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FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES ONLY: holly@hollyannaeree.com _________________________ Mailing Info: Please email for mailing address. THANK YOU so much to all my loyal, TRUE subscribers : ) I really do appreciate all of you. General Rule of thumb for my Channel: CHECK THE INFO BOX - pretty much anything you would need to know is usually listed there. : ) BE RESPECTFUL - It's honestly not too much to ask. Treat others as you would like to be treated and you will have a happier and more blessed life.
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The General

My name is Jason or General. Welcome to the channel :) Follow me on Twitter: @General Follow me on Instagram: @General
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Always Antonette

Hi Friends! Welcome or welcome back to my channel. My name is Antonette. I love creating videos anything and everything about luxury 👜👠 ( reviews, unboxing and sharing my simple knowledge about designer items),lifestyle, beauty, fashion, travel and some food vlogs or life in general. Thank you for stopping by and if you love my content please consider subscribing so you wont miss any new uploads. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @AlwaysAntonette. 💖Always Antonette 💖
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Emmanuel - Em 沈毅 Stralka

Business Management - Digital Marketing - Branding - Career After 4-years in China and with over 17 years of digital marketing experience - My Channel aims at providing actionable insights and guidance on business, marketing, communications & career management. Whether you are a seasoned business operator or a newly graduate I will share real-life case studies and examples of what works and doesn’t work in a business environment to help you get ahead. Previously Head of Strategy, General Manager and Managing director of one of the world’s biggest Marketing services company (WPP) agency in the biggest and most competitive markets - I have delivered strategies, campaigns and led teams across the world servicing some of the world’s biggest brands: from Nestlé, Nescafé, NVidia, Amex, Dior, Caterpillar, Clarins, Gucci, Swarovski, Bell, Hennessy to JingDong, Yili or IBM. I am now Chief Marketing officer of an A.I. Tech Start up based in London called EVA.ai - welcome to Em[Insights]!
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Welcome To 5ACTS, We are a platform that focus on releasing animated videos with general content about facts and riddles. Follow Us On Our Social Media Channels: Instagram: 5ACTS
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