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Whiskey Vault

Whisk(e)y and Shenanigans… Not necessarily in that order. The Whiskey Vault houses hundreds of whiskeys from around the world. In each episode, we “review” at least 1 new whiskey from the vaults savory depths. If you love whiskey as much as we do, you should check out our Whisky Marketing School. Classes are every 6 months on the beautiful grounds of Wizard Academy - located 20 minutes south of Downtown Austin. You don’t need to be a marketer or even work in the whiskey industry to attend the school. The sommelier skills we teach are an invaluable asset to any professional interested in wow’ing colleagues and opening doors. Learn more at http://whiskymarketing.org
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Whiskey Tribe

The only show where the exquisite talent of a Whiskey Sommelier is hog-tied to the twisted genius of a Whiskey Mooch.
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Jeremy Siers

My name is Jeremy and I live in Florida. On this channel I do reviews, how to's, VLOGS......really anything that pops in my head! I have a lot of hobbies, interest, and I like to share them. Hope you enjoy! New Videos Every Week! If you'd like to send products / items to my channel for review please use the address below. SEND STUFF TO: Siers Studio Works 52 Tuscan Way, Ste. 202 #206 St. Augustine, FL, 32092
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★ O canal Whisky Brasil é um Amante de whisky passando as informações da forma mais Verdadeira e Direta possível sem ser influenciado por Loja alguma ou Empresa alguma, à quem se interessar. Totalmente em Português do Brasil. ➤Canal de Charutos: 👇 https://www.youtube.com/CharutoBR ➤ Website: https://www.WhiskyBrasil.com ➤ Grupo https://www.WhiskyBrasil.org ➤ Google + https://plus.google.com/+WhiskyBrasil ➤ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/WhiskyBrasil ➤ Twitter https://twitter.com/WhiskyBrasilcom ➤ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/WhiskyBrasilcom ★ Sites das Lojas para comprar Whisky online no Brasil https://whiskybrasil.com/lojas
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Common Man Cocktails

We are simplifying the art of the craft cocktail, making great tasting drinks without pretension and suits, common man style. Our goal isn't to teach you everything there is about cocktails, it's about sparking an interest in cocktails so you will be excited to further your own education and become a great cocktail creator for the next generation of drinkers. New episodes at least three times a week! Submit Recipes: recipe@everydaydrinkers.com (all recipes should be submitted here to be considered for the show) For product consideration, fan mail and anything you want to send us, you can send it to: Troll Spank Studios 142 Lowell Road, Unit 17 #167 Hudson, NH 03051 Target audience is the average consumer making cocktails at home. I am not a bartender nor claim to be a bartender. This is all about making cocktails for your own enjoyment. For business / sponsorship inquiries please contact us: http://commonmancocktails.com/contact-us/
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The Whiskey Dictionary

The Whiskey Scene is huge and with the rise of craft beers came the rise of craft whiskies and enthusiasts who are looking to learn more about aqua vitae (The water of life!) I'm Bill, and The Whiskey Dictionary is a channel of passion and education. I want to teach you about the wide world of whiskey, the history of brands, how to nose (smell), taste, and thoroughly enjoy Bourbon, Scotch, Rye, Irish Whiskey, Japanese Whiskey, Canadian whiskey and everything else those fine distillers can throw at us! Every whiskey review comes with my personal rating of "Stock it", "Buy It", "Taste It", or "Ignore it". I post a new video every week and sprinkle in the occasional live stream (Typically on Friday) Thanks for watching and if you learned something, remember to subscribe!
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MBs Mancave

India is the biggest alcohol consumer in the world. We buy and consume more whiskey in the world than anyone else. This channel helps giving information about your favorite drink. What goes into making that dram of whiskey, or that pint of beer. Subscribe to this channel for reviews of your favorite alcoholic beverage.
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Best Cigar Reviews

Best Cigar Review is about connecting guys and gals who are passionate about premium cigars. On the show, we review a cigar, talk about current issues and trends and generally have a great time doing it!
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Zeal Cigar Review

Zeal Cigars exists to close the distance between those curious about cigar smoking and cigar enthusiasts. If you are new or curious about cigars, we want to be your on ramp into this great culture. If you already smoke cigars, we'd like to open up your palate to new experiences and better values than you could ever dream of.
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Bourbon Junkies

Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch (Sometimes), and Nonsense (All the time)
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Degustando Whisky

Whisky reviews, informações técnicas, curiosidades e o mercado de whisky em geral! Canal oficial de Degustando Whisky no YouTube
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Scotch 4 Dummies

Welcome to Scotch4Dummies! We are a group of 4 guys that are exploring the world of Scotch whisky. This channel is devoted to providing information to scotch drinkers who have ever been standing in the scotch isle at any liquor store and thought “Do I want to spend $XXX to try a new bottle? If I could get some advice if this suits the style I am looking for, that would be great!” We have recorded our reviews of scotches that we have had the opportunity to sample. As we get more scotches, we will add more reviews. We all have different tastes, so we hope you align with one of our styles and use these videos to make the best choice of scotch when you are at the store. You must be of legal drinking age in your country to watch this channel. Do not share this content with minors- share it with your friends of age Please drink responsibly! Never drive under the influence of alcohol.
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The Mash and Drum

The Mash and Drum is my whiskey review channel with a focus on bourbon and the history behind it. I don't just explore the flavors of the whiskey but the incredible stories and people that create it. If you want to learn more about what's in your glass and hear honest reviews then you have found the right channel. My name is Jason C. and I am a drummer and whiskey enthusiast from my tasting room in Columbus, Ohio. Hope you enjoy the channel. LIVE Wednesday nights at 9 PM EDT!
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Fred Minnick

Do you like whiskey? Like to laugh? Want to learn more? Pull out your flask and join Fred Minnick, as we taste, explore life and occasionally get fill chiltered.
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We taste premium single malt whiskys and whiskeys from around the world.
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It's Bourbon Night

Everything you ever wanted to know about Bourbon, but were too drunk to ask. Chad and Sara take you through everything bourbon and rye whiskey related!
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I'm a Certified Specialist of Spirits that has also been certified by the Tequila Regulatory Council (Consejo Regulador Del Tequila) or CRT – Mexico’s governing body of the tequila industry. I've been actively collecting and reviewing all types of spirits for two decades. My collection is is now at over 2,500 bottles and started back in 1994 with a goal of having a small 10 bottle home bar. Well that "small home bar" started me on a path of collecting, tasting and educating myself on some of the world's rarest spirits. Here I'm able to share my knowledge and my opinions on them with you. If you enjoy my reviews but want more, join me at my LiquorHound Patreon channel (link in the barrel picture on my homepage or https://www.patreon.com/LiquorHound). There you'll get an additional 30-40 videos per year to go with the standard 10-12 that I've always released here. Either way I'm glad you found me! Thank you and cheers!
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DennisBunnik Travels

Instagram: dennisbunniktravels I fly a lot - mostly for work and often with a camera in hand. So here you'll find a range of flight reviews - mainly business class but also first class if I can manage a points upgrade or get a really good deal. To me a good airline - especially in business - should have: friendly engaging staff who understand the needs to business travelers, comfortable seats, lie flat beds, a good selection of meals and a nice single malt whiskey on the wine list. The seats, like hotel rooms, should be practical when it comes to controls, storage and work space. You'll also find a selection of other random travel experiences as I explore and experience this wonderful planet. I hope you enjoy it. Remember to subscribe to get notifications of any new videos. Happy travelling! Dennis
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Welcome to The Goat Mumbler channel. Here you might find video's, reviews and comments on guns, knives, RVing, kayaking, backpacking, old Honda motorcycles, cycling, dogs, chickens, fart jokes, goat wrangling or just about anything that might get past the filter between my brain and mouth. I am a Jack of few trades and master at damn near nothing. But don't let that scare you. I have a PhD in Piddling from the University of Life and a Masters degree in the science of Doing Things and whatnot. Don't try any of the stuff you see here without adult supervision, eye protection, body armor or at the minimum, good beer, wine or whiskey because I am a professional. Enjoy! For gear review inquiries, samples, etc you may contact me at: thegoatmanlives@gmail.com or P.O. Box 180926 Dallas, TX. 75218
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