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Rick Jones Anderson - Exótica Vídeos

Canal para Divulgação de Vídeos da Página Exótica do Facebook e de Rick Jones Anderson... Curtam a Exótica... https://www.facebook.com/rickjonesandersonexo
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Titanic World

Welcome to Titanic World! The Ultimate Community for Titanic Fans! In the channel, blog & playlists you will find everything related to Titanic including the 1997 movie, Kate Winslet & Leonardo DiCaprio, James Cameron, Céline Dion, the real RMS Titanic, passengers, James Horner, the Titanic Soundtrack, & more exclusive content! Find playlists with Titanic scenes, trailers, commercials, interviews, documentaries, soundtrack, unreleased scores, deleted scenes, orchestras, real Titanic, its wreck, passengers & survivors, museums, secrets, facts & myths, movies, shows, production team & cast, behind the scenes, covers, tributes & more! Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share! Follow Titanic World on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Google+! Follow the Titanic World Blog! Titanic (1997) - Winner of 11 Academy Awards (including Best Picture), 4 Golden Globe Awards, 5 Grammy Awards. Total of 119 wins and 73 nominations. All rights reserved by PARAMOUNT© and 20th CENTURY FOX©.
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In the epic action-adventure Avatar, director James Cameron (Titanic) takes us to a spectacular new world beyond our imagination: Pandora.
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20th Century Studios España

Bienvenido al canal oficial de 20th Century Studios en España. Éste es el hogar de éxitos como Star Wars, Ice Age, X-Men, Avatar y muchas otras. Aquí encontrarás trailers exclusivos, clips de nuestros últimos lanzamientos, "behind the scenes", entrevistas y featurettes de todos nuestras nuevas películas. Te mantendremos al día con las noticias y novedades de todos nuestros lanzamientos, ¡así que suscríbete!
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Diogo Santos

Esse canal e ligado diretamente ao blog Titanic Historias.Link: http://titanichistoria1912.blogspot.com/
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Titanic Movie/Pelicula

Una joven (Kate Winslet) de sociedad abandona a su arrogante pretendiente (Billy Zane) por un artista (Leonardo DiCaprio) humilde en el transatlántico que se hundió durante su viaje inaugural. Titanic is a 1997 American epic romance and disaster film directed, written, co-produced and co-edited by James Cameron. A fictionalized account of the sinking of the RMS Titanic, it stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet as members of different social classes who fall in love aboard the ship during its ill-fated maiden voyage.
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20th Century Studios Norge

Velkommen til den offisielle YouTube-siden til 20th Century Studios Norge (tidligere 20th Century Fox). 20th Century Studios er et av Hollywoods eldste og største filmstudio og har stått bak flere av de mest innbringende filmene i historien: Titanic, Star Wars, Istid, The Fault in Our Stars, X-Men, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes og Avatar. Her vil du få se eksklusive trailere og filmklipp fra alle våre nyeste filmer, i tillegg til klipp fra settet og intervjuer med skuespillere. Vi vil holde deg oppdatert på alle våre kommende titler, så sørg for at du abonnerer på kanalen! Abonner: http://bit.ly/FoxNorge Følg oss på Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/20thCenturyStudiosNorge/ Følg oss på Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/20thcenturynorge/
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Welcome to the official TitanicPassion channel. I'm a huge fan of the movie TITANIC (1997), the main actress Kate Winslet and 'Titanic'-Voice Céline Dion. I hope you enjoy and comment the videos. Copyright of the background and of the most videos goes to 20th CENTURY FOX and PARAMOUNT!
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A channel dedicated to music in general, and movie soundtracks in particular. You will also get the occasional miscellaneous videos, containing concerts, travels and locations, quotidian and other content!
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Back to Titanic

Titanic Movie Fans
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Official Titanic

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Since youtube keeps deleting the audio of my work as well as the full videos I've decided, in the future, to upload them once & if they get deleted, I'll post them on my VIMEO page: http://www.vimeo.com/booshkah14 I AM NOW TAKING SUGGESTIONS FOR MUSIC VIDEOS. SEND ME A MESSAGE OR COMMENT IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS :) Full current episodes of General Hospital (posted daily): http://www.youtube.com/user/GeneralHospital678 Luke & Laura (GH) playlists: http://www.youtube.com/user/sussezq If you ever send me a message or comment & find that I don't respond soon after, don't hesitate to re-send it. Sometimes I accidentaly over-look them - this is happened quite a few times concerning my Braveheart vid. Sry for the inconvienence!!
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I am NOT James Cameron and I am NOT affiliated with him in any way. Here I mostly post videos of James Cameron giving some interesting insights on filmmaking.
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Raf Avila

Your favorite TikTok Titanic guy! Welcome to my channel - here we're talking all about Titanic! Fun facts, history, and disasters! If you've always been weirdly obsessed with the Titanic or other disasters then, welcome, this is the place for you! #TitanicGuy #TitanicNerds Raf ***SOCIAL MEDIA*** TIKTOK: @raf_avila INSTAGRAM: @raf_avila https://www.instagram.com/raf_avila/
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This is a channel about animations of famous liners like RMS Titanic, HMHS Brittanic, SS Poseidon, etc.. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and enjoy the videos ! Thanks for coming to my channel ! - 15kassel15
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HELLO TO EVERYONE! SALVE A TUTTI! I'M ELENA! ^ ^ FAVORITE MOVIES: Scream 1 The Call The Innocent Donnie Darko, Stand by me Milk 10 things I hate about you Brokeback Mountain Scooby Doo (^ ^) Nightmare Before Christmas Edward Scissorhands FAVORITE SHOWS: Lost Party Of Five Six Feet Under Lost Dawsons Creek Buffy 24 Dr. House Dexter Ghost Whisperer Medium FAVORITE DIRECTORS: Wes Craven George Lucas Tim Burton, Darren Aronovsky Ridley Scott Peter Jackson James Cameron FAVORITE COMPOSERS: Yoko Shimomura Hans Zimmer Elliot Goldenthal Danny Elfman John Frizzell Howard Shore Marco Beltrami James Horner. FAVORITE BOOKS: Harry Potter Different Seasons (Stephen King) The DaVinci Code The Midnight Garden FAVORITE GAMES Final Fantasy Kingdom Hearts The Sims2
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No épico de ação e aventura AVATAR, James Cameron, diretor de Titanic, nos leva a um mundo espetacular, além da nossa imaginação. Na distante lua Pandora, um herói relutante embarca em uma jornada de redenção e descoberta, liderando uma batalha heroica para salvar a civilização.
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The official YouTube channel for Titanic. On Sept.14 experience James Cameron's masterpiece, Titanic for the first time on Blu-ray & 3D! http://amzn.to/AllTitanic
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Jacob Lenhoff

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