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Lauren Allport

Welcome to my equestrian life! My name is Lauren Allport and I'm a rider, animal McTimoney chiropractor and equine sports therapist!
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  • 336 videos
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Hi I'm Georgia, and my channel is all about my 7 horses and other pets! Join me as I share everything equestrian from riding vlogs to horse care tutorials. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My links: Instagram- TikTok- Email- Facebook- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Horses: ~Caramel 11hh, Bay, Welsh Section A, 12 y/o ~Taffy 14hh, Liver Chestnut, Welsh Section C, 31 y/o ~Smokey 14hh, Grey, Connemara, 6 y/o ~Charlie 14.1hh, Tri-coloured, Traditional Cob, 11 y/o ~Lucy 16hh, Piebald, ISH, 13 y/o ~Danny 16.2hh, Bay, Dutch Warmblood, 22 y/o ~ Chilli 17hh, Grey, Holsteiner, 14 y/o For business enquiries and to find out more about advertising opportunities please email:
  • 110K subscribers,
  • 300 videos
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Holly Lenahan

I am an 21 year old show jumper living in Ireland. I compete regularly on my main horse Welbeck up to 1.35 show jumping. Showjumping is my main focus but this channel will have a mix of all sorts like trick training, barn and show vlogs, hauls etc. Camera - Nikon D3200 Editing programme - Final Cut Pro X
  • 78K subscribers,
  • 358 videos
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Sadie in France

A series of videos following my horses, my family, myself and our life here in France, which includes horse care, family antics, travel, cooking, and being creative.
  • 26K subscribers,
  • 50 videos
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Hi my name is Kate Lewis and it’s been way too long since I changed my YouTube bio….I’m not 19 anymore I am 22 and can I still call myself a showjumper even though I got decked at 90cm the other day?…probably not. I have 22 horses and the most social life I have is when I catch myself in the mirror for a second when I get in at 1am from the yard and I look so haggered I mistake myself for a different person. My horses are: Nero Evie Harriet Madge Ziggy Cassanova Bob Dreamer Timmy Tiffin Macey Roo Mist Tiny Diddy Dolly Dottie Bobby Blue Poppy Skippy Carly This Channel will allow me to embarrass myself on a global scale because just embarrassing myself infront of family and friends just isn’t good enough anymore. My videos will either make you laugh, cry, or print my face off and stick it to a dartboard but I hope I can occasionally entertain you guys when I occasionally actually post when I say I’m going to. For business inquiries please email me:
  • 50K subscribers,
  • 363 videos
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Paardrijden met plezier

Hoi ik ben Destiny! Ik ben een springruiter van 18 jaar. Paarden en paardrijden is mijn passie. Op dit kanaal vind je dus veel video's over paarden springen, ook wel showjumping genoemd. Ik sprong met mijn pony Mojito in het Z bij de ponies. Helaas is hij door een blessure niet meer in staat om nog te springen. Inmiddels heb ik ook een paard, Kruimel, waarmee ik straks ook ga springen. Dit kanaal is bedoeld voor jongens en meiden in de leeftijd van ongeveer 16-25 jaar. Op dit kanaal zal je dus veel video's over paardenspringen vinden en eigenlijk alles wat met paarden of paardrijden te maken heeft.. Verder vind ik het ook leuk om video's zoals grappige sketches, challenges, diy, video's over paardenevenementen te maken. Ook geef ik informatie over paarden. Belangrijke tags voor mijn kanaal zijn: #paard #paarden #horse #horses #showjumping #showjumper #dressuur #paardenspringen #paardensport #ruitersport Voor eventuele promotie kunt u direct contact opnemen met mij.
  • 39K subscribers,
  • 569 videos
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Therese Moser

"Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion." Welcome to my channel! My name is Therese, I'm a19 year old showjumper from Norway (Northern Europe). I own two horses, a 9 year old oldenburg gelding named La Santo K which I imported from Germany in 2015 and a 7yo Swedish warmblood mare named Carambole which I bought may 2016. I currently show at 1.25m internationally aiming to ride the bigger classes in the future. On my previous horses Conway D ("Conny"), Dooneens Azamour ("Molly") and Cebea I competed up to 1.10-1.20m. I sold them in July'13 & March'15 after a great time with them. You'll still see a lot of them in my old and new videos. Same for my ponies, Chubby and Silverlea Marktime ("Mac") both sold June'12 which were two of many project/problem ponies I re-trained and sold on. SPONSORED/SUPPORTED BY -GhoDho (code 'therese16' at checkout for $10 off) -Heelsdownhopesup -HanneW. Photography -BCP hoofoil
  • 54K subscribers,
  • 329 videos
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Hey, y’all. On this youtube channel I will share my journey with show jumping. My Instagram is photinia.anitei
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Erifili Kaltsidou Equestrian

•Greek Showjumper | 🇬🇷 • 📍IPPOS CLUB, SKG {IKEM}
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DliteJana’s Channel

Thai showjumper from BKK, Thailand , and currently based in France. Let explores together both the world of Showjumping and the normal lively world we lived in
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Edwina Tops-Alexander

Edwina Tops-Alexander born in Sydney, Australia she is Australia's leading showjumper and one of the highest-ranked female riders in the world with 25 Grand Prix wins at 5 star level and twice winner of the Lgct championship. Competed in 3 Olympics and 4 World Championships. Here you will get exclusive video-content every week. Please subscribe and put on post-notification, so you don't miss anything! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Visit my website: Follow me on Instagram: Follow me on Facebook:
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jkp. equestrian

| 21 | showjumper | south east | England 💚 Here you’ll find lots of different style videos - vlogs, SJ rounds, edits, dares and much more! Where else to find me ⬇️ Instagram: @jkp.equestrian & @jkp.equestrian.extras ⭐️ Tiktok: @jkp.equestrian ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Chanel dedicated to my old loan horse, my current horse and any film's I make at university (not to do with horses) :D
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Hetzel Horses GmbH Excellent show jumping horses, training, coaching, management. Turnier- und Ausbildungsstall Holger Hetzel, Germany Tel: +49-171-4808668 E-Mail:
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The Moskifarm Bachtekouter, 28 B-9800 Bachte Maria Leerne Belgium, Europe Tel.: +32 (0) 380 16 02 Mobile.: +32 (0) 477 48 27 48 Fax: +32 (0) 225 65 58 High School Dressage & Formation Center for SMART Showjumpers WITH HIGH BLOOD LEVELS. We accept Only sporthorses with XX= + 50% XX. TOP Smart Stallions for Covering: 1. DOREE van de Moskifarm 47%XX (2003) SYNDICATED 2. DANTEE v/d Moskifarm 60% XX ( 2009) 3. PATSHINKO v/d Moskifarm 60% XX (2015) 4. QUENTIN v/d Moskifarm 60% XX (2016) 3. DOOFICE v/d Moskifarm 76% XX (2009) 4. GUMMY v/d Moskifarm 76% XX (2012) 4. JOHAN QUATZ XX 100% XX
  • 1K subscribers,
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Tenerife Stables CZ

High quality sport horses for sale of all levels and disciplines! Czech republic. Hunters, jumpers, equitation horses, dressage, eventing! Since 2003!
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Brooke Holson

Hey guys, Just wanted to say thank you o all the support that everyone gives me. It means a lot. My two horses: Sylvester: 16.3 chestnut gelding Daz: 14.2, palomino, reining horse. Although I ride and showjump in general, I compete for pleasure and not for sport and career, even though I used to. I plan to enjoy my horses and continue riding throughout my life. Please Click on our businesses website:
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JCH Sport Horses

Love it. Live it. Breathe it. Do it. Prove it! Dedicated and hard working showjumper and producer of quality horses in the South of England. I have a couple of horses, but I'm grateful to have owners that trust and support me with their horses to produce further. Always welcome for any support, sponsorship and ideas to help me continue my career. Please visit my website on the link below. You will find many videos from past horse shows I have done, and also any progress videos throughout the year, just for entertainment. Thank you very much for viewing my page.
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Meagan DeLisle

Meagan DeLisle, Adult Amateur eventer and showjumper. Chasin Tail, AKA Bear. Appendix QH
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