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michael jamison

I am Michael Jamison, I have more or less 50 animals about 16 dogs lots of cats and 2 tigers and a monkey daycare !My channel show how it is possible for humans to coexist with more than the usual amount of pets ,I hope that people can be inspired from it ,in order to guide what is possible in the field of saving animals and giving them permanent homes all over the world , most of the channel is about Enzo the tiger who is 8 years old ,Diego is his friend and is 4 years old , I do not promote breeding of big cats , and keep them because they need to be somewhere and I have grown very fond of them and they of me , there is no wild in South Africa for tigers . Subscribe: http://full.sc/1ronxI3 Watch Ozzy and Enzo: http://full.sc/1n7ecoJ For licensing and/or business-inquiries please contact: https://fullscreen.wufoo.com/forms/business-inquiry/
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Jamison Michael

Hey Jamison here. Welcome to my channel! Are you gonna Subscribe or nah?
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Jackie Smit

Monkeys monkeys and more monkeys: rehomes and rescue monkeys cats and dogs and any animal that needs a home and love. O and our crazy life's...... so welcome
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