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Sweet Simple Vegan

Hi, we're Jasmine and Chris 🙃 Each week we share new videos including fresh and fun recipes, taste tests, vlogs, and more. When we’re not blogging or filming, you will probably find us enjoying live music, tending to our backyard garden or playing with our dogs. We invite you to join us in making the world a sweeter place ♥️ A portion of the ad revenue generated from all of our videos each month is donated to a non-profit organization that we align with. You can head to our community tab for more information about who we have donated to in the past and for monthly updates. Thank you all so much for your support and for allowing us the opportunity to help others through the work we do! P.O. Box 96003 Portland, OR 97296
  • 220K subscribers,
  • 680 videos
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Last Updated5일 전

The Vegan Cyclist

Im an average man doing above average things. Im a family man who rides bikes and tells stories. But listen, dont let the whole vegan thing get in the way. I dont preach it, I never force it, its just a part of my life. #RideALLTheBikes
  • 205K subscribers,
  • 545 videos
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Last Updated2달 전

Gretchen's Vegan Bakery

I am a professional pastry chef with over 20 years in the pro bakery industry. Many people daily are amazed with the vegan dessert creations which prove that Vegan food can be awesome and even than better ever! My tutorials are easy to follow as I take you step by step through the process to NO FAIL recipe results every time! For collaboration & business inquiries please email me at
  • 217K subscribers,
  • 500 videos
Last Updated한 달 전

Happy Healthy Vegan

Ryan Lum and Anji Bee have produced content as Happy Healthy Vegan since 2013 posting over a thousand videos covering a wide range of topics. Ryan wields logic and science to respectfully debunk anti-vegan rhetoric spread by mass media in response videos, while Anji vlogs What I Ate In A Day, travel vids, and reviews to illustrate how easy and fun it is to live a vegan lifestyle. Anji released her first vegan cookbook, 'Keep It Carbed, Baby!,’ in 2016 which sold over 3,000 copies independently in print and digital download formats. Her much anticipted follow up, 'Happy Healthy Vegan Cookbook,' was released in December 2020. Ryan and Anji also make music together as Lovespirals. Since 1999 the duo have released 6 albums and numerous singles, remixes, and collaborations. Their soulful grooves are featured regularly on the show and are available via Spotify, Apple, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Bandcamp, and YouTube.
  • 210K subscribers,
  • 1.4K videos
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The Korean Vegan

Find me at the links below and/or at my linktree:
  • 939K subscribers,
  • 338 videos
Last Updated4일 전

Unnatural Vegan

Former crazy raw foodist turned pro-vaccine, pro-normal diet vegan. My goal is to find a way to live on coffee and soy alone. I am not a dietitian, so please do not email me for medical/diet advice. "A vegan that husky? What's fueling that ass? Sweet potatoes?" - Gayle
  • 252K subscribers,
  • 742 videos
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Last Updated6일 전

The Vegan Zombie

I do a fun-filled vegan cooking show set in the zombie apocalypse. Also, travel, vegan lifestyle, shopping on a budget, product reviews & VLOGS. You might even see some tips and tricks on how to stay safe from zombies and silly videos of my dogs... I upload videos regularly and you can also follow daily updates on my IG account @theveganzombie. Oh yeah, and check out TVZ's award winning cookbook: Send stuff to: The Vegan Zombie PO Box 2194 Liverpool, NY 13089
  • 178K subscribers,
  • 962 videos
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Last Updated25일 전

Vegan But Lazy

Cheap Easy Vegan Recipe ebook! 130+ Recipes for $4.99 on amazon: Modest Dish: Simple recipes for all. Don't let the recipes fool you, I'm not vegan. I eat all foods. Anarchist Kitchen Music: We make chill instrumental beats for our channel. Buy downloads, cassettes and cds on bandcamp. Tiny House Living: We lived in the woods for 1 year. The tiny house was 150 sqft with no plumbing, is it crazy that we even lasted that long? Stranger Than Fiction: Life stories, they are true.
  • 173K subscribers,
  • 496 videos
Last Updated한 달 전

Sarah's Vegan Kitchen

Welcome to my vegan kitchen! I'm passionate about showing people how to live a healthy, balanced, plant-based lifestyle. I love trying weird vegan foods and recipes and creating recipes that help fuel my active lifestyle.
  • 238K subscribers,
  • 362 videos
Last Updated5일 전

Vegan Gains

Plant Based diet health and fitness.
  • 321K subscribers,
  • 563 videos
Super ChatUS$15,720
Last Updated9일 전

Sustainably Vegan

Advocating a low impact lifestyle: zero waste, plant-based, and ethical. Videos are uploaded on Thursdays and Sundays, and cover subjects from zero waste swaps to ethical fashion and minimalism to climate change and plant based recipes. I believe in the importance of intersectionality and inclusivity, which is why my channel is meant for everyone, whoever you are. If my values align with yours, please subscribe to my channel and click the notification bell so we can build a community and spread the word together. New here? I'd recommend starting with my 100 SUSTAINABLE SERIES which can be found on my channel's homepage.
  • 271K subscribers,
  • 427 videos
Last Updated8일 전

Mikhail Vegan

Mikhail Vegan Приветствую вас на моём кулинарном канале! Это канал с веганскими рецептами на каждый день. Здесь вы найдете большой ассортимент вкусных и простых растительных блюд на любой вкус. Вкусная и иногда ПОЛЕЗНАЯ пища! Заходите, смотрите и подписывайтесь на канал! Я в интернете: ➧ Instagram ➧ Вконтакте ➧ Почта Мой канал:
  • 465K subscribers,
  • 643 videos
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Last Updated7일 전

Vegan Booty

¡Hola! Yo soy Paola, creadora de The Vegan Booty, aquí encontrarás recetas, tips de fitness y consejos relacionados con un estilo de vida saludable y vegano ♥
  • 293K subscribers,
  • 254 videos
Last Updated2달 전

Brian Turner

My name is Brian Turner and I'm an 9 year natural vegan bodybuilder who's here to relate, teach a bit and have fun with you guys through my videos! I live in San Diego, California and was born on September 23, 1992! I'm here to teach you from all that I've learned from being a bodybuilder and lifting (with leg day days) for over 9+ years, as well as being certified for 4+ years. No BS here just straight knowledge from myself to you, feel free to ask questions you'd like me to make videos to! For business inquires/booking e-mail Check me out on instagram @thicksolidtight
  • 382K subscribers,
  • 1.3K videos
Last Updated8일 전

Rainbow Plant Life

Hi, I’m Nisha! I’m excited to help you master vegan cooking at home. At Rainbow Plant Life, I share everything from fancy date-night meals to Indian dishes from my childhood to meal prep guides that will help you eat well all week long. My goal is for you to become the best plant-based home cook you can be. I'd love to hear from you - drop me a message in the comments or on Instagram! Happy cooking, Nisha ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEBSITE: MY COOKBOOK: INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST:
  • 842K subscribers,
  • 151 videos
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Last Updated19일 전

Sauce Stache

Let's try some new food! I love trying new foods and I will try pretty much anything. I've always been a do it yourself kind of guy and when I see something that I want to try, If I can't get to it I'm going to make it! So thats what we have here! On Sauce Stache we will try some new foods together, try weird food, and try to make some of the hardest, most impossible internet food trends. Sometimes I like to make something that I saw on a restaurant menu and sometimes Ill just make something I'm craving, but hopefully I'll entertain you all of the time! Thanks for watching!!! You are SAWESOME
  • 507K subscribers,
  • 536 videos
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ashley wicka

hi!! im ashley, a 19 year old living in Los Angeles sharing my life! here i make videos about healthy vegan food, sustainable fashion, cruelty free clean beauty, and 24 hour food challenges. feel free to press subscribe + join me:) contact:
  • 213K subscribers,
  • 305 videos
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Sophia Esperanza

a tiny spec who dreamt of a kinder world
  • 302K subscribers,
  • 53 videos
Last Updated7일 전


ORDER MY COOKBOOK "SWEET POTATO SOUL" Welcome to my channel! On Sweet Potato Soul I share unique and tasty vegan recipes, ethical fashion, natural beauty, and more to help inspire a compassionate lifestyle. All of the recipes on this channel can be found on my blog (along with yummy food photography): 🍠 I’m a professional vegan chef, blogger, and now YouTuber 🙊 My recipes and I have been featured on The Today Show, New York Times, Health mag, VegNews, InStyle, Refinery 29, Well + Good, Reader's Digest, and more 🍭 I post new videos every week. Subscribe, like, and share with your friends 👯 And please do say hello here on YouTube and Instagram 🙋🏾 @sweetpotatosoul Peace & Sweet Potatoes ✨
  • 697K subscribers,
  • 375 videos
Last Updated4일 전

Slightly Crazy Vegan

Veganism and Nudism is my passion and I love to combine the two. Support me on Patreon:
  • 227K subscribers,
  • 145 videos
Last Updated24일 전