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Nepal Aaja

Nepal Aaja practises Independent Journalism and it makes free and safe environment for journalism to flourish, while seeking to strengthen investigative reporting and knowledge sharing in the field
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DushMusic Nepal

DUSH Music NepaL has been registered and established on 2016 A.D. under the company act of the Government of Nepal. DUSH Music is well known for producing various kinds of Nepalese music and promotion / distribution of Nepalese Music,Video & Films. Now "DUSH Music Nepal" became official YouTube partner from 31,March, 2016; having its own Official YouTube Channel Dush Music which means anyone now onward GET PAID for their Videos by providing us digital content copyright. We do upload all videos in this channel with full Digital Copyrights of ourselves or provided by different owners officially. If you have any copyright issue with our uploaded videos, please do contact us to avoid the conflict. Keep Visiting our Channel, Thank You DUSH Music Team. https://www.dushmusic.com https://www.facebook.com/Dushmusic/ https://www.instagram.com/dushmusicnepal/ https://twitter.com/dushmusicnepal Contact Dush Music PVT.LTD - New Baneshwor 10 (Kathmandu) +977 9803312668 +977 9841616898
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Albatross Nepal - Official

Albatross Nepal is a Nepali alternative rock band from Kathmandu, Nepal. Formed in 1998 as a three-piece school band, Albatross has made a landmark in the Nepali music scene. It all began when a couple of guys joined hands came together with their rusted guitars and other old instruments to transcend the sound of Nepali Alternative music, each of which has significantly influenced the music which the band creates. The band's fast tempos, signature chord progression and contemporary compositions has made them one of the pioneers of rock music in Nepal.
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Nepal Times

Nepal Times is an online media that envisions itself an online television with"voice for the voiceless" as its slogan.We aim to reach out the unprivileged groups unreported news, and make them available for the nation as well as world to watch.
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Nepal Update

"नमस्कार नेपाल अपडेट लाई माया गर्नुहुने सम्पुर्ण दर्शकहरुमा" २४ सै घन्टा हजुरहरु संगै रहनेछ च्यानल नेपाल अपडेट । हामीले हजुरहरुलाई समाचार, स्टेज प्रोग्राम, सर्ट मुभी नेपाली कमेडी सिरियल, विभिन्न खबर, जानकारी र सबै प्रकारका मनोरञ्जनात्मक र सन्देशमुलक भिडियोहरुको लागी हाम्रो यस नेपाल अपडेट नामकको युटुब च्यानललाई सब्स्क्राइब गर्न नभुल्नुहोला धन्यवाद चेतावनी- यस च्यानलका भिडियोहरु यदि कसैले कपि गरि अन्य च्यानलले राखेको पाईएमा ऐन कानुन अनुसार कडा भन्दा कडा कारवाही गरिनेछ ।धन्यवाद welcome to our channel ... kala sanskriti ko sanrachhan ra pahichaan, nispachha suchana sanchar hamro abhiyaan...... its an Official youtube account of Nepal update ... keep supporitng us... 9847390851 Don't forget to like and share with everyone if you liked this video! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwNVrczR1Ky57_LrWakrLRw?sub_confirmation=1
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Smart Nepal

Welcome to our channel "Smart Nepal". Our goal is to provide the news about national and international burning issue,entertainment politics & support from being abuse,humiliating & being victim.I humbly request you to subscribe and Watch our All Videos and please don't copy our videos.Beside it, you can give us feedback for our daily videos. At last I want to thank you for channel,videos and profile about my channel. If you have any video/news/skill/problems or if you have to take action about something wrong in your society than please contact me without any hesitation.We will be supporting them who are under the societal criteria.If our video touches someone's personal life than that can only be co-incident.We are very sorry for these cases. Connect with Smart Nepal: Google: http://bit.ly/smartnepal Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/onepeacezone/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Vaskar16919306 Contact No.: +977 9844605902 Regards Vaskar Shrestha Smart Nepal A Colorful Dreams...
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समाचार भिडियो मनोरन्जन र टि भि सिरियलका साथै देश देश बिदेश का सम्पूर्ण अब घटना परीघटनाहरु अब एकै ठाउँमा । यस च्यानल मा रहेका गीत, संगीत तथा Video हरु कपि, Download गरी अन्य Channel मा upload गरेको पाएमा प्रचलित कानुन बमोजिम कडा भन्दा कडा कारबाही गरिनेछ । Embedding to a website is allowed.
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Nepal Television

NEPAL TELEVISION with Slogan "Communications for Development." Nepal Television(Nepali: नेपाल टेलिभिजन abbreviated in English as NTV) is an autonomous public service broadcaster organized by the Government of the Republic of Nepal, owned by the Ministry of Communication and IT. One of Nepal's largest broadcasting organizations in studio and transmitter infrastructure, it was established on December 31, 1983. NTV, which also broadcasts on digital terrestrial transmitters, provides 5 television channels, online and mobile app service. It has recently Introduced OTT Mobile App to expand its reach to everyone's hand. It has 5 TV Stations running and operational for 24x7 hours to address different genres and audiences. All owned by the Nepalese government. The network started broadcasting its all 5 channels in HD from 31 January 2019. NEPAL TELEVISION (General Entertainment and News) NTV PLUS (Sports and Entertainment) NTV News (News) NTV Kohalpur (Regional ) NTV Itahari (Regional)
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Intro Nepal

This is official channel of Intro Nepal , Subscribe our channel to support us.
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Limelight Nepal

Limelight Nepal is a Nepals production company focused on quality storytelling, striking visuals, and innovative design. The combined experience of the in-house team covers award-winning feature films, commercials, music videos, short films, live events, and new media content. The company consists for post-production (editorial, visual effects, advertising, motion graphics), and original music and sound design.
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Kantipur TV HD

Welcome to the Official Kantipur TV HD YouTube Channel. Launched in July 2002, previously known as Kantipur Television Network or Kantipur Television, as a private television channel of Nepal, Kantipur TV started its High Defination (FHD -1080i) transmission from December 14, 2017. Kantipur TV HD is the largest private television channel of Nepal and a part of Kantipur Media Group (KMG). Kantipur Samachar, which includes daily news updates with the help of more than a hundred reporters on ground and with the policy of thoroughly verifying reports and breaking news, is the most trusted source of information on current events. Harke Haldar, It's My Show, What The Flop, Fireside, and Tough Talk are some of the highly preferred and most watched programs, whose viewer are not just from inside the country but from various parts of the globe. Tune in to Kantipur TV HD or Watch LIVE 24/7 from our website (www.kantipurtv.com/live).
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Sunaulo Nepal TV

सुनौलो नेपाल अनलाइन प्राइभेट लिमिटेड द्वारा संचालनमा रहेको यो सुनौलो नेपाल च्यानल हो यहाँ नयाँ ताजा समाचारहरु राजनैतिक नेत्रत्वसंग समसामयिक बिषयमा गरीएको कुराकानी, कलाकारहरुसंगको कुराकानी र अन्य तपाईले धेरै मन पराउने सामाजिक ब्याक्तित्वसंगको कुराकानी समेत राख्नेछौ l तपाईहरुको निरन्तर सल्लाह सुझावको प्रतिक्षा गरिरहेका छौ l तपाईसंग पनि यी र यस्तै सामग्री छन् भने हामीलाई सम्पर्क गर्नुहोस हाम्रो अनलाइन - http://www.sunaulonepal.news इमेलमा हामीलाई सम्पर्क - sunaulonepalnews@gmail.com फेसबुकमा हामीलाई सम्पर्क - https://www.facebook.com/SunaloNepal.co/ & https://www.facebook.com/talai.k.ko.mat.af/ ट्विटरमा हामीलाई सम्पर्क - https://twitter.com/Sunaulo_nep मोबाइलमा हामीलाई सम्पर्क - +977- 9851085213 चिठी पत्र मार्फत हामीलाई सम्पर्क - Sunaulo Nepal online pvt. ltd post Box no - 19678 Sundhara Kathmandu
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Bisalchautari Tv

Official Channel of © Bishal chautari Media Pvt. Ltd. Bisalchautari TV www.bisalchautari.com nepali movie, song, comedy, artist interviews, sports, fashion show, nepali movie award, and fun etc. 1 ghar bhitra celebreality (घर भित्र सेलिव्रेटि) 2 celebreality को car भित्र 3 musically nepali videos 4 life performance 5 top 5 6 street video 7 birthday celebration (celebreality) 8 nepali beauty pageant 9 Nepali Food And Nepal Lifestyle 10 politics and news reporting 11 nepali celebrate interview 12 Bisalchautari Tv interview
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Sakshi TV

Sakshi TV - Around-the-clock Telugu news station, bringing you the first account of all the latest news online from around the world including breaking news, exclusive interviews, live reports, sports update, weather reports, business trends, entertainment news and stock market news.
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Setopati brings to you the latest and authentic news from Nepal and the world. Nepal's digital newspaper. https://setopati.com Setopati Sanchar Pvt. Ltd. सूचना विभाग दर्ता नंः १४१७/०७६-२०७७ Jhamsikhel Lalitpur, Nepal +977-1-5529319 +977-1-5528194 setopati@gmail.com, info@setopati.com विज्ञापनका लागि 015544598, 9801123339, 9851123339
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Hello Jewel

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OSR Reality

We believe that creativity and dedication is the key to success. We bring you different Varieties of Shows. We are currently broadcasting Nephop Ko Shreepech which is first "Rap Reality Show" in Nepal , Comedy Club With Champions.
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ClassX Presentation

Record Label based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Active since 2011. 👣
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OTV Nepal

OTV NEPAL is the infotainment based online television ..OTV NEPAL is affiliated by Protsah Media Pvt.Ltd. OTV Nepal's goal is NEW CONCEPT with NEW CONTENT. We focused to fulfill audience's requrements.This is located in Kathmandu,Nepal.
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Shubharambha Digital Music

SDM Is Fully Nepali Entertainment Channel Operated. By Shubharambha Digital Music Pvt. Ltd., Kathmandu, Nepal. Phone Number - +9779849141880
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