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Reactions is a show that uncovers the hidden chemistry all around us. We answer life's burning questions that you’ve always wanted to ask, like: – How Do Pregnancy Tests Work? – What Exactly Happened at Chernobyl? – What Are Century Eggs? – How Can You See an Atom? We answer those questions and many, many more on our channel! Subscribe and turn on notifications so don't miss the newest reactions videos. Reactions team: Matthew Radcliff, Elaine Seward, Andrew Sobey, Janali Thompson, Darren Weaver, Kerri Jansen, Alex Dainis, George Zaidan. Created by Adam Dylewski way back in 2014. Produced by the American Chemical Society The fine print: The views expressed in these videos do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the American Chemical Society or its members.
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Rob Squad Reactions

Welcome to Rob Squad Reactions This is a music reaction channel. My passion is being a content creator, and providing my audience with unique, funny, and never before seen reaction videos. I have come to grow a love for all types of music from my beloved rap to heavy metal and I want to share that love with all of you. Being a content creator is my passion and it brings me so much joy and being able to share my passion and joy with all of you and grow as a community is an amazing feeling. In addition to reacting to all different types of music, I am also a a husband to my amazing wife Amber and a dad to 3 amazing kids Bria, Kiya and Luca.I am here to try and make a change in this world starting with something that brings us all together MUSIC!! You are LOVED, you are APPRECIATED, you are BLESSED!!! Love Jay and the Rob Squad If you would like to send us anything P.O Box 6501 Moore, Ok 73153 robsquadreactions@gmail.com
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Korbin Miles & Rick Segall are the Creators of OUR STUPID REACTIONS! We offer our stupid and not asked for opinions with a dash of humor Trailer Reactions TV Reviews Film Reviews Movie Talk (News, Spoiler Reviews, Film Rumors) Sketches ENJOY THE SHOW! FOR BUSINESS - OstupidP@gmail.com Follow us on Twitter and Instagram Korbin: Twitter-@kor5bin Instagram- @Korbinmiles Rick: Twitter- @rickSegall Instagram- Ricksegall Based Out of LA
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Identical Reactions

// J O I N   O U R   P A T R E O N If you want to watch Exclusive Content join our Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/identicalreactions Ewin-Racing Chair: https://bit.ly/3CeQmm4 Save 20% Off using Code: IDR // C O N T A C T   U S Email us at: identicalreactions@gmail.com // O U R   P O   B O X   A D D R E S S ​Ron Jackson ​1801 E 51st, Bldg C Ste 365 #242 Austin, TX 78723 // F O L L O W   U S   O N   I N S T A G R A M Ron: https://www.instagram.com/ronjaxn Brandon: https://www.instagram.com/justbjacks Michelle: https://www.instagram.com/michellejlam // F O L L O W   O U R   O T H E R   Y O U T U B E   C H A N N E L S Want Anime Reactions? Check out Ron and Michelle's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/riceginger Want even more Anime?! Check out Brandon's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/bjacksreacts GD VBZ = Good Vibes - GVG = GD VBZ GANG
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RINGOTV Reactions

Welcome to @RINGOTVReactions. I'm a Content Creator/Music and Video Producer, editor and teacher of truth. Here we provide you the best content on YouTube providing detailed commentary & criticism about many subjects and topics offering solutions and advice. We focus on sharing our thoughts by reviewing video clips, news stories and more to educate our community. We specialize on doing video analysis by breaking down the words of others for deep conversations to find the truth. We focus on dating, marriage, advice, news reporting, crime stories, comedy, music production, entertainment news, music videos and much more. This is your One Stop Shop for the Most detailed commentary and criticism on YouTube. All content on this platform is transformative in nature and protected under Fair Use. I do voice-over commentary and on camera content with my voice in all videos. As a music producer from time to time my own music will be in my videos as part of the experience. Subscribe today.
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RealTalkTv Reactions

Changing the world one reaction at a time.
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TRC Reactions

The Report Card Reactions features Dame Diddy, Ambitious Ace, and Bang Bang Boomerang! Together we create videos that include a variety of K-pop related content through reaction videos, listening parties, vlogs and reviews! Check back daily for new videos from us! #trcreactions #kpop Like us on Facebook The Report Card Reactions. Follow us on Instagram @TRCReactions Follow us on Twitter @TRCReactions To to get in contact with us email us at trc@thereportcardlive.com or hit us up on social media.
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Audience Reactions

Send me Your Reactions at mcureactions2019@gmail.com Watch Full Reactions Movies: https://www.tokyvideo.com/user/naniaguillon837/videos As I went from AMCMovieQuest to BostonMovieQuest to ReactionMovieQuest...I give you a brand new channel with something new I am only gonna be doing for this channel. I give you my new channel AudienceReactions!!! So for those who watched my videos before I am going to re-post those again but i have to edit them first. I do this as a hobby. Its fun hearing how people react to films they we all enjoy. I wish i could catch them all but its not that easy. Thank you guys for subscribing and watching them. :)
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Welcome to my channel. My name is Kwebbelkop or Jordi. I'm an English speaking YouTuber! I like making videos and I love to do silly stuff. I love playing games with my friends and interacting with my KOPS! My content is made for people my age. All videos are owned and powered by KOP Worldwide B.V. This channel is supervised by the Dutch Media Authority. Some of the video's on this channel are made with AI.
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Welcome, I'm Casanova! Daily Reactions To Things That Happen Around the World. Join #TeamCasanova Today!
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What's going on everybody and welcome to Anything4Reactions! On this channel I love to make the highest quality reaction videos possible and also movie reviews that are edited by me to brighten up your day. A lot of heavy effects and editing goes into my videos to make them the best that they can be. We are talking about effects such as zoom, pan, and fade effects that be seen in my videos. My reactions take a lot of time and effort to put together and can range from a few hours to a few days to complete. I edit all my videos with Sony Vegas as well as editing software that can be found in the description of my videos. I also love to make my content unique by one of a kind editing, entertaining commentary, and my personality which transforms the content I am reacting to. I hope you can join me by clicking that subscribe button. And get ready for some entertaining, funny, engaging, and most importantly overall fun content as well.
  • 106K subscribers,
  • 1.1K videos
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Russell Family Reactions

Welcome to our family reaction channel. We will dive into several genres of music and give you our true and genuine reaction. We will also be introducing our teenage children some of the music we listened to when we were their age and check out some of the modern music they listen to. If there is some music you would like for us to check out please feel free to drop us a suggestion in the comment section. Now let’s roll that reaction. Merch coming soon 🔥 If y’all would like to send us anything send it to the address below. 647 Wears Valley Rd. Pigeon Forge, TN 37863
  • 107K subscribers,
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After Work Reactions

Welcome to After Work Reactions here you will find funny reactions to comedy, movies, tv shows, and more. Thanks for joining me on my journey to 100,000 subscribers. Please leave comments and suggestions for what you would like me to react to. Also, check me out on 😎Patreon😎 for full reactions and commentary. Right now we are reacting to Shows daily Thanks Enjoy! Patreon-https://www.patreon.com/AfterWorkReactions Monday-Porridge📺 Tuesday-The Vicar of Dibley📺 Wednesday-TaskMaster📺 Thursday-Black Books📺 Friday-One Foot In the Grave📺 Saturday- Inside No.9📺 Sunday-Movies 📺
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Pakistani Family Reactions

LIKE,SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE, we are here to entertain you
  • 381K subscribers,
  • 6.6K videos
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VB Fun Reactions

Just for fun.
  • 300K subscribers,
  • 47 videos
Last Updated12 days ago

Reactions by D

Reactions to everything and anything! Lets visit the World!
  • 200K subscribers,
  • 2.4K videos
Last Updated5 months ago

The Prince Family

THE PRINCE FAMILY featuring BIANNCA, DAMIEN, NOVA, DJ, KYRIE, AYLA!! On this channel you'll find a variety of content, vlogs, pranks, challenges, reactions, food, games and much more!
  • 11.4M subscribers,
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Mixed Reactions

Welcome to my channel! Just a guy who enjoys making dope and entertaining reaction videos. Here on my channel I have a long running series titled Reactors/Gamers Reactions, where I create reaction videos with my own commentary, to the most epic moments and scenes in gaming, trailers, TV and much more. The focus of my channel highlights the diverse/mixed reactions of various different Youtube creators to the most epic and amazing moments in movie trailers and games. Subscribe now to never miss a video and I promise you won't regret it!
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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!
  • 6.4M subscribers,
  • 2K videos
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Hi, I'm Zach. This is my YouTube channel that I started back in college. Over the years I've been on a journey to become the best video creator possible. Right now we're making one high quality movie every single Thursday at 3:00PM EST. My promise to you is that every video I make will be significantly better than the one before it. I hope you come back and enjoy each week! Let's get 10 million subs.
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