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Toys and Colors

Hello friends! Welcome to Toys and Colors where KIDS RULE and adults drool…just kidding…we love our Aunties and Uncles! Click on the SUBSCRIBE button and come join us in our fun and colorful universe where we pretend play, use our imagination, sing, dance, and have a great time with friends, family, and lots of TOYS! We have millions of fans all over the world who enjoy our fun kids videos about: being a good brother and sister, DIY science experiments, eating healthy, washing your hands, numbers, ABCs, animals, nursery rhyme songs, fun challenges, camp adventures, and much more! Are you ready? LET’S PRETEND PLAY!
  • 38.5M subscribers,
  • 896 videos
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Vlad and Niki

“Vlad & Niki” is the global preschool phenomenon and highest rated kids channel on YouTube starring the imaginative personalities and antics of brothers Vlad and Niki, who are showcased in non-stop fun and crazy adventures. Since launching on YouTube in 2018, the “Vlad & Niki” has attracted more than 230+ million subscribers worldwide and 130+ billion views, while averaging five billion monthly views on 21 channels and translated into 18 languages. Each episode is produced with a creative mix of live action, animation and music to create comedic videos for the preschool demographic. "Vlad & Niki" is the property of Content Media Group FZC, LLC, headed by co-founders Sergey and Victoria Vashketov, the parents of global superstar kidfluencers Vlad and Niki. Our Merch: Contact for advertising Press Contact - Hope Diamond
  • 93.1M subscribers,
  • 517 videos
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Masha and The Bear

With kindness and comedy in its heart, the show follows the adventures of a little girl Masha and her friend, The Bear. Their relationship is a metaphor of how a child interacts with the big world and how an adult can aid with this difficult task. Masha is a restless little girl who can hardly stand still due to her endless energy - everything she comes into contact with must be tried on! She's friendly beyond description and treats everyone like she's known them for ages. Her curiosity and creativeness causes funny adventures.. The cartoon became a hit for families around the globe, due to its smart ability in entertaining and educating both children and parents. Although there's no such thing as direct teaching, Masha and the Bear enlightens children about real friendship, care, freedom of creativity and basic skills in a funny and smart manner.
  • 38.8M subscribers,
  • 1K videos
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Nicky and Pierre

Hey guys! It's Nicky and Pierre! Welcome to our official YouTube channel. You may know us from TikTok where we usually do challenges, pranks and dances. Here, you will see beyond those 30 second viral videos and get a glimpse into our lives, our love and our individual personalities. We're goofy, we're sassy, we're crazy but most importantly were in love and we want to share it all with you! Make sure to join our journey and subscribe! KEESES!!!
  • 1.7M subscribers,
  • 590 videos
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Nat and Essie

NAT AND ESSIE channels is to use the power of imagination and the excitement of toys to bring joy and positivity to families everywhere! Our work as real life ICU nurses and mothers made a huge impact on us, and we saw the importance of a toy therapy for kids in the hospital. Our content is made with our own families in mind. 1. POSITIVE: We bring joy, positivity and entertainment. 2. EXCITING: Sneak peaks, brand new launches, toy reveals and collectibles! 3. TRUSTWORTHY: Videos will always be family-friendly and give our real opinions. 4. EXPERTS: We know toys, we know moms, we know collectors, we know kids and how to bring the joy! 5. MISSION DRIVEN: We donate many featured toys to kids in the hospital and in need. Thank you for helping be mission driven creating wholesome content for all ages. Nat and Essie 3431 RAYFORD RD, STE 200, #140 SPRING, TX 77386
  • 12M subscribers,
  • 1.3K videos
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Janet and Kate

✔Daily gaming videos with Janet and Kate. 😊 ✔Our Roblox Star Code: TEAMJK ✔Our Mailing Address: Janet and Kate Lu P. O. Box 355 Cumberland, MD 21501 United States of America
  • 2.5M subscribers,
  • 1.8K videos
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Katya and Dima

About channel Katya and Dima: We create high-quality entertaining and educational songs so that your kid can have fun and benefit. Enjoy watching our videos and have an entertaining and learning adventure with Katya and Dima! Please support us by subscribing and liking :)
  • 2.2M subscribers,
  • 287 videos
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Trinity and Beyond

Thanks for visiting our YouTube Channel! This channel stars Trinity and her whole YouTube Family with Madison, Dad, Mom, and even Preston! This is a pg family friendly channel with super fun videos! Every December we've done Elf on the Shelf videos, but now those are on Madison and Beyond. We also do lots of challenges that are tons of fun like Game Master and Pond Monster. We love Hello Neighbor and Baldi's Basics in Real Life Toy Scavenger Hunts, 3AM Skits, Calling Videos, Mailing Myself Videos, Slime Pranks and more! Subscribe to all our Channels!!! Trinity & Beyond: Madison & Beyond: Beyond Family: Beyond Kids Beyond Gaming Preston and Beyond Thanks again for visiting. Please be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications to never miss a video! #trinityandbeyond #beyondfamily #madisonandbeyond
  • 7.5M subscribers,
  • 1.1K videos
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Niki and Gabi

It's Niki and Gabi! Aka the opposite twins:) We're twins, but we're polar opposite in our looks, fashion, and personalities. Even though we're "twins," we're our own individuals, which is why we titled our debut EP "INDIVIDUAL" available for purchase, download & streaming now! Join the fam & SUBSCRIBE! Turn on ALL notifications hehe (press the bell!!) Want to see our daily lives / follow us separately?! Subscribe to our Vlog Channels! FOLLOW US! Twitter niki: gabi: Instagram niki: gabi: Other channel -features our own original films, covers, + sketches-
  • 9.4M subscribers,
  • 519 videos
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Dan And Shay

  • 1.6M subscribers,
  • 284 videos
Last Updated24 days ago

Brooklyn and Bailey

We are two twin sisters who just vlog their life and share it for y'all to enjoy! From wedding content, building houses, college, friendships, periods, cooking/baking, challenges, vlogs, travel, dance, and SO MUCH MORE, we film it all. Stay, subscribe, and enjoy♡
  • 7M subscribers,
  • 628 videos
Last Updated4 days ago

Trav and Cor

Me (Travis) and my wife (Corey) like to joke around and create fun and exciting entertainment. We also love vlogging our daily lives to keep a record and to share with all of you! Subscribe and follow us as we continue to do all sorts of fun and hilarious things together!! Follow us on Instagram: @travandcor @tydustalbott @minijakepaul @ryatttalbott @bowietalbott @coreytalbott @travistalbott
  • 6.2M subscribers,
  • 347 videos
Last Updated6 days ago

Lucas and Marcus

  • 28.8M subscribers,
  • 1K videos
Last Updated5 days ago

Will and Jenna

We love you guys!
  • 1.1M subscribers,
  • 1.7K videos
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Lafloca and mimi

Welcome to our channel 💕 we love to make you smile :) make sure to subscribe and follow us on tiktok and Instagram 🥰🥰
  • 807K subscribers,
  • 459 videos
Last Updated4 days ago

Toys and Fun

Azra Selim ve Leo ile eğlenceli oyunlar oynayıp sizler için eğlenceli videolar çekiyoruz.
  • 4M subscribers,
  • 1.5K videos
Last Updated2 days ago

Sam and Colby

What's up guys! On this channel we create haunted, exploration videos. Our most popular series include Stanley Hotel, Hell Week, The Attachment, Empath, and Queen Mary. Subscribe to explore, travel, go ghost hunting, and watch some scary content. Much love -S and C XPLR Clothing Twitter @SamandColby lnsta: @SamGolbach @ColbyBrock Business:
  • 8.5M subscribers,
  • 320 videos
Last Updateda month ago

Marta and Rustam

This is our official channel. You loved our Tiktok Videos, now checkout our Youtube Videos! There will be many different funny skits, comedy, and other videos on this channel. LOVE YOU ALL Biz:
  • 15.6M subscribers,
  • 482 videos
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Dave and Ava - Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs

“Dave and Ava Nursery Rhymes” is animated series developed especially for young children. Each episode features Dave - a boy dressed as a puppy, and Ava - a girl dressed as a kitten, along with their friends – Matilda the Sheep, Oscar the Kitten, Stella the Star, cute little mouse Philip, Itsy the Spider, Felix MacDonald, Bingo the Puppy, Izzy the Cat and many more. Our nursery rhymes teach little ones ABCs, numbers, shapes, colors, and more! Little ones learn to focus and play independently. You can relax for a moment - Dave and Ava will entertain your children while teaching them favorite nursery rhymes. The videos are also available to download and watch offline via iOS app and Android app or at
  • 15.1M subscribers,
  • 780 videos
Last Updated3 days ago

Celina and Hasouna Toys

ف س ا م Welcome to Celina and Hasouna Toys Channel The goal of our channel is to teach kids and make them have fun with suitable and right ways that comfort with their ages so they have a good and healthy childhood. Hope you have fun with our toys and games. Don't forget to subscribe :) For Business inquiries :
  • 3.8M subscribers,
  • 552 videos
Last Updated23 days ago