thanks for giving me a look, and remember to subscribe if you like what you see! Social media: https://twitter.com/MrMockRock Business inquiries: MockRock@inf1uence.com
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Replay Hut

Replay Hut is a community driven highlight reel! Featuring games like Smash 4, Rivals of Aether, and Overwatch!
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MJD MAD Gaming

The best gamers on youtube Smash Ultimate area streams every Friday-Saturday. Streams start at 9 or 10:00
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fall guys clips

Don't forget to like and subscribe ------------------------------------- 😈We so close to 16K Subs😈 ------------------------------------------------ I'm from SYRIA 🇸🇾❤️ ---------------------------------- I upload game🎞🎞 Videos and reaction ------------------------------------------- So this all!😂
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Rad Chick

Founder of Nuked Radio "Researching Fukushima and anything else I come across because of it." Host of "The Wigner Effect" Interview w/ Leuren Moret & Larry Battis *Health update: I finally found an excellent cranial-cervical neck surgeon who discovered my neck was broken in 2 places & brain was herniating down spinal column. Still recovering from cervical fusion and brain decompression 🧠 Updates will be posted on Patreon... Much love ~ RC Please support my work on Patreon: $2/mo or more https://www.patreon.com/RadChick Paypal donations greatly appreciated: PayPal.Me/radchick Twitter: @RadChick4Cast Instagram: @radchickyo Wordpress: https://radchickblog.wordpress.com/ "To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead." ~ Thomas Paine
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