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Happy Birthday Channel

Welcome to Happy Birthday Channel. My channel is all about cake birthday videos and birhtday song. We show you the most satisfying videos in the world about cake decorating, and best happy birthday song to you. ► Do not forget to subscribe to the channel here : https://bit.ly/2K3ONxj Copyright by Free Happy Studios
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Happy Birthday

내 채널 "Happy Birthday"에 오신 것을 환영합니다. 저는 한 가지 단순한 생각으로 이 채널을 만들었습니다. 나는 음악과 최고의 소원으로 내 생일에 행복하고 행복하고 싶습니다. 당신도. 당신의 생일 최고의 순간을 기원합니다. 🙏 채널 구독자 1.000.000 명을 달성할 수 있도록 도와주세요.
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Happy Birthday Official

Happy Birthday Official is a youtube channel specializing in providing utilities for birthday events such as: songs, background images, decorations ...
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The Birthday Gift

Website https://www.thebirthdaygift.org Legal Disclaimer: All information learned through this channel are for entertainment purposes only; they are not intended to replace your own judgement. Remember that any and all information given including questions answered are subject to your own judgement and interpretation and should not be regarded as financial, relationship, legal, medical, professional counseling or business fact or advice. Please seek professional help and advice if needed.
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Crazy Pieces

We are starting to vlog to document and share our journey. Most of our kids don't have baby pictures because of their past, so we want as many videos as possible! We are a big family, so it is not always easy, but it is definitely worth it. Aaron (Dad) Birthday:12-22-1981 Crystal (Mom) Birthday:10-19-1985 Jamie (Adopted in our Hearts) Birthday: 6-9-1993 Melinda (Adopted) Birthday: 3-27-1995 Alex (Adopted) Birthday: 9-24-2002 Ariana (Adopted) Birthday: 3-13-2004 Halie (Bio) Birthday: 3-16-2004 Hannah ( Adopted) Birthday: 2-06-2006 Max (Bio) Birthday: 2-14-2006 Lucas (Adopted) Birthday: 7-31-2006 Bella (Adopted) Birthday: 6-20-2007 Jake (Adopted) Birthday: 6-14-2008 Savannah (Adopted) Birthday: 7-22-2008 Rylan (Adopted) Birthday: 6-22-2011 Logan (Bio) Birthday:10-4-2011 Liam (Adopted) Birthday: 6-07-2012 Brody (Adopted) Birthday: 11-8-2012 Aurora (Adopted) Birthday: 09-19-2016 Crazy Pieces P.O. Box 21360 Mesa, AZ 85277 Business & PR opportunities: cpbranddeals+crazypieces@gmail.com
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Hi, My name is Tony. I love to make people happy, especially on their special day, that's the reason why I made this channel. We make the best video to celebrate your birthday as well as your beloved one! All the videos are created by me using Invideo, Corel Video Studio. As a father of 2 lovely children, I really understand the joy when you blow birthday cake's candle and the desire to express your love with friend, family member or lovers on their bday, so here we go, check out our videos! Thanks for watching, please subscribe to receive new video from us at: https://goo.gl/80Mr5g Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/happybirthdayquoteswishesimages/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/happybdaytv Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/happybirthdaytv
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이름이있는 생일 축하 노래

이름이있는 생일 축하 노래는 생일 채널입니다. 이 채널에는 생일 인 많은 동영상이 포함되어 있습니다. 우리는 그것이 최고의 것을 가져 오기를 바랍니다. 채널의 검색 창 (오른쪽 상단)에서 이름을 찾을 수 있습니다. 거기에서 이름을 찾을 수 없다면 생일 축하 노래를 무료로 제작하도록 글을 써주세요! "이름이있는 생일 축하 노래"의이 전통적인 생일 축하 노래 비디오는 모든 생일에 많은 흥분을 불러 일으킬 것입니다. 좋은 생일을 바란다. Barış Bölükbaşı의 음악 프로듀서 : Hakan Bölükbaşı
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Welcome to KYOOT! Get to know us! KYOOT believes in RANDOM ACTS OF FUNNY. KYOOT believes all people are unicorns! And a #UNICORNSQUAD member is someone who marches to the beat of their own drum, and is full of life, COLOR, and imagination. KYOOT believes in creating FUN and FRIENDLY places to LAUGH, CRINGE, and CONNECT. KYOOT believes in EQUALITY and RESPECT. The #KYOOTSQUAD is open to anyone and everyone, so please have an open mind and treat others how you want to be treated. KYOOT will NOT tolerate BULLYING, HATEFUL COMMENTS, CURSE WORDS or any NEGATIVE BEHAVIOR that is harmful to our community. Help me protect the #KYOOTSQUAD and report any bad behavior! KYOOT will NOT tolerate ATTENTION SEEKING BEHAVIOR! Do not spam other #KYOOTSQUAD members with unwanted messages or promotions. You are now an official member of the #KYOOTSQUAD. Grab a donut 🍩, slice of pizza 🍕, and/or a taco 🌮 and enjoy
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the johnson fam

Hi Friends! Meet the Johnson Family: Jeff and Natalia are high school sweethearts and Olivia, Peyton, and Theo are their three adorable stars! Creating fun and entertaining content is a daily adventure for this family. Whether they're embarking on exciting family outings, sharing heartwarming moments, or doing fun challenges and games together, their videos are bound to bring a smile to your face. The Johnson’s family dynamic is simply heartwarming. They know how to strike the perfect balance between work and play amidst their belief of making every day count. Be sure to follow us at the links below! For collaborations, business inquiries, and personal inquiries please contact: jeffjohnson825@icloud.com
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FUNnel Fam is a family of six! We post new vids every week! From vacation vlogs to every day random things that happen to us, along with skits, music videos, challenges, birthday parties, holidays, Disney World and other theme parks.... we vlog it all! We hope you enjoy our videos and as always HAVE A FUNNEL DAY! :)
  • 10.7M subscribers,
  • 781 videos
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Dylan Conrique

“Never Change” OUT NOW linktr.ee/dylanconrique @dylanconrique - Instagram | TikTok | Twitter | Facebook | Snapchat
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Nicole Laeno

NEW VIDEOS EVERY TUESDAY + FRIDAY @ 12PM PST♥️ hi i’m nicole! 18 & based in SoCal ;) lifestyle creator 🫶 all my socials: @nicolelaeno family channel: https://www.youtube.com/@thelaenofamily
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Welcome to Tannerites Channel. We create Kid Friendly videos! We believe life is about making memories, building relationships, and learning to love!! TANNERITES Merch can be found HERE: https://shoptannerites.com/ Sarah (MOM) Johnny (DAD) Branson - 24 Allie - 21 Daniell - 18 Savannah - 15 Lizzy - 13 Az - 10 Canyon - 7 For Brand Partnerships, Business collaborations, and personal inquiries please email: business@tannerites.com
  • 7.2M subscribers,
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The Birthday Channel

Hi everybody. Welcome to The Birthday Channel 🎈🎈 Here at The Birthday Channel "We are All About Birthdays" Happy Birthday to All of you Celebrating your Birthdays! All birthdays are worth remembering! It's the day you're born to this amazing world we live in. So whether you're having a simple or big celebration- We wish you well. May you have a fantastic day! And may all your Birthday Wishes come true 🥳 "HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!" Let's Celebrate you Special Day with Personalized Birthday Videos with NAME #Shorts You can check out our YouTube Library of over 1K videos to look for you, your family or friend's name. Or Send a Request on the Comment section for 🆓 Birthday Video Greetings dedicated for you. Show us your support with SUPER THANKS 🎁 or just simply LIKE SHARE SUBSCRIBE to our Channel We are looking forward to Growing our Birthday Community🎂 to our 150K Subscriber Goal🥰😊 Thanks for supporting THE BIRTHDAY CHANNEL. We Love You ALL😊💕
  • 119K subscribers,
  • 765 videos
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Mariah and Bill

Welcome to our YouTube Channel! Bill and I love to have fun, enjoy life & spread positivity to everyone we meet! Welcome to the Family! Get To Know Us! --------------------------- -We started our first YouTube channel (Mariah and Bill) December 1, 2017! -Our Marble family is currently made up of Mariah, Bill, our cats Snap & Thor, and the millions of you! -We started our TikTok account (Mariahandbill) Month's after our YouTube; we are so happy to have over 15 Million of you on there!! -Bill's birthday is May 27, 2000 -Mariah's birthday is December 29, 1998 How We Met!! *Our Story* ------------------------------------------ -2017 we both started working at a grocery store called Mariano's! Mariah was hired as a cashier and I (Bill) was a bagger! As you can tell, it was love at first sight! After only a month I popped the question to ask out Mariah on March 22, 2017!
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Guys my new Chanel please support me ☺️ And Like and Subscribe 🤗My Birthday Coming Soon On 14 August☺️ For Sponsorship & Business Enquires :- business.fffactsyt@gmail.com
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Welcome to KAYCEE & RACHEL'S Family Channel!! We do contents like vacation vlogs, challenges, birthday videos, funny SHORTS, etc! Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, hit the LIKE button, SHARE our videos and click the BELL to get notified every time we upload new videos!! Please FOLLOW our INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK PAGE!! You can talk to us there! LINKS are posted below! This channel is managed by parents! We have 4 MORE CHANNELS below that you can watch from.
  • 7.4M subscribers,
  • 342 videos
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Rachelle and Justin

Hello friends! Welcome to my channel! Here on this channel you're going to find a lot of things... parenting, motherhood, infertility, and real and raw life with four kids. I feel so blessed to share my life and motherhood journey with you - ups and downs. Business inquiries: rachelleandjustin@thesociablesociety.com
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Jeremih's Official YouTube Channel.
  • 2.5M subscribers,
  • 162 videos
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Sourav Joshi Vlogs

This is sourav Joshi This is my vlog channel. On this channel I share my life with you guys. I am an artist and Vlogger . My art channel - Sourav Joshi arts (4 million + subscribers)
  • 24.8M subscribers,
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