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Planet Lyrics

Planet Lyrics - popular music channel with the best lyrics videos and new hits & remixes from independent artists and majors labels providing promo opportunities for artists and label worldwide.
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  • 38 videos
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Love Life Lyrics

💌 Welcome to "Love Life Lyrics" - pop music that helps you love your life more and get through bad days easier! Every day I update the channel with lyric videos of the newest pop, indie pop, electropop, pop r&b and chill tracks for my subscribers. ♪♪ So, chill with some lovely songs and tell me about your feelings in the comments. (。 ˃ᴗ˂ 。)و Socials: Spotify: Facebook: Instagram: We love receiving submissions from talented artists. Please submit here:
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R&B Lyrics

Showcasing some of the best music and r&b lyrics videos.
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🌴Welcome to Paradise🌴 Your Home For The Best Electronic Music With Lyrics! All videos will be a lyric video with closed captions (CC) and have lyrics in the description. This channel is dedicated to chill trap, electronic pop, chill pop, future bass, indie dance, melodic bass, and the chiller side of EDM and Pop! If I like it, I try my best to share it! Channel Submissions: Artist manager for Anki. Business / Main Contact: See email under "Details" below Wave Music tracks for a record label release ONLY. (No YouTube Promo Submissions): "Don't complain about the rain and storms, its from the storms that rain waters the ground and fresh seeds of life form beautiful flowers once the sun starts to shine again." - KC McCray RIP KC. Love you man.
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Lyrics Synthesis

A channel dedicated to gaming, vlogs and lyrics learning! Enjoy your stay. Edits, video, transitions, wipes,effects etc created by me, #KD Every track is licensed with written permission (monetization, distribution, etc) by the owner. 0 Subscribers: 16/11/2016 ~ Start of the channel 275 Subscribers : 18/5/2017 800 Subscribers : 25/8/2017 1000 Subscribers! : 10/9/2017 2000 Subscribers! : 30/10/2017 3000 Subscribers! 26/11/2017 4000! 23/12/2017 5000! 16/1/2018 10000!! Thank you all people!! 24/4/2018
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Lyrics Love

This is music channel. only for lyrics.
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fangirl lyrics

hello!! my name is isabel and i'm just a girl with a wide range in music taste who likes to make lyric videos :) if you would like to submit your own song, you can email me with the email below and please include the lyrics in the email, or if you have any inquiries, please contact me there :) | email: (*with the amount of submissions I get weekly and my inability to monetize this channel, I would greatly appreciate any donations to support me and my channel! / ) ☆instagram - check out my merch! - support my channel! : / (any donations to support me and my channel are much appreciated!)
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Welcome to DopeLyrics! We are one of the most popular lyrics channels out there with over 2+ Billion views. Home of your favourite music & latest releases, you can discover new music everyday featuring upcoming artists. Be sure to follow us on facebook: Music Submissions/General Inquiries: For business inquiries, contact my personnal manager:
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Taj Tracks

Welcome to Taj Tracks, I strive to help listeners discover fresh and addictive songs. I do my best to curate fun and enjoyable music for my listeners around the globe. Hope you enjoy your time here! :) If you wish to Release your track on Taj Tracks, Please send me a private link of the track via email at Business queries:
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Hey, I'm Danika, and I'm the person who selects the music and posts the videos on this channel. NightcoreReality is where I post high quality nightcore. NIGHTCORE: a style of music that increases tempo, pitch, and enhanced bass of a track for a more upbeat sound. These edits are for recreational purposes only. If you are an artist and don't want your music on my channel, please contact me via my channel email (address below) and I will remove your content. Check my online store If you are looking to use my edits in your videos please keep in mind I do not own copyright to the music on my channel (except for those songs where the artist is identified as "Nightcore Reality.') My Nightcore Reality covers, including those with me on vocals, appear on all digital distribution platforms including Spotify - Thank you for your support ♥ For inquiries, contact:
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Hernan luis_lyrics

■■■□□□ ♡
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Cam Music Lyrics

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  • 105 videos
Last Updated4 months ago

Zen - Kun

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  • 337 videos
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The Vibe Guide

The Vibe Guide - Your guide to the latest music trends. We scan the airwaves in search for the best and freshest music out there and showcase it here for our subscribers. We do all the dirty work, you just enjoy the show. Send your submissions:
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Lemon Lyrics

Lemon Lyrics is an upcoming music outlet, striving to promote the best up & coming artists. (w/ lyrics) Life is Beautiful when you Love yourself ❤️🖤
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Sync Lyrics

4 Successful years on YOUTUBE in 2021; also own a WEBSITE & an ANDROID APPLICATION. Check Links for our Website & App. If you like to sing songs, listening songs & lyrics SYNC LYRICS is there for your help 24x7 in whatever way possible :) SYNC LYRICS promote those who have singing passion, bring them to light & earn for them fame & name in the world of youtube with its channel by producing beautiful, unique, different, quality content & awesome videos and then uploading & promoting wherever possible. If you think that you have a voice that can touch million of hearts then this channel sets a platform for you to show the world what you have got :) Don't hesitate to contact us with your songs compositions via our official gmail id: Please don't request anything in comments because there are lots of comments & there are high chances that some important requests may be remained unlistened. So for important talks & requests contact via our official gmail id.
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FEDED Lyrics

Canal dedicado a subir letras de Musica de Trap/Rap/Reggaeton Recuerda suscribirte y seguirme en Instagram para apoyar al canal! Hitos de suscriptores: 10= 7/12/18 100= 22/2/19 1.000= 22/3/19 10.000= 01/05/19 100.000= 13/8/19 250.000= 27/1/19
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RohitMix Lyrics

All Latest Songs with Lyrics. English, Spanish, Hindi.... Subscribe for more Lyrics Video......Subscribe Give Your Support. For Business Enquiry -
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7clouds is a record label and music curation brand on YouTube with over 8 million subscribers! We strive to promote the finest pop and edm music in the form of lyric videos with beautiful wallpapers. If you want to lose yourself in the clouds of amazing music search 7clouds on youtube and start your journey! ☁️🤍☁️ If you want to officially release your music with 7clouds record label you can send an email here: and submit your music here with a note "For Label"
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