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Weekly sports and comedy videos! *Booking & General Business Inquiries: *Digital + Social Media: *Film & Television Agent: For more info visit
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Young Scooter

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Scooter's official YouTube channel! Find music videos in best quality, preview mixes, backstage documentaries and many more... always up to date! Over The Top is one way to describe the SCOOTER charts history both at home and abroad. In their illustrious history, SCOOTER have spent more than 500 weeks in the singles charts and 300 weeks in the album charts, selling over 30 million units along the way. More than 100 gold and platinum records from all over the world. On top they scored more top ten hits in the charts than any other German band and can call on a catalogue of top ten tracks to rival those of the most successful artists of all time, names like Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rihanna or Depeche Mode - earning them the accolade of Germany's most successful chart act since records began. The 20th studio album GOD SAVE THE RAVE will further increase the impressive numbers board. A timely reminder, one beat at a time, that raving must not be forgotten.
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Hello! My name is Scooter, I’m a ROBLOX youtuber, In this channel you’ll find animations/content and others Birthday: October 17 -DO NOT REPOST MY VIDEOS WITHOUT CREDIT AND PERMISSION - Also i'm a BOY, not a girl. just because my avatar is a girl don't means i'm a girl, also i'm not trans. (Thanks for watching me!)
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The Vault Pro Scooters is leading and living the action sports lifestyle. The Vault is a leading specialty retailer of pro kick scooter parts and accessories. We are fully staffed and operate with our local riders and Pro Team whose passion for scooters and knowledgeable backgrounds provide excellent customer satisfaction. The Vault Pro Scooters is here to help grow and expand the already established world of scootering one customer at a time. DISCLAIMER: Under the Childrens Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) it is illegal for any site to collect data on children under the age of 13. YouTube and other social platforms collect data on site visitors and for this reason, we must notify you that this content is not intended for viewers under the age of 13. We do not tolerate hateful comments and we block accounts who leave them. Thank you.
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Scooter Brad

For all things Scootering, hit the subscribe button.
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Jon Reyes

SUBSCRIBE For Daily Videos!
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Skits, Reviews, Compilations, Video Parts, Nitro Circus, Tail Whips, Different Dimensions, you name it. We do it! Check us out, @Undialed @UndialedFB @UndialedFails @ClaytonLindley @WhiteTrashWilly Our Google Plus,
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Raymond Warner

My name is Raymond Warner. I am a professional scooter rider, entrepreneur & dog dad. I’m a believer and I’m here to make people smile and do my part to help people see the positive things in life and just how beautiful living can be. Welcome!
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Striker scooter parts

The official youtube page for Striker Scooter Parts. We specialize in pro stunt scooter parts and complete stunt scooters. Follow along for sick videos of our team riders and videos of all our different stunt scooter parts. Become the best with Striker.
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Capron Funk

Hi, I'm a youtuber on the Funk Bros, a father, scooter rider, gamer and husband to Rydel Funk. Looking to be a positive example to my children and my audience. Join the funk family if you're looking for a home!
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Josh Kreuger

the journey of a 19 year old chasing his dreams scooter kid all links: business:
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cody flom

I use this channel to share about my life as a professional scooter rider, and follower of Jesus. While some videos (vlogs) showcase the high points of my life, I also try and keep it real by showing the other not so pretty parts too! Know that I'm just a guy trying to love what is right but not always succeeding in that.
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Scoota Gang

The Future of Transportation will include Micro-Mobility on a Massive Scale! I believe in giving you the full, honest critique, that most other content creators won't. Every household should own an electric scooter, if not a few. The only question is, which scooters? Everything stated in my videos is my opinion, I don't allow ANY brands to send me scripts or tell me what to say. I run this channel because I'm passionate about riding, and I want you to ride a good scooter too! I'm more concerned with the ride quality and long term build quality, then the spec sheets, color schemes, and exact top speeds. I understand many of you are here for entertainment, but most of you are also here doing research on your next scooter, hopefully this helps: My favorite US retailers: 1. RevRides (Vsett 10+ and 11+) 2. WYRD ⚡️ RYDS (Mantis King GT) 3. KaaboUSA ( Wolf Warrior) My Favorite Entry-Level Brands: 1. Vsett (8 and 9) 2. Gotrax (G5) 3. NIU ( Max and Pro) 4. EverCross (H5 and EV 10k Pro)
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Mitch's Scooter Stuff

This channel is all about scooters! Tutorials, How to, DIY Maintenance, Mods, Repairs, Vlogs, Reviews, Just for Fun, and more! Looking to donate? Want more free Scooter Tip / Tutorial videos - Help support this channel! Paypal donation link: **Shop my favorite gear and tools I use for scooters here on my own Amazon shop: I'm 90% deaf and use sign language to communicate. That is why I cannot talk perfect english and why you may see subtitles on my videos.
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Lucky Scooters Official

Lucky Scooters is the premier brand of pro scooters and pro scooter parts. We pride ourselves on setting the industry stranded when it comes to product quality. Whether you're just getting into scooters or have already mastered the backflip, we have a scooter to accommodate your riding style! Smash that subscribe button and join the Lucky family!
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Roman Dellapena

My name is Roman Dellapena, Here I just send it on my scooter and keep you entertained every MON, WED & FRI at 3PM. Email for Business Collaborations:
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subscribe for more epic scooter trick montages
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Stephen Garlatta

My name is Stephen Garlatta i manage a scooter store called scooter zone and it has been my dream to make youtube video! subscribe if you want to laugh everyday and watch funny trendy video with scooter stuff Instagram StephenGarlatta Contact for business
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Soldier Knows Best

The latest news, reviews, and demos of the best tech hardware, software and everything else.
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