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We're "Two Talking Corgis" just trying to live our best lives! 🐢 🐾 We always felt that our short legs shouldn’t require us to have a shortened vocabulary. "Woof" doesn't seem to cover it anymore! When our parents united us, the energy in our home was filled with so much more than just β€œsit”, β€œrollover” and β€œpaw”. The β€œgood boy” and β€œgood girl” compliments were becoming cliche. So, we decided to speak out! So, settle in, smash that "Subscribe" button, and join us on our adventures! For fan mail, product unboxing and more, please send to: Hammy & Olivia 7320 S. Rainbow Blvd. #102-247 Las Vegas, NV 89139Hammy and Olivia
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