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Harry Mack

https://www.facebook.com/harrymack https://www.instagram.com/harrymack https://twitter.com/harrymack
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The Cypher Effect: Hip Hop Music Network

Est. 2012 | Los Angeles, CA Founded by JDS Films, The Cypher Effect (TCE) is an independent music network showcasing today's new Hip Hop artists. By enabling the collaboration of talents through the shared experience of hip hop culture, we hope to elevate the community as a whole. To participate in a future session, submit songs / videos to our blog or feature a music video on our channel go to http://www.TheCypherEffect.com/Contact You can also submit at http://bitsubmit.net/TheCypherEffect
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Ryini Beats

Follow Ryini Beats for quality beats and custom guitar samples. ●Instagram : http://instagram.com/ryinibeats ●Facebook : http://facebook.com/ryinibeats Purchase Beats: www.ryinibeats.com Bio: Ryan aka Ryini is a skilled Hip-hop Rap/Rock music producer/guitar studio musician from Los Angeles, California. Trained in rock, blues, metal, hip hop guitar, live recording, and music production. B.A from Berkeley - Forever a student of music. Now developing a larger following and working with some amazing upcoming talent. Vision: -PROVIDE BEATMAKERS QUALITY GUITAR SAMPLES -PROVIDE ARTISTS QUALITY INSTRUMENTALS -Restore quality recorded guitars in our music. -Introduce & EXPAND Rock/Metal Genre into the Rap Beat Game.
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La Fouine

Chaine Youtube officiel de La Fouine
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j aubrey

Walking existential crisis. My outro music is a G-Eazy instrumental called 'Running' now leave me alone.
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© GRILLA RECORDS Striving to create innovative content based on true desire.
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Splice is evolving the way people create, connect, and collaborate. From our browsable library of samples to our pioneering rent-to-own payment model for creative software, our products power the creativity of today’s musicians. Over two million musicians -- from Top 40 hitmakers to bedroom producers -- come to Splice to get started or unstuck, move forward and make progress on their music. Let your creativity flow.
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Revolutionary Hip Hop. If you like underground rap as well as hot hiphop artists such as Blackbear XXXTENTACION, Juice WRLD, G-Eazy, Logic & Chance The Rapper this is the place for you. So hit that subscribe button! Your support is everything to me! - PurrpTV Business• Purrptvpromotion@gmail.com In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.
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Instrumentally Infinite

Instrumentals, Theme songs, Beats, etc. Check out the play lists! You can find instrumentals of every genre here but mostly Hip-Hop. "Rap is something you do, Hip-Hop is something you live" KRS-One. Peace, Unity, Love, Knowledge, Expression, Art, Respect.
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  • 475 videos
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Chuki Beats II

Chuki is the 2nd channel of Chuki Beats. The Chuki Beats channel was started in 2014 and gained a lot of attention and succes because of the free hip hop instrumentals & free hip hop rap beats I provided! My Hip Hop instrumentals have been used by numerous big youtubers (Comedyshortsgamer, JOOGSQUAD PPJT, OpTic Pamaj, Ryan Williams, ... ) After a while we started to upload different content to the channel as well (Beat Breakdowns, Making A Beat series, Prod. By Chuki series, Featuring the best rappers, Vlogs, Live Beatmakings, etc...) Now that's in the past because Chuki Beats will contain all of my instrumentals and this 'Chuki' channel will contain all of the extra content I make. I wanted to be more free in terms of which content i'm making! So if you are interested in music, hip hop, trap, rap, any kinds of producing, bmxing bmx, going to liveshows, performances, studio sessions, vlogs, behind the scenes footage, what I do to achieve my dreams? Be sure to subscribe!
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Jack Love

24 Years Old Young Music Producer from Punjab,India . I produce all Major Genre Songs ( HipHop , Edm , Urban , Pop , Latin , Desi Folk , Rap ) My Produced Songs Are Released On : T series / Zee Music /Sony Music / WHite Hill Music / Jass Records and Many More. I am Independent . My Uploads Contains : Beats , Songs , Music Videos , Vlogging , TUtorials & I Go Live on youtube For Buisness Inquiry Hit me Call or Whatsapp : +917307679688 Email : jackloveproduction@gmail.com Instagram : https://instagram.com/jacklovebeats
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Educating tomorrow’s music moguls by decoding popular music to foster a deeper understanding of what it takes to make a hit record using Logic Pro.
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RIV Music

RIV MUSIC partners with artists to create, release and market music + visuals + merch. RIV was launched in 2015 as an extension of multi-award winning content studio Riveting Entertainment. RIV MUSIC has partnerships with Redman, Lyrica Anderson, Chanel West Coast, Cal Scruby, A1 and Arsonal Da Rebel (amongst others). Follow Us: IG: @rivnow Twitter: @rivnow
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Yousef AH Music

Musician / Guitarist / Goofball Hybrid American/Kuwaiti in Washington, DC making instrumental progressive metal music. I also make metalhead reacts to rap reaction videos. Email me: yahmakesmusic@gmail.com
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The Dillon Cooper

Music and Lifestyle of Dillon Cooper
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Moses Concas

Moses was born in the sunny island of Sardinia, Italy in 1988. Ever since he was little, he showed a particular interest in arts and music. From the age of six to thirteen, he studies the piano along with traditional didactics : Classical Music, Theory and Solfeggio. Nevertheless the piano does not seem to be his favourite instrument, therefore he decides to move towards a much more experimental approach on Hip-Hop Music. Having embraced Rap and Beatbox he began to write his rhyme based lyrics, driven by love for musical expression , throughout which his personal style emerged, taking an even greater distance from the previously imposed classical path. Moses’ website can be found at www.mosesconcas.com, and provides a music video, links to social media websites, merchandising and the opportunity to contact him directly via email.
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Jay Lava

Jay Lava of HotLava Music Tv and the Dr Seuss Rap Guy and Keep It P Podcast Where we take New Situations and Everyday Occurrences and show how one, could have, or could not have been, Keepin It P. WIth Knowledge, B1 Perspective and Insight. A Keep It P point of view of life. With Host Jay Lava And TZ Von Savage. New Black Media, Black News, Black Empowerment, Black Prospective, Black Music, Black Network. I make one on one custom compositions or you may choose from my multiple category Audio Library comprised of my "life" works from as early as my first digital recordings. If you are interested in any music for any reason, please contact and ask for permission and get approval for use.
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Prod. A-DASH

Producer. Engineer. Creative Director.
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