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Cooking With Jack Show

Jack Scalfani shows you recipes you can do, cooking tips you will love and product reviews you can trust.
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Cooking Style: Modern Grandma I believe cooking should be a basic human skill, like reading, writing, or driving a car. I don't have a way with words like I do with a camera, so let the late, great Anthony Bourdain explain my purpose. "“But I do think the idea that basic cooking skills are a virtue, that the ability to feed yourself and a few others with proficiency should be taught to every young man and woman as a fundamental skill, should become as vital to growing up as learning to wipe one’s own ass, cross the street by oneself, or be trusted with money.” I'm here to teach you how to make cooking as fun for you as it is for me. (Quote from Anthony Bourdain book “Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook” )
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Heghineh Cooking Show in Russian

Heghineh Cooking Show in Russian
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Cooking ASMR

Cooking ASMR 채널에 오신 것을 환영합니다! Cooking ASMR에서는 독특하고 이국적인 먹는 비디오와 라이브 ASMR 사운드를 제공하기 위해 노력하고 있으며 비디오를 시청하는 동안 편안한 시간을 보낼 수 있기를 바랍니다. 좋아요, 공유, 구독을 잊지 말고 벨 버튼을 눌러 알림을 받으세요. 아래 링크의 소셜 미디어에서 우리를 따르십시오. 영화 감상을 즐기세요! 감사합니다! ➜ 경고 : 먹는 것은 실제가 아닙니다. 집에서 이것을 시도하지 마십시오! 모든 공연은 스크립트 콘텐츠입니다. 모든 스턴트 또는 행동은 아무도 다 치지 않는 전문적이고 통제 된 환경에서 수행되었습니다. HFL MEDIA의 저작권. 다시 업하지 마십시오
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Jenny's Mini Cooking Show

Miniature cooking and baking together! :) Let's cooking in a miniature, but real mini kitchen where the oven and the cooking plates are working, and water is running from the faucet. Let's decorate miniature cakes!! For one, a UNICORN cake. :) Hello Everyone, I am Jennifer Melanie Ziemons, an Olympic gold medalist sugar and cake artist. This is our miniature fairy tale realm: JENNY'S MINIATURE COOKING SHOW. Come and join a miniature baking and miniature cooking WORLD where everything is what it looks like... only that it's miniature. :) Everything is built by us, including the kitchen itself and all tools. Preparation of the kitchen took 6 months. The oven, the cooking plates and the faucet is actually working. All food and cakes are real!!!!!!!!! Only a little smaller than usual. :) THANKS FOR WATCHING!!! Don't forget to subscribe!!! :) webshop: www.jennysminicoookingshop.com Jenny
  • 335K subscribers,
  • 131 videos
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Aloha, welcome to my kitchen. You can expect fast & easy breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts & crafts that even a kid can help with. As you are in my kitchen, you will experience the sounds of a real household in the background, giving you that homey feel ;) **I have a wish list if you want to help me out! Wishlist Link: http://a.co/5EKVE42 These items will directly impact my channel. For business inquiries or product reviews, please contact Beth at cookingandcrafting@gmail.com Please do not bother contacting me if you are part of an MCN. Thank you. I started this channel to share recipes. Some of them are old, tried and true recipes that I had during my childhood, but most will be recipes I have never tried before. I only cook things that my family will eat. Do not expect a fancy "show" or "episode," I am just me. A down to Earth, homey person who always keeps it real. If I am not a fan of a recipe, I will let you know. Come in, sit down and enjoy!
  • 201K subscribers,
  • 1.3K videos
Last Updated9일 전

Lifestyle Cooking Foods

Welcome to my Lifestyle Cooking Foods channel. This Channel will show you about the lifestyle of cooking foods and eating other food in village and in the wild. If everyone likes my channel please leave subscribe to get more video updates. Thank you in advance for your kind support.
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  • 335 videos
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Heghineh Cooking Show

Welcome To Heghineh Cooking Show - Armenian Cooking Show in English Armenian cuisine - Armenian Food - Armenian recipes and more
  • 111K subscribers,
  • 703 videos
Last Updated25일 전

Miniature Cooking Ideas

▽ Welcome to Miniature Cooking Ideas ▽ My channel is all about Miniature Food. Through this channel, you will find an interesting online mini cooking show uses a real ingredients to make real miniature food, cooked in a fully functional miniature kitchen. We believe that cooking at home is fun and easy to do. You will be happy with the tiny world, tiny food, tiny cake,... ▽ New videos will be available every day! ▽ Make sure to subscribe and turn on ALL notifications so you never miss a video! ▽ For all inquiries, please contact the email: Contact@yumup.net ▽ All visual content in this channel is owned by YumUp. Do not reup!!!
  • 1.4M subscribers,
  • 1.2K videos
Last Updated한 달 전

Cooking Studio by Umme

I always try to show the easiest way of cooking. 3 to 4 new videos every week
  • 2.4M subscribers,
  • 832 videos
Last Updated13일 전


Welcome to my kitchen; this is Homemade made Easy. Fresh and simple, where we'll cook from scratch but easy enough for everyday cooking. I hope to teach you, inspire you and make you feel like a Rock Star in your own kitchen. for more recipes; https://www.cookingwithshereen.com full bio; https://www.shereenpavlides.com
  • 428K subscribers,
  • 109 videos
Last Updated4일 전

Home Cooking Adventure

Welcome to Home Cooking Adventure Channel !!! we are here to share with you some great and easy to follow recipes, excellent flavors, decadent sweets and savory dishes. We want to introduce new creative ways to cook and show how you can have a blast in the kitchen. Hope you will enjoy our recipes, subscribe for the latest, try them at home and leave us a comment how they came out for you!
  • 1.7M subscribers,
  • 498 videos
Last Updated3일 전


Noriko and Yuko of Japanese Cooking 101 would like to show you how to make Japanese food at home. With easy-to-follow video recipes and ingredients you can find anywhere, Japanese food will not be the food you only eat at restaurants! For more information about the recipes, please visit http://www.japanesecooking101.com. Our VLOG channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/OishiiTV Check out our cookbook, Simply Bento: http://www.japanesecooking101.com/simplybento/
  • 458K subscribers,
  • 344 videos
Last Updated6일 전

Tiny Cakes

▽ Welcome to the Tiny Cakes Official YouTube channel! 💝💝💝 ▽ Tiny Cakes, is an online tiny cooking show uses a real ingredients to make edible real miniature food and miniature cake, cooked in a fully functional miniature kitchen. You will be happy with the tiny world, tiny kitchen, tiny cake, tiny food,...Hope you enjoy my video and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE. Thank you and love you all ^-^ All visual content in this channel is owned by YumUp. Do not reup!!! ▽ New videos will be available every day! ▽ Make sure to subscribe and turn on ALL notifications so you never miss a video! ▽ For all inquiries, please contact the email: Contact@yumup.net
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야생에서의 요리에 관한 Wilderness Cooking 채널. 다양하고 맛있는 요리를 만듭니다. 우리는 매우 독특하고 아름다운 곳에서 요리합니다. 우리와 함께하고 싶다면-그냥 구독하십시오 문의 : info@wilderness.cooking
  • 3.2M subscribers,
  • 235 videos
Last Updated5일 전

Wendy's Eating Show

Hi Friends welcome to my eating show, I will upload a variety of ASMR NORMAL SPEAKING VOICE/MUKBANG videos for you to enjoy, so feel free to subscribe and like the videos so I know you like them. FAN MAIL 📬 Wendy P.O. Box 13055 San Diego, CA 92170 SUBSCRIBE LET'S BE FRIENDS ASMR/Eating Sounds/Eating Show/food Reviews/MUKBANG/ASMR NORMAL SPEAKING VOICE SUBSCRIBE TO MY SPANISH CHANNEL: en familia con wendy https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ikaGVmkV7zFwrra6RiAOw Follow me on Twitter: Ask me any questions Send me pictures send me video requests Twitter @wendyeatingshow Instagram@ wendyseatingshow Snapchat: ivlogwendy Tik Tok: Wendys Eating Show
  • 1M subscribers,
  • 460 videos
Last Updated9일 전

Miniature Cooking Show

Miniature food cooking with miniature cooking utensils
  • 208K subscribers,
  • 342 videos
Last Updated한 달 전

Taste Show

Taste Show | Recipes, Chefs and Shows - Find the best recipe ideas, videos, and cooking techniques from master chefs. Are you a foodie craving tasty food? Look no further. Here we have the best recipes, prepared by award-winning chefs to showcase authentic, traditional cooking. Whether you want to know how to make easy and delicious dishes at home, or learn how to master cooking, we've got you covered. Subscribe for more awesome recipes: https://www.youtube.com/c/TasteShow?sub_confirmation=1 (Click the notification bell so you won’t miss out on any of our videos) We post videos on Monday at 6 p.m. China Standard Time (CST) and 6 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST). Subscribe to our new websites for thousands of delicious recipes and exclusive shows: https://www.tastelife.tv/ Email: info@tasteshow.com
  • 2.9M subscribers,
  • 249 videos
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Miniature Cooking

미니어처 쿠킹에 오신 것을 환영합니다! 이 쇼는 태평양 북서부의 작은 마을에있는 19 세기 건축물의 집에 살고있는 노부부 제임스와 헬렌의 일상을 따릅니다. 그들은 음식을 만들고 애완 동물을 기르는 것을 좋아합니다. 매일 Giant Hand가 와서 작은 주방 도구로 식사를 준비합니다. 그들은 또한 때때로 특별한 경우에 특별한 손님이 있습니다. Miniature Cooking은 요리, 특히 James와 Helen의 삶의 이야기와 함께 유럽 요리에 중점을 둡니다. 좋아요, 공유, 구독을 잊지 말고 벨 버튼을 눌러 알림을 받으세요. 아래 링크에서 소셜 미디어를 팔로우하십시오. 질문이 있으시면 info@hflmedia.net 주소로 문의 해주십시오. 감사합니다!
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  • 299 videos
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Welcome to AwesomenessTV, the destination for Gen-Z reality TV shows with your favorite TikTok and digital influencers! See them in ways you’ve never seen them before! AwesomenessTV’s Next Influencer, a reality competition show hosted by Owen Holt, shows up-and-coming TikTokers competing at the chance of becoming the next big ATV star. My Dream Quinceañera gives you a real look at planning the Quince of your dreams with rising LatinX influencers! And don’t forget about Noah Beck Tries Things, the show where Noah Beck enlists his influencer friends to teach him new skills like makeup, dancing, and cooking - to name a few. Here you can feel free to express yourself, have fun and get real with us.
  • 8.5M subscribers,
  • 6.5K videos
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