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Natural Gym Workout

This channel is focused on providing science-backed training and nutritional videos in order to help you become the best version of yourself. I'm Prabhat a certified by NASM and FMS (functional movement screening), and a Kinesiology graduate based in Delhi, India. I focus on providing unbiased information to help you optimize your training and nutrition. (This channel was previously called Natural Gym Motivation, but changed to Natural Gym Workout to reflect the higher quality production style and Focus on Workout that this channel has transitioned to).
  • 209K subscribers,
  • 77 videos
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Colin Weng

Strong Asian Guy and Lifetime Natural Bodybuilder Gymshark | Use code 'STRONG' for extra 10% off
  • 879K subscribers,
  • 124 videos
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Founder of Natty or Not Business Inquires - kennycboulet@gmail.com
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  • 994 videos
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Alex Eubank

Hey! My name is Alex Eubank and I am a natural lifter who creates fitness & lifestyle content focused around building my best natural physique. I love incorporating my faith into my content and I try my best to interact with you guys!! I hope you enjoy my vlogs, workouts, and Omegle videos! https://linktr.ee/alexeubank Follow The Insta @alex_eubank15 https://www.instagram.com/alex_eubank15 Snapchat: @alex_eubank
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  • 984 videos
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Mike O'Hearn

Like the bodybuilding greats before him, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno, Mike holds 4 Mr. Universe titles and was voted one of the 12 greatest physiques of all time by the fitness industry. Mike has been Team Captain for Bodybuilding.com, and has just been signed to be the Team Captain of MAGNUM Nutraceuticals. Background in natural bodybuilding, strongman, power lifting, and mixed martial arts. 4 Mr. (Natural) Universe, Mr. California, Mr. USA, Mr. American and Mr. International. He is also a 4-time Power Lifting Champion, and 2-time Iron Warrior: Decathlon of Strength Strongman Champion, 2 Time California Judo Champion. He is also the creator of -Power-Bodybuilding- a style of training and the principles he uses to achieve the longevity and success in his physique, and in the health and fitness industry.
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Davis Diley

I’m here to give all of my best info I’ve gained over 16 years of training & coaching. I’m a retired ASC Professional Heavyweight Strongman and a Natural Athlete I make Science-Based Bodybuilding information as simple and entertaining as I can . It helps the information stick and become memorable To be in this position is a dream come true. I hope my content helps you on your journey For Muscle Building Programs Get my app 📲 Free 7-Days
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life of a natty bodybuilder
  • 460K subscribers,
  • 152 videos
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VAHVA Fitness

BECOME LIMITLESS. Training that is optimized for health, posture and universal performance. Develop strength and athletic ability that has the best crossover to daily activities, martial arts, dance and sports. OUR STORY AND BACKGROUND: https://www.vahvafitness.com/story You can help the channel by liking, sharing and subscribing. Some links to products may contain affiliate links. NOTICE As with all exercise, get your doctor’s approval before beginning. All forms of exercise and exercise programs pose some inherent risks and you should understand that all exercises inherit some risks of physical injury. By participating in exercises, you agree to do so at your own risk and assume all risk of injury to yourself, and discharge Vahva Fitness and its authors from all claims and causes of action. Be sure that your equipment is working properly, and do not take risks beyond your level of experience, aptitude, training, and fitness.
  • 531K subscribers,
  • 819 videos
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Natural Hypertrophy

This is a channel dedicated to natural bodybuilding. I will be documenting my journey and be as transparent as possible. I will share my body measurements and film / explain my methods. On this channel, expect to see lifting vlogs, informative videos, as well as rants about manga and lifting. Thanks for being here and enjoy.
  • 113K subscribers,
  • 324 videos
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Mario Rios

My name is Mario (CPT, BSES) I am qualified to teach you how to build the most attractive life possible through fitness. I am one of the few actually natural channels on YouTube. Nobody is born with their dream physique. Everyone starts somewhere. Here I make the journey to your best body faster and easier. This channel is built to teach you how to make weight lifting, fitness, and exercise improve the physical, social, and mental parts of your life. I started off as skinny, awkward, insecure kid. It took a belief in lifting weights and hard work to build a life I was proud of. On this channel, the goal is to use each video to make your life better. My Athletic Bodybuilding Skool: https://athletic-bodybuilding-school.mailchimpsites.com Links that support me: https://linktr.ee/CoachMarioRios My Current Workouts: https://www.patreon.com/user/posts?u=84662107 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/coachmariorios/
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  • 643 videos
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Casey Kelly

Hey! I'm just a guy who loves lifting and creating content. Consider Subscribing if you'd like! Sponsors: Ryse Supplements: code CASEY for 15% off (rysesupps.com) YoungLA: code CASEY for 15% off (YoungLA.com) Helimix: code CASEY for 20% off (helimix.com)
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We provide videos on all phases of natural bodybuilding, powerlifting, weight lifting science, training, nutrition and strategies for competition. Team 3DMJ also provides coaching and consulting to natural bodybuilders, powerlifters and serious weight lifters of all types.
  • 100K subscribers,
  • 1.4K videos
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Rich Piana

Rich Piana and 5% Nutrition, two names which have become synonymous in the sports nutrition world for hardcore performance. In the words of Rich, the "5% represents those of us [who] are willing to give whatever it takes to reach their goals." Rich has been an inspiration to untold millions throughout his career both as a bodybuilder and later as a motivational figure. The allure of his message simple yet powerful: he was going to give anything and everything he had to reach his goals. Along the way, he was going to give adoring fans a front-row seat to the main event, his daily life, and in the process, amassed a huge YouTube and Instagram following. Followers of Rich soon became accustomed to frequent motivational messages, mantras, workout techniques, nutrition and meal preparation, plus a bevvy of social commentary. The most recognizable aspect of his lifestyle, living the "5%'ER mentality" became the foundation of this company, 5% Nutrition.
  • 1.3M subscribers,
  • 586 videos
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Jesse James West

Stay Relentless and Subscribe❤️ Training programs :) https://www.jessejameswest.com/shop Merch :) https://www.jessejameswest.com/merch Sponsors :) Young LA Clothing: http://www.youngla.com (code JESSE for 15% off!!) Gorilla Mind Supplements! Code Jesse for 10% off https://www.gorillamind.com
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  • 586 videos
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Strength Side

Movement as a catalyst for physical and mental transformation. Movement leads to living an intentional and purpose driven life. Movement leads to a creative lifestyle. This is my journey in fitness. This is my journey in life. Strength Side.
  • 1.4M subscribers,
  • 631 videos
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panghal fitness

Namaste,Salam,Sasriyakal,Hello Dosto... This is Amit Panghal, Welcomes you To My Channel Panghal Fitness. I am a fitness enthusiast from India. On this channel, you can expect quick healthy recipes, workout tips, general health tips, motivational videos, workout videos, and more! If You Want to get fit, but don't know where to start? Panghal Fitness has chosen the best fitness Videos to empower you and help to get you started on your Fitness journey to Good physical fitness. Ask us anything related to diet, Workout, supplementation, and training and we will be happy to help You. SUBSCRIBE and press the bell icon to get notified when I upload a new video. Thank you for your support:- Panghal Fitness (Amit Singh Panghal) For Collaborations :- amitpanghal0405@gmail.com
  • 2.1M subscribers,
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Badri Fitness

hey guys, this side badri narang and am certified trainer..as u know that this is my natural physique. so, i want to change people in natural ways from my training experience and my motivation video. so guys let's connect with me and i'm damn sure that my videos will be helpfull for you. all videos specially for beginners and skinny guys.. don't wish for it.. work for it.. For collabration :- Badrifitnessbusiness@gmail.com #gymworkout #gym #fitnessvideo #fitnessyoutuber #gymmotivation #workoutvideos #motivation #fitnesschannel #badrifitness
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Farqad Al-Jubouri

This is the official Youtube Channel of Farqad Al-Jubouri Farqad is a natural bodybuilder\ trainer who is on a quest to help those who are into the fitness industry to better understand their bodies, become better and to prove that you can achieve aesthetics without the use of drugs. Join the quest now!
  • 438K subscribers,
  • 420 videos
Last Updated6 days ago

Muscle Monster

MuscleMonster Is Your Daily Injection For News, Athlete Spotlight, Olympia Showdowns & Everything Else Related To Fitness And Bodybuilding Follow Muscle Monster: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Muscle-Monster-856976977761656 Twitter : https://twitter.com/MuscleM0NSTER Instagram: instagram.com/OfficialMuscleMonster
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