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Etv Nepal

This is our official YouTube Channel. We authorize our all video content ( Entertainment | Movies | Music Videos | Breaking News | Amazing Nepali Videos | Health/Beauty Tips | Funny/Comedy Videos ) . Thank you for watching our channel. Please Subscribe our channel for regular updates. [Note: We would like to request you to release the claim (If Any) from your side for uploaded videos here, releasing/acknowledging any claim from your side for our videos will not affect your uploaded videos anyway, it will remain as it is in your channel as well. We hope for your kind cooperation.
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DushMusic Nepal

DUSH Music NepaL has been registered and established on 2016 A.D. under the company act of the Government of Nepal. DUSH Music is well known for producing various kinds of Nepalese music and promotion / distribution of Nepalese Music,Video & Films. Now "DUSH Music Nepal" became official YouTube partner from 31,March, 2016; having its own Official YouTube Channel Dush Music which means anyone now onward GET PAID for their Videos by providing us digital content copyright. We do upload all videos in this channel with full Digital Copyrights of ourselves or provided by different owners officially. If you have any copyright issue with our uploaded videos, please do contact us to avoid the conflict. Keep Visiting our Channel, Thank You DUSH Music Team. Contact Dush Music PVT.LTD - New Baneshwor 10 (Kathmandu) +977 9803312668 +977 9841616898
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Nepal Aaja

Nepal Aaja practises Independent Journalism and it makes free and safe environment for journalism to flourish, while seeking to strengthen investigative reporting and knowledge sharing in the field
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Last Updated2 months ago

4K Gaming Nepal

I am a Streamer from Nepal most of my streams are only for Entertain Purpose 🙂 Daily live on Facebook only=Facebook: Social media Instagram: Facebook: Facebook group: TikTok: Discord: For business Inquiries: -- Our stream is only for Entertainment purpose please don't take anything seriously that are done in livestream since everything is just for Fun we are not responsible for anyone using our video to harm other or use it for other harmful purpose.
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News Fatafat Nepal is one of the biggest libraries of exclusive Nepali different kinds of field such as politics, crime, corruption, social issues and some others Interesting content as well. With the hottest entertainment news, events report, celebrity interviews and reviews. News Fatafat Nepal is a channel of choice for millions around the world. For your daily dose of Nepali News & Videos, you can subscribe to our channel on YouTube. ©NewsFatafatNepal For DON'T BE JEALOUS OF OTHER' S SUCCESS DO YOUR OWN WORK.
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Music Nepal

Music Nepal has alliances with more than 400 other music companies for the digital marketing of songs, videos and ring back tone (RBTs) which accounts for three quarter of the market of domestic and foreign music in the country. It also hosts the largest number of music and related content which includes songs of different genres in different languages, different types of instruments and their information. The music bank as it is often referred consists of more than 25000 copies of original songs in digital format from various artists and musicians. This catalog of songs encompasses for more than 90% of the total Nepali songs from almost all the past and contemporary Nepali artists. With such vast resources of Nepali music, Music Nepal has managed to keep on par with this reputation by providing a one-stop solution for all digital audio, video music needs and demands, and all information that matters.
  • 6.8M subscribers,
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Last Updated4 days ago

FilmyBuzz Nepal

It's Official YouTube Channel. Thank You. Visit Us ;-
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  • 657 videos
Last Updated11 days ago

Nepal Gnews

It is our great pleasure to inform you that Nepalgnews Online has been working in the field of News ,Entertainment and media for about one years now(2017) We are committed to maintaining quality in the works we perform. Though we take up any kind of work related to media, music and communication, we are more dedicated to video making, ad-making, production and distribution of the audio and video albums. We have gained excellence in the promotions of the albums and have been able to organize various concerts as well. The team of Nepalgnews Online is comprised of the highly motivated and experienced personnel. Once taken up a task, we leave no stone unturned to make it a grand success.
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Albatross Nepal - Official

Albatross Nepal is a Nepali alternative rock band from Kathmandu, Nepal. Formed in 1998 as a three-piece school band, Albatross has made a landmark in the Nepali music scene. It all began when a couple of guys joined hands came together with their rusted guitars and other old instruments to transcend the sound of Nepali Alternative music, each of which has significantly influenced the music which the band creates. The band's fast tempos, signature chord progression and contemporary compositions has made them one of the pioneers of rock music in Nepal.
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Last Updated24 days ago

Onlinetv Nepal

Onlinetvnepal Youtube Channel is established on Nov 4, 2015. We primarily started by providing content (Interview,Talk Show, Live Performance Program) services. Onlinetvnepal is one of the valued online news portal of Nepal. We would like to invite you to bring your content to us so that you will get optimum outcome through it. is authorized to upload this video. Using of this video on other channels without prior permission will be strictly prohibited. (Embedding to the websites is allowed) For more news and videos Please visit: Our Website : Our Facebook Page :
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Tuki Nepal

TUKI NEPAL , नमस्कार सम्पूर्ण दर्सक हरुमा हामी टुकी नेपालको तर्फ बाट नेपालमा रहेका दुखि गरिब असाहय र पिडामा परेका नेपाली दाजु भाई तथा दिदि बहिनीको उद्दारको लागि हामि सदैब तत्बर छौ । नेपालका विभिन्न भूभागमा छरिएका नेपालीको दुख पिडा हामीले समेटिएर देखाउने गरेका छौ ।हामीले थुप्रै यस्ता भिडियो बनाएर दुखि तथा पिडामा रहेका नेपालीको आसु पुछ्ने गरेका छौ । तपाइको सानो सहयोगले हामीले गरेका सामाजिक कार्यमा आझ थप मद्धत गर्नुहुने छ भन्ने आशा गरेका छौ l Tuki Nepal हरेक मानव भित्र एउटा छुट्टै प्रतिभा लुकेकाे हुन्छ। त्यहि प्रतिभाकाे सम्मान र उजागरकाे निम्ति हामी निरन्तर रुपमा लागि परेका छाैँ। जनमानसमा सत्य र तथ्य सहितकाे खाेज पत्रकारिता हाम्राे मुल उदेश्य हाे। हामी कला र कलाकारितालाई प्राेत्साहन गर्दछाैँ साथै समाजिक बिषयबस्तुकाे पनि उठान गर्दछाैँ। हामी नेपाली कला क्षेत्रलाई शिखरमा पुर्याउँन चाहन्छाै साथै बिकसित समाजकाे परिकल्पना गर्दछाैँ। Krishna Pariyar+977-9810348382 Viber मा message गर्नुहोला..
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Nepal Chitra

नेपालचित्र सन् २०१९ मे ५ देखि औपचारिक रुपमा सञ्चालनमा आएको हो । नेपालचित्र डटकमको आधिकारिक यस युट्युब च्यानलमा समाजका विभिन्न आयाम, समसामयिक विषय, समाचार, कथा, डकुमेन्ट्रीसहित सान्दर्भिक सामग्रीहरु हेर्न पाइनेछ । ........... Nepalchitra has been formally launched on May 5, 2019. In this official YouTube channel of, you will be able to watch various dimensions of society, current affairs, news, stories, documentaries and other relevant materials. As the name suggests, Nepalchitra has been emphasizing on video content in particular. Nepal Chitra Multimedia Pvt. Ltd Bhaktapur, Nepal. Company : 226397/076/077 Web: Facebook: Twitter: Whatsapp/viber/IMO: +977-9843839234 [WARNING: If it is found that the content of Nepal Chitra has been uploaded or used in any channel without permission, action will be taken according to the prevailing copyright law.]
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Anand Nepal

Hi, this is Anand Nepal, the first video blogger of Nepal. I have been talking about Nepal and Nepali people since 2009. I have my rules: - I do research before writing script. - The script is edited and evaluated before audio is recorded. - Every facts are verified, and all the sources are credited. - I don't do sponsored videos. - I don't take any gifts, coffee offers, dinner offers or anything of that types. - I don't endorse products, or give advices. Everything in the video are my personal opinion, based on my belief that the facts are true. - If there are any mistakes, despite all the efforts please comment. I will try to correct them as soon as possible. - I don't talk about Non-Nepali stuffs. Contact me via email (or Twitter message)
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Last Updated4 days ago

Nepal Times

Nepal Times is an online media that envisions itself an online television with"voice for the voiceless" as its slogan.We aim to reach out the unprivileged groups unreported news, and make them available for the nation as well as world to watch.
  • 442K subscribers,
  • 11K videos
Last Updated16 days ago

News24 Nepal

Welcome to the official youtube page of News24 Television. Get videos and exclusive interviews from the number#1 name for news in NEPAL.
  • 2.6M subscribers,
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मुनाल फिल्म प्रा.लि.ले भिडियो साझेदारी साइट You Tube मा September 28, 2014 Stream Nepal नामक खाता खोलिएको छ । जस मार्फत हामीले गुरुङ गीत तथा चलचित्र, नेपाली गीत तथा चलचित्र, गाउँ चिनारी गीतहरु, वृत्तचित्र लगायत बिभिन्न ज्ञान मुलुक, भिडियोहरु Upload गरी बिश्व बजारमा Marketing गर्दै आएको छ । हामी सँग २० वटा भन्दा बढी चलचित्र कम्पनिहरुले सहकार्य गर्दै आएको छ। Stream Nepal YouTube Account has created on September 28, 2014 by Munal Film Pvt.Ltd. We have been marketing Gurung songs and movies, Nepali songs and movies, Village Promotional songs, Documentaries and various knowledge videos in world wide. We have been Alliances with more than 20 film companies. If you want to upload your video to Stream Nepal Contact No. 9815121600 Online Administrator- Bhagat Gurung Email : Business Inquiry - Bhoj Bahadur Gurung - 98511 58030 STREAM NEPAL Powered by Munal Film (Pvt) Ltd.
  • 220K subscribers,
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Last Updated3 days ago

RisingStar Nepal

For any business inquiry contact:
  • 518K subscribers,
  • 104 videos
Last Updated24 days ago

News Nepal

Description About us: News nepal is an online media. is our official youtube channel. If any query, mail us at
  • 365K subscribers,
  • 788 videos
Last Updateda month ago

Scot Nepal

Official Channel of "Scot Nepal is a global Nepali community related to news, business, entertainment , tech and social media stuff around the world. We always promise our readers that the news we cover will be always under the principles of journalism. Mostly, we cover the news,video news and entertaining videos from all over the world. We always welcome and appreciate to receive your comments, views and creative feedback." is owned, manage and operated by Scotnepal Media House Pvt Ltd. Registered in England, Registered No.: 11568686 Registered Address: Unit 1, 58 Plumstead High Street LONDON SE18 1SL
  • 282K subscribers,
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Last Updateda month ago