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Reactions is a show that uncovers the hidden chemistry all around us. We answer life's burning questions that you’ve always wanted to ask, like: – How Do Pregnancy Tests Work? – What Exactly Happened at Chernobyl? – What Are Century Eggs? – How Can You See an Atom? We answer those questions and many, many more on our channel! Subscribe and turn on notifications so don't miss the newest reactions videos. Created by Adam Dylewski Reactions team: Hilary Hudson, Sam Jones, Elaine Seward, Andrew Sobey, Janali Thompson, Darren Weaver, George Zaidan. Produced by the American Chemical Society The fine print: The views expressed in these videos do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the American Chemical Society or its members.
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Dorito's Reaction

► Hey what's up! My name is Danny or Dorito's Reaction, and I'm 18 years old! I post a wide variety of videos such as CALLING VIDEOS, PRANKS, SKITS, REACTIONS and MUCH MUCH more! I make videos with tons of celebrities, so KEEP UP :) Skits | Comedy | Pranks | Challenges ► Thanks for the support guys! Love you all! ツ *This channel is made for meant for ALL audiences, and the videos are solely made for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. They also have no swearing and are PG clean* *Any companies or brands, feel free to pitch me your offer by shooting me an email. I take brand deals very seriously and do my best to drive results.*
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Reacting to the Beast Experiments and Life Hacks on Youtube! On ReactionHacks you will find Reactions, Life hacks, TikTok Hacks, Satisfying Videos, ASMR Challenges and more!
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Reaction Lab

Hey everyone, welcome to my YouTube channel! I'm Davis and I react to trending videos on Reaction Lab to put a smile on peoples faces :)
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Reaction Vlogger

Hello Everyone! I'm Zafar Ali, & currently living in Pakistan and react to Indian videos. Currently, release Two video every single day! Consider subscribing if you enjoy My reaction videos. For any Business Enquiries or If you have any copyright problem, please contact at my mail ID, i will solve in 24 hrs zafarrdp2016@gmail.com Follow me on : Instagram | CallmeZafarAli SnapChat | ZafarVlogs
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Reaction Matters

Here at Reaction Matters we react and provide transformative commentary over all of the clips used. Clips are carefully collected and reacted to in an effort to maximize viewer satisfaction. We absolutely DO NOT re-upload or reuse content without any sort of transformative nature. See a clip that you'd want us to react to and feature? Submit clips here: https://form.jotform.com/201397025480149 *IMPORTANT*: Any YouTube partnership inquiries sent to the business email associated with this channel will be ignored, please STOP!
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Bowzer’s reaction Pit

Welcome to bowzers reaction pit where we do reactions to all kinds of music! Thank you to everyone that has subscribed!!!! We made it past 200k💪 Bowzer’s brutally honest music reactions.. We love metal music, and also have a taste for hip hop, and other genres of music. We will try and post new content everyday. Hit me up with songs you want me us react to. Because without you We can’t grow! 🤘🔥 lets get to 300,000 subscribers and beyond 🔥👊 if you love this channel please subscribe and share everywhere.
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Rob Squad Reactions

Welcome to Rob Squad Reactions This is a music reaction channel. My passion is being a content creator, and providing my audience with unique, funny, and never before seen reaction videos. I have come to grow a love for all types of music from my beloved rap to heavy metal and I want to share that love with all of you. Being a content creator is my passion and it brings me so much joy and being able to share my passion and joy with all of you and grow as a community is an amazing feeling. In addition to reacting to all different types of music, I am also a a husband to my amazing wife Amber and a dad to 3 amazing kids Bria, Kiya and Luca.I am here to try and make a change in this world starting with something that brings us all together MUSIC!! You are LOVED, you are APPRECIATED, you are BLESSED!!! Love Jay and the Rob Squad If you would like to send us anything P.O Box 6501 Moore, Ok 73153 robsquadreactions@gmail.com
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Korbin Miles & Rick Segall are the Creators of OUR STUPID REACTIONS! We offer our stupid and not asked for opinions with a dash of humor Trailer Reactions TV Reviews Film Reviews Movie Talk (News, Spoiler Reviews, Film Rumors) Sketches ENJOY THE SHOW! FOR BUSINESS - OstupidP@gmail.com Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Korbin: Twitter-@kor5bin Instagram- @Korbinmiles Rick: Twitter- @rickSegall Instagram- Ricksegall Based Out of LA
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Code Name: Reaction

Ever wanted to see a couple of metal heads react to both classic and new hip hop tracks as well as review the hottest bands and tracks in metal? Well now is your chance! Watch as Code Name: Reaction's GXAT and $kylar give their first time reactions and honest reviews as they tackle their world of metal while also stepping into the realm of hip hop and rap. Watch now to see what makes it on to their playlist and what makes it to the chopping block.
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Top Reaction TV

Welcom To My Channel Reaction Short videos, I do not own any of the clips. Just uploading for your entertainment! ☞ Don’t forget to like,comment and subscribe! Because your support is my spirit to make more videos ✩ Click here to subscribe: https://bit.ly/2Z3JhPS 🔔 IMPORTANT : If you have any issue with the content used in my channel or you find something that belongs to you, before you claim it to youtube, please SEND ME A MESSAGE and i will DELETE it right away. Thanks for understanding. ☞ Please contact us ✉: meomeorian@gmail.com
  • 521K subscribers,
  • 616 videos
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SIMJI Shorts

I make anything into a rug :) My Links: linktr.ee/Simji Approved by: FaZe Rug Dream Angry Reactions Celinaspookyboo Chipotle Taco Bell Starbucks Benny the Bull Kallmekris Detroit Lions Pittsburgh Steelers
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jaby koay

Trailer reaction-discussions, movie reaction-discussions, movie reviews, live streams and vlogs. Please email our brand manager Neha for any inquiries regarding brand deals and collaborations!
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Audience Reactions

Send me Your Reactions at mcureactions2019@gmail.com As I went from AMCMovieQuest to BostonMovieQuest to ReactionMovieQuest...I give you a brand new channel with something new I am only gonna be doing for this channel. I give you my new channel AudienceReactions!!! So for those who watched my videos before I am going to re-post those again but i have to edit them first. I do this as a hobby. Its fun hearing how people react to films they we all enjoy. I wish i could catch them all but its not that easy. Thank you guys for subscribing and watching them. :)
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RealTalkTv Reactions

Changing the world one reaction at a time.
  • 123K subscribers,
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Dad's Den

Hosted by Ken Lee. I love doing reviews and reacting to movies, music, food, tech and more. My goal of this channel is to make you smile for a few brief minutes of your day. I want to show the world that a nice guy can actually succeed on YouTube and in the social media world. This world has too much negativity in it, so let's make something positive here together. This channel is yours as much as it is mine. I react to your suggestions and then we discuss it. So if you like the idea of guiding where this channel will go, please subscribe. Also, I'm a proud father of two special needs boys, Jonah and Connor who have their own channel - JCTV Our Family Adventure. Please support them!!! Join me on Social Media for more tips, tech talks Twitter/Instagram - @therealdadsden __________________________________ Digital Partner - Divo Divo is one of the leading digital media companies in South India working with brands and content creators across genres. For queries, mail to info@divo.in
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Khaby Short

Subscribe to Khaby Short Reaction YouTube Channel ✌️
  • 369 videos
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YOUR FAVORITE REACTION CHANNEL! King Blitz is YouTube Reactor that reacts to a diverse range of music. This channel's reaction videos range from Hip-Hop reactions, all the way to Kpop reactions. Not to mention that this channel covers your favorite Independent YouTube Artists! Indian rap reactions, Metal reactions, Classic Rock Reactions, Country Reactions are all included here! EMINEM REACTIONS EMIWAY REACTIONS DIMASH REACTIONS BTS REACTIONS MIYAGI REACTIONS JOHNNY CASH REACTIONS QUEEN REACTIONS UK RAP REACTIONS YOUTUBE REACTIONS
  • 238K subscribers,
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Identical Reactions

We are Identical Twins. 1 minute apart. Ex womb-mates. GD VBZ = Good Vibes Appreciate you stopping by our reaction channel! We are all about Good Vibes and Positivity. If you enjoyed a video, got a laugh, or just feel bad for us and want to support 2 goofy red-headed Twins who are new to YouTube, HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE and LIKE BUTTON! Means more than you know! New Video Dropping Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday! RUN BTS, BTS BON VOYAGE, KDRAMA Reactions and EXCLUSIVE Content Dropping Every week on Patreon! Support Michelle and Ron, and see more of what the twins are like here: https://www.youtube.com/riceginger Check Us out on The Gram: https://www.instagram.com/identicalreactions/ Tweet with us: https://twitter.com/gvgtwins Join our GVG Discord here! : https://discord.gg/wSjBTUqt GD VBZ Merch Store: https://teespring.com/stores/gd-vbz Support Us Through Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/identicalreactions
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