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Hi everyone! Welcome to Your C-DRAMA. If you are a super fan (a little crazy, why not?) of the c-drama, this channel will definitely be for you. We hope you subscribe, and with everyone's effort, we can bring you more and better videos: all your favorite series and always with the best English subtitles! Please help us spread it!
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C-Drama Clips

订阅我们观看更多中国电视剧 💗 Subscribe C-Drama Clips to watch more romantic scenes 💗 We are here to fangirling with you 💗
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Top List Drama

Welcome to Top List Drama - Your #1 Community for Chinese Drama! Our channel is dedicated to producing unique, informative, and high quality C-Drama & C-Drama charts for the whole world to see. C-Drama is our absolute favorite kind of movie. It's very easy to become addicted to, due to the large number of fantastic new drama that aired each and every week. We produce a Top List of Drama's videos each and every week, usually releasing at least one per day. We pride ourselves on our closeness to the community, and we listen to your requests! If our fans want to see a certain type of video, we will make it! If you are a Drama artist, actor/actress, label or entertainment company, we'd love to work with you! Please send us an email If you would like to: - Appear on our channel. - Advertise and/or partner with us. - Have us review a drama. - For copyright matters.
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CN DRAMA is a sub channel of Netdrama(中剧独播). You can watch the newest and most popular TV dramas of Chinese mainland on this channel. Our professional team can provide you genuine copyright authorized dramas which synchronize with Chinese mainland. These dramas only broadcast on CN DRAMA, which is update regularly. Welcome to subscribe CN DRAMA to get update notification. Subscribe To Channel: CN DRAMA: 中剧独播 - España: 中剧独播 - ประเทศไทย: 中剧独播 - Portugal: 中剧独播 - Indonesia: 中剧独播 - Việt Nam: 中剧独播 - France: 中剧独播 - România: Chinese Drama: 《Like a Flowing Rive》: 《My Mr.mermaid》: 《To love To heal》: 《Stay with me》: 《The Evolution of Our Love》: 《Surgeons》: 《Long Time No See》:
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酷看獨播劇場 - KUKAN Drama Channel

❤️新劇持續更新!❤️ 《花間新娘 Believe in love》(黃聖池、鄭合惠子) 《儂好,我的東北女友 Hello My Girl》(敖子逸、黃燦燦) 《你好,神槍手 Hello, the Sharpshooter》(胡一天、邢菲): 《我的蠢萌老公 My Adorable Husband》(楊洋、徐正溪) 《宮鎖珠簾 The Palace 2》(楊冪、袁姍姍、趙麗穎) 《半城明媚半城雨 Half Bright and Half Rain》 《黑金風暴 In the Storm》(林峯、周秀娜) 《加油呀!茉莉 Fighting! Girl》(王博文、李覓爾) 《海上繁花 Tears In Heaven》(竇驍、李沁、張雲龍) 《他在逆光中告白 Mysterious Love》 《若你安好便是晴天 Sunshine of My Life》( 張翰、徐璐): 《我的寵物少將軍 Be My Cat》(肖凱中、田曦薇): 《九州天空城 Novoland: The Castle in the Sky》(張若昀、關曉彤、鞠婧祎、劉暢): 《香蜜沉沉燼如霜 Ashes of Love》: 獨播劇場提供正版授權,最新的熱門中文電視劇,請訂閱我們,謝謝大家的支持! 本頻道播出的所有內容為製作方正版授權播出,如有疑問請聯系 Welcome to subscribe to our channel for the latest Chinese TV drama, thanks for your support~
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Physical Drama

Welcome to Physical Drama. This channel is a part of Vid Evolution Entertainment Private Limited. Watch here every day New Released Bengali Drama. If you like our movies don't forget to subscribe our channel and also share our movies and hit the like button. Subscribe Now: For business Inquiry contact us E-mail: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Copyright (C): © All Copyrights are reserved by Vid Evolution Entertainment Private Limited. ⚠ Warning : Don't re-upload, re-distribute or re-production "Physical Drama" YouTube Channel's content to avoid copyright strikes.
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Sweet Love Story Mix

⭐ Welcome to subscribe【Sweet Love Story Mix】⭐ 🔥 About channel : You can see the most exciting TV series clips on my channel,and drama mix Hindi、English song. We have gained the copyright from the related company. Please feel free to enjoy our hard work~ ❤Don't forget to Subscribe my channel❤ Peace and Love
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Banglavision DRAMA

#BanglaVision #Drama #Natok BanglaVision is the most popular Bengali TV channel in Bangladesh that offers comprehensive news and entertainment programs, Natok, Drama, Reality Show and more. FIND US: Website: News Portal: FACEBOOK PAGE: YOUTUBE CHANNELS: LIVE TV: OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA: OFFICIAL ADDRESS: Shamol Bangla Media Ltd. (BanglaVision TV) Noor Tower, 110 Bir Uttam C. R. Dutta Road, Dhaka-1205, Bangladesh. Phone: 9632030-45.
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중국 드라마 - YoYo

채널 멤버십을 활성화했습니다. 지원하려면 채널 멤버십에 가입하세요. 고맙습니다. 다들 사랑해. 자막을 갖고 싶다면 알려주세요. 시청 해주셔서 감사합니다! 이 채널을 좋아요, 공유, 댓글 및 구독하는 것을 잊지 마십시오.
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C-Drama Lovers

Find us on Facebook 在FB臉書上找到我們: Subscribe C-Drama Lovers to watch more romantic scenes 💗 We are here to fangirling with you 💗
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YoYo English Channel

"My Paper Boy (Lei Haoxiang, Chen Danni) | 我的纸片男友" will PREMIERE at 21:00(gmt+0800), on FRIDAY (1 episode per day, Fri.-Sun.) 🎉🎉 【Join our “VIP Only” Membership】 The Best Chinese Drama Channel With the latest high-quality English subtitles for full C-dramas on YouTube! Stay with us, you won't be disappointed! All for U,All from YoYo!
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Channel C

Channel C deals with Cinema, Art, Style, Talents as well as Universal Music. It provides prodigious knowledge, solicits various measures to enhance talents, gives wide range of entertainment and information…creates uniqueness in everything that comes its way! Therefore it is more than Music.. Channel C is Sri Lankan tradition of universal Music it is colored with new new inventions while imbibing traditional touch, changes, new outlooks, reverberate while remaining Sri Lankan, Traditionally Sri Lankan!! You’ll visualize dazzling scenery embedded in new technology…all that you see it brilliantly wonderful and tantalizing! Channel C is always with the Artists and all Artists are with Channel C. “Wide angle is the pioneer of Sri Lankan Music – Video art and in it is the creative force of channel C. whatever you like in Music you’ll find it at Channel C. Come join us… be a part of Channel C...!
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SKY TT CDs Record (USA)

We Create Bridge For An Artist for Success. We Are American Base Company Which Located In Washington D.C Area USA. We Produce , Own Copyrights and license to Content We Upload On This Channel. Contact Us For Release Of Your Content & Concert Booking What's App Available- 001-703-409-7858 Contact Us at Facebook Page: Founder/C.E.O: Instagram:
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KBS Drama Classic

📺 KBS DRAMA CLASSIC OPEN!!! 📺 KBS 명품 드라마를 풀VOD로 감상 할 수 있는 KBS드라마 유튜브 멤버십(월정액) 서비스가 오픈하였습니다. 🔜 ❤️ 채널 멤버십(월정액) 가입 바로가기❤️ → [멤버십 혜택 바로알기] ✔ 1단계 사극 ① 불멸의 이순신/용의눈물/징비록/삼국기/추노/대왕의꿈/토지/전우/서울1945/해신/ 근초고왕/천명 등 총 30여개 드라마 FULLVOD 감상 가능 ② ID옆 특별 아이콘 부여 및 스트리밍/댓글에 멤버십 전용 이모티콘 사용 ✔ 2단계 명작 ① 1단계사극 + 태양의후예/쌈마이웨이/연애의발견/힐러/비밀/느낌 등 총 70여개 드라마 FULLVOD 감상 가능 ② ID옆 특별 아이콘 부여 및 스트리밍/댓글에 멤버십 전용 이모티콘 사용 ✔ 감상 가능한 전체 드라마 목록 바로보기 1단계 재생목록 : 2단계 재생목록 : 감사합니다. #KBS드라마 #KBS드라마클래식 #KBSDRAMACLASSIC #옛날드라마 #드라마클래식 #꿀잼 ★ KBS [Korean Broadcasting System, 韓國放送] Drama Official Youtube Channel ★ KBS Official Website: ★ 웨이브 바로가기 :
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K & C Drama's

💗💗Welcome💗💗 to our YouTube channel 💗School love story drama's, 💗Idol love story drama's , 💗historical drama's clip , 💗fantasy drama's clip ,💞 All type video's you want to see are here 💝 come and subscribe! Press the bell 🔔 icon for more updates 💜
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華劇場精選 MQ Chinese Drama

華劇場精選頻道為各地區用戶提供獲正式授權的精彩華語節目, 我們更以提供高質影像為已任,獨家播放以1080P高清質素為主的電視劇及其他娛樂節目,同時亦不斷更新優質節目內容,讓在屏幕前的你盡攬視聽優質享受。 請即訂閱本頻道以欣賞最新最精彩的華語節目!(按鈕在下面) MQ Chinese Drama provides various Asian contents with high quality 1080P including Chinese drama. MQ Chinese Drama starts with Chinese drama series, and will gradually update other Asian contents such as Korean contents in the future. Stay tuned for upcoming contents that we will love! Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE our channel for further the lastest drama (button as below) #華劇 #大陸劇 #台劇 #asiandrama #chinesedrama
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Identical Reactions

// J O I N   O U R   P A T R E O N If you want to watch Exclusive Content (K-dramas and BTS Shows) join our Patreon! // C O N T A C T   U S Email us at: // O U R   P O   B O X   A D D R E S S ​Ron Jackson ​1801 E 51st, Bldg C Ste 365 #242 Austin, TX 78723 // F O L L O W   U S   O N   I N S T A G R A M Ron: Brandon: Michelle: // F O L L O W   O U R   O T H E R   Y O U T U B E   C H A N N E L S Want Anime Reactions? Check out Ron and Michelle's Channel: Want even more Anime?! Check out Brandon's Channel: // J O I N O U R D I S C O R D Join our Discord where we are looking to spread K-pop through our NFT Project called K-pups! GD VBZ = Good Vibes - GVG = GD VBZ GANG
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早上好,我是甜筒美少女!Good morning, I am a sweet girl!
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hahakar tvc

Wellcome to hahakar tvc This channel is full entertainment. We made funny comedy videos to entertain people. Thanks & don't forget to Subscribe 😍
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