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Hammy and Olivia

We're "Two Talking Corgis" just trying to live our best lives! 🐶 🐾 We always felt that our short legs shouldn’t require us to have a shortened vocabulary. "Woof" doesn't seem to cover it anymore! When our parents united us, the energy in our home was filled with so much more than just “sit”, “rollover” and “paw”. The “good boy” and “good girl” compliments were becoming cliche. So, we decided to speak out! So, settle in, smash that "Subscribe" button, and join us on our adventures! Email: hammyandolivia@gmail.com
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Meeka The Husky

Hi! I am a Talking Siberian Husky named Meeka Meeka loves to argue with her owners and be extra sassy! Meeka loves to go on tons of adventures with her family and make others smile! :) Instagram: @MeekaTheHuskyy Tik Tok: @MeekaTheHusky
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The Husky Moon

Moon is a talking funny husky from New Jersey! Moon makes the world laugh with his sassy personality but also sends so much love and happiness to people everywhere! Subscribe for laughs! Moon was born September 14, 2017 and came to us at 4 months old! He began howling with his dad around 6 months and really enjoyed mimicking our voices! Moon has a fun and energetic personality and loves being with his brothers, Breon (2016) & Mylo (2019), his Mom Britany & Dad Mark! CLICK HERE FOR MORE https://linktr.ee/Thehuskymoon New Videos every Monday & Thursday of Mooner! Shoot us a DM on Instagram: @thehuskymoon
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Zeusy The Talking Pitty

With this channel we would like to show how beautiful Pit bull and Bully breeds are when given love not hate! I've been working with these dogs for over 20 years and they are the most abused dog breed in the world! If you have ever been around these dogs when they are treated with love not hate then you understand how beautiful of souls and hearts they have!!
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Lady and the Blues

Lady is a four year old Golden Retriever living her best life in the sunny California! We are here to spread doggo love to the world one post at a time... As seen on Newsweek, Yahoo, CBS etc 🍉 Melon Pupper 😑 Grumpiest Golden Retriever 🐽 CEO of boops Instagram: 699K followers https://www.instagram.com/ladyandtheblues/ TikTok: 2.3M followers https://www.tiktok.com/@ladyandtheblues YouTube: 1M followers https://www.youtube.com/@ladyandtheblues Facebook: 184K followers https://www.facebook.com/ladyandtheblues.official DM us on Instagram! @ladyandtheblues
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Hello, my name is Sapphire AKA Sapphie the Pomsky. I’m 50% Husky and 50% Pomeranian. You may know me as the World’s Sassiest Talking Dog or the Queen of Zoomies, but I also work part time as a personal trainer, food critic, therapist, and motivational speaker. I always keep it 💯. I am currently in remission from a rare form of cancer, so I know that life can sometimes take a toll on one’s mental and physical well being. My main goal is to spread joy and happiness to all my beautiful hooman and furry friends. Your immense love and support has increased my resiliency, and I hope to do the same for others! You can follow me on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, or you can request a personal message from me on Cameo! Instagram: @sapphie_the_pomsky TikTok: @sapphie_the_pomsky
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DISCOVER THE TRUTH ABOUT HUSKIES Co staring Krypto ~Showing you Husky Behavior *VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED* ~Goal of this channel is to meet every Breed possible. ~ DOG BEHAVIOR ~Teaching My Husky to Mush ~DA RAT
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Maya Husky

Maya is a 4 year old husky from Canada! She sings, she talks and says fluff a lot. Maya has a harmless condition called partial heterochromia (in both eyes), she has brown and blue in each iris. On Maya’s channel you will see lots of sass, talking and adventures!
  • 496K subscribers,
  • 167 videos
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Skaya Siberian

Part-time Wolf 🐺 Full-time Snow Princess ❄👑 Skaya is a little bi-eyed Siberian Husky full of sass. She loves to talk (back), make people smile and have crazy zoomies! Here you'll find tons of fun video skits and vlogs of Skaya's daily life and adventures as she shows off her sassy personality. You'll also find quite a few of those videos feature her talking buttons! We also post some (dog-friendly) cooking videos, SKAYASMR, and a few dog training tip videos as well. Also: Skaya is a trained actress. ;) Our videos are all for fun. 🔴 Catch us LIVE every Saturday at 3PM (EST)! Live streams let you see the raw, BTS version of Skaya all while enjoying some fun hang out time and Q&A! ✉️ Want to send Skaya fan mail or a gift? Use this address: Skaya Siberian P.O. Box 204 Montreal SUCC.H Montreal, QC CANADA H3G 2K8 💌 To send virtual fan mail, you can use this email address: skaya.fanmail@gmail.com Oh, and P.S.: Skaya fluffin' loves you. 💕
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Jodie Boo

Hi I'm Jodie, I'm an artist that likes to make things and film funny videos with my side-kick and best friend; K'eyush the Stunt Dog! This channel is for our daily life, DIY and anything that doesn't fit on Key's channel. If you would like to send something to us, we have a P.O Box. Anything sent to our P.O box must be posted via your country's mail service so that it comes to the Royal Mail in the UK. Courier services won't work. Also if sending from outside the UK, when putting a value on your parcel please make sure it's under £15, or we will incur a customs fee: Boo and k’eyush P.O Box 118 Brixham TQ5 5BQ United Kingdom
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Talking Sasquach

It's THE Talking Sasquach and welcome to my YouTube Channel! I make cool stuff for my Flipper Zero! Make sure to Like, Comment and Subscribe so we can keep the channel growing!!
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Tonka the Malamute AKA WaterWolf

Tonka's Story - I saw a puppy I wanted really bad but he had already been sold so long story short a month later I saw a 3 1/2 month old puppy on Craigslist who was in Florida during the summer on a chain in someone's yard and full of worms I could also tell that his tail had been broken at some point :(! I had already placed a deposit on another puppy but I could not leave Tonka in that situation so I brought Tonka home with me! The breeder was Awesome and refunded my money! When I brought Tonka home I did some investigating and it turned out that TONKA was the very 1st puppy I wanted! My boy Legend sent Tonka to me! Legend was my first Alaskan Malamute that I lost after 12 and a half years. Tonka is what healed my heart after losing Legend! Email - adventurestonkamalamute@gmail.com Send Mail to Tonka the Malamute PO Box 350732 Grand Island, FL 32735 Business inquiries email adventurestonkamalamute@gmail.com
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Vella Butt Official

Welcome to Vella Butt Official! 🐾 Discover the cutest and funniest moments of cats, dogs, parrots, rabbits, ducks, and more. Join our animal-loving community and enjoy adorable videos that will brighten your day. Don't forget to subscribe for your daily dose of animal joy!" 🐶🐱🦜🐇🦆 Check out the cutest critters on the internet at Vella Butt Official! 🐶🐱🦜🐇🦆 Subscribe now for furry, feathery, and fuzzy fun
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K'eyush The Stunt Dog

K'eyush is a husky/malamute cross with a huge sense of humour! He rolls at speed, fails to catch balls, has opinions on television adverts that he MUST sing to and loves to entertain! So come join our channel for high speed somersaults, weird and funny songs, and general humorous behaviour from this hairy comedian! SUBSCRIBE and enjoy! For business enquiries, product reviews and video licensing please use the contact email below. If you would like to send something to us, we have a P.O Box. Anything sent to our P.O box must be posted via your country's mail service so that it comes to the Royal Mail in the UK. Courier services won't work. This also includes amazon orders sent to our P.O box as they are courier sent. Only amazon wishlist orders will get through to us. Also if sending from outside the UK, when putting a value on your parcel please make sure it's under £15, or we will incur a customs fee: Boo and k’eyush P.O Box 118 Brixham TQ5 5BQ United Kingdom
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Animals Club

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Funniest Animals Ever

Funniest Animals Ever brings our audience a wide selection of the web's cutest animal clips, weekly! 🐶If you have a cute animal you'd like to see featured in our compilations, please use the submission form below!
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Coral Kamstra-Brown

High! I'm Coral and I fell in love with cannabis near the end of high school and started making YouTube videos about it in 2010. I’m now married to my best friend from kindergarten, living back in my hometown with our 6 cats, 3 dogs and 2 lizards, and still love talking about my favorite plant! https://linktr.ee/coralreefer420
  • 114K subscribers,
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Upendragani shorts vlogs

HAI..🖐️ EVERYONE THIS IS UPENDRAGANI DO YOU WANT ULTIMATE DOG FUN AND RIDE VIDEOS WITH DOG SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS....THANK YOU SO MUCH 🙏 ఇది మన Family మన అందరి Family మీరు అందరూ HAPPY గా ఉండాలని కోరుకుంటున్నాను.... 🙏 For Business inquiries roomgani903@gmail.com Don't forget to hit the 🔔 select all..🙏
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Dogs Lаnd

Welcome to my channel highlighting my Newfoundland dogs. I hope you will enjoy my channel if you do please SUBSCRIBE and help me by sharing my videos. Thank you😊 Kategorija Augintiniai ir kiti gyvūnai
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