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NQT would like to sincerely thank all those who have always accompanied and loved our channel. Please contact us at: Thanks for all !!!
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Matthew Cremona

Hey everyone! My name is Matt and I love woodworking. I build fine furniture using my own blend of hand and power tools and I start with cutting down a tree. My designs have a clean straight line look but I also really enjoy building period pieces. My videos aim to motivate others to challenge themselves and try something new.
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Fall Line Ridge

Our adventures in sawmilling, beekeeping, homesteading, gardening, and simple living.
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Sawmill Day

On this channel I will show various woodworking processes. Join in, it will be interesting.
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Woodworking Craftsman

- Home improvement with Interior exterior wooden. - Woodworking - Furniture And Home Decor - DIY Woodworking for Beginner! Thanks for watching!!!
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Machinery Present

Machinery Presents is a channel that show all Machinery Works: - Climbing High The Top Down Cutting Down Giant Trees - Agriculture Equipment and Machines - Cutting Down Trees with Long Chainsaw, Sawmill - Excavators, Bulldozers, Backhoe Loaders, Skid-Steer Loaders, Motor Graders, Crawler Loaders, Trenchers, Scrapers, Common Dump All media is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license on condition that all copies, redistributions and transmissions attribute the source with the understanding that any of the above conditions may be waived. If OWNERS want to remove this video, please CONTACT US directly before doing anything. Gmail: We will respectfully remove it.
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Otiss Machines

OTISS channel is dedicated to show the most World Amazing Modern Agriculture Heavy Equipment, Mega Machines, Intelligent Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Construction, Smart Farming and many others. Tractor, harvester, ditcher, trencher, rammer, log splitter, truck, ATV, mower, reaper, automatic hay bales collector, loader, Sod Installer, excavator, device for collecting fruits, corn, rice, gathering leaves etc. Cow, pig, sheep, chicken, horse, goat feeding, milking etc. USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Danmark, France, UK, Russia, Ukraine, China, Korea, Japan, India, Bangladesh and other countries of Europe and Asia...........v.v..... Contact us via email: OTISS.NMH@GMAIL.COM
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Pure Living for Life

KERF is a community of builders that represent the spectrum of experience from trade masters to dedicated DIYers with time in the trenches. Visit the website exclusive entertainment, inspiration and education for your next project in the form of streams, articles, podcasts, webinars and building events:
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Iron & Oak Sawmill

We are a Husband and Wife team who took up milling our own lumber, and are having a great time. We mill mostly urban salvaged logs, storm damaged, and hazardous removals. We have since taken on off site milling work, and lumber sales. Join us as we create beautiful slabs and lumber, create custom pieces in our shop, and just have a great time running our mill. Mailing Address Iron & Oak Sawmill P.O. Box 100 Barto PA 19504
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Channel ini membahas seputar kerja yg berhubungan dengan proses produksi pengolahan kayu.penggergajian kayu jati,mahoni,akasia dan semua jenis kayu baik impor maupun kayu lokal dlm negri #woodworking #teakwood #sawmill_indonesia #loggingteakwood #bandsawmill #gergaji_serkel_piringan #teakwoodsawing #mahoganysawing
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Welcome to AZ-Tech-Discovery channel AZ-Tech-Discovery is a channel that show all WOOD Works: - Woodworking Factory - Huge Tree Felling, Chainsaw Machines - Building Wooden House - Climbing Skills to Fell Tall Trees - Amazing Wood Sawmill Machines - Automatic Firewood Spliter Processing Machine - Tree Felling with Crosscut Saw - Wood processor
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Triple L Rustic Designs

Triple L Rustic Designs was created by Larry and Trey Larson in Plant City, FL. Trey’s wife Zoe found an interest in woodworking and quickly joined in on the fun. It originally began as a hobby and a great way to make memories. It has rapidly grown into a successful business, providing unique lumber, furniture and entertainment to customers all over the world. Whether you're looking for hand built rustic furniture or lumber to create your own project, we look forward to serving you here at Triple L Rustic Designs!
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Out of the Woods

Sharing our toil through videos. Our content includes topics on how we harvesting timber, woodworking, sawmilling and other homesteading content.
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Southern Indiana Sawmill

Sawmill, woodworking, and life. We are all about strong faith, strong family, and hard work.
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Hey y’all, and thanks for stopping by our website. Our names are Doug and Stacy and we live the pioneer lifestyle in the 21st century in an 1800s style log home we built ourselves. We have been living off grid and homesteading with no public utilities for the past decade where we preserve the old ways and get closer to our food. Our passion is to blend “old ways” with a modern twist so people like you can be more self-reliant, live an intentional life, and be a healthier you. By joining our posse ya’ll get tips on: living off grid raising farm animals homesteading rainwater catchment raised bed gardening cooking from scratch on a wood cookstove herbal remedies DIY projects composting toilet foraging good old healthy living woodlot: firewood processing & sawmill We have lived this way for a decade and share it all for free on social media so use the links below and follow along SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! For instant updates, check out our social media links below!
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TAT Woodworking

Hello Friends, Welcome to TAT Woodworking TAT Woodworking shares the best videos of woodworking machinery, tools, techniques, tricks and artwork from wood that are very modern and innovative technology in the world nowadays. I hope TAT Woodworking channel will provide you more update information about the trending development of technique related to woodworking. Categories: - Wood Cutting Machine, Sawmill - Woodworking - Woodworking Tools - Woodworking machinery - Firewood Processor - Wood Chipper - Chainsaw - Tree Cutting - and more Please support me if you find my video interesting and useful by Like, Comment, Share and Subscribe the channel to update the latest videos
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Lumber Capital Log Yard

We are a small family owned & operated sawmill located in North Central PA. Our YouTube channel features educational content as well as the day in, day out workings of the timber industry. Mailing address: P.O.Box 91, Cogan Station, PA 17728
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Outdoors With The Morgans

This channel is all about the joys of rural living and all the work that goes along with it. Tractors, UTV's Hunting, Fishing, Firewood and projects around the property we have.
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Chris Garage78

Welcome to Chris’s Garage! Home of the Hacks, DYI, Home Improvement, Repair, Tool Reviews, Welding Make sure you hit the thumbs up, subscribe, and hit the bell notification for all future content. *I have had multiple request to do videos on basic tools for beginners. going forward I will start making this videos. If you have any requests feel free to let me know and I will include them. Thank you! Merch Amazon Store- As an associate I can make commissions from qualifying purchases Mercari- ChrisGarage78 Venmo- @ChrisGarage78 Follow me on TikTok Instagram Facebook Group Thanks for watching! * This is not a sponsored video, some links may be affiliate. Thank you!
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The Outsider

Welcome to The Outsider channel! Wilderness living is what I'm all about: log cabins, wild food foraging, tractor logging, portable sawmill, survival shelters, etc. I post videos every other week, so stay tuned!
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