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First Things First

Nick Wright, Brandon Marshall, Kevin Wildes, and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1. Watch "First Things First" Monday-Friday at 6:30 AM ET on FS1
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First Toons

Cartoons for babies and toddlers. Educational cartoons about Leo the truck, Clever cars, Helper cars, Car school, Doctor McWheelie and Smarta. Watch animation for kids and car cartoons on FirstToons channel! Build cars and trucks with Leo the truck, repair cars with doctor McWheelie, learn all about cars with helper cars, study with clever cars and discover new things with Smarta! Follow us on FB https://www.facebook.com/KidsFirstTV and VK https://vk.com/kidsfirsttv
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But First, Coffee

My name is Kallie Branciforte and I'm the creator behind But First, Coffee. I share content designed to help save you time and money. You'll find things like life hacks, motherhood, simple DIYs, frugal shopping, and home organization. Grab a cup of coffee and join me! Want some more? Try my blog - butfirstcoffeeblog.com Better yet, let's be instagram friends: @kallie_branciforte
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Tech Rules

Learn about the inner workings of things you never really cared about in the first place!
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Brooklyn and Bailey

We are Brooklyn & Bailey, identical twin daughters of Mindy from CuteGirlsHairstyles! We are currently Senior’s in college at Baylor University! Our channel is devoted to all things fun... including college life, vlogs, DIY, fashion and beauty. A new video will be posted every Wednesday afternoon (4pm CST), so please feel free to "SUBSCRIBE" and hit that notification "🔔" so you can be THE FIRST to view them! Fan Mail: Brooklyn & Bailey P.O. Box 1335 Allen, TX 75013
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Whats up Zachlings! You found my secret second channel bio, congrats. First things first, this channel is in a race with the main channel for 10,000,000 subs. If you found this - you're a part of the LoverReacts team. Help spread the word to get more people here, but make sure it stays quiet. Subscribe!! New Videos every M/W/F/S at 12:00PM EST :)
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Undisputed Today

Undisputed: Skip and Shannon
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Kelly Strack

Hey it's Kelly Strack and I have a passion for all things beauty & fashion. I do makeup tutorials, get ready with me videos, full face first impressions videos, high end and drugstore makeup dupe videos, hair tutorials, fitness routines, what I eat in a day videos, and so much more! I'm New York City based. Hope to see you around my channel :) Send all business inquiries to: mak3upbarbie@gmail.com
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Neptune is an up-and-coming artist carving his own path and doing things his way. Growing up in L.A., Neptune aka Dylan got his start singing when he was just eight and his first project, Dynamite Dylan was formed. Dylan quickly made a name for himself releasing a handful of tracks including “YOU (ft Post Malone).” The song spent an impressive eight weeks on the Billboard “Pop Digital Song Sales” Chart, peaking at #14, and seven weeks on the “Digital Song Sales” Chart, peaking at #30. Now 15 and having parted ways with YouTube squad Team10, Dylan began crafting his music around his first love; the solar system and Neptune was born. The debut project from Neptune will feature 14 songs for the planet’s 14 moons, including first single “Outcast,” which mentor Post Malone quipped as “hard”. The first single, written about Pluto, is out now!
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Hey! I'm Kathleen. An oddball Aquarius with a love for all things beauty! I keep it simple on this channel with reviews and tutorials and sometimes I do fun challenges, but for the most part, I stay pretty old school. I upload on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays unless otherwise noted (usually on Twitter so be sure to follow me there). If I am doing a sponsored video, it will be on one of my off days so you get bonus content :) I absolutely love getting ideas from you guys so please always tell me what kind of videos you want to see in the comments and don't forget to subscribe and click the notification bell to stay up to date with my content.
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🌟Please subscribe to be first to see the newest episodes!! 🌟 Theekholms channel is hosted by a mermaid, animal, adventure, storytelling creating family. Together they share the many wonders of nature, creativity and having fun. Join us in our adventures and other things we stumble into!! https://eric2127.wixsite.com/mysite Remember, after you click onto our page, scroll down to the CONTACT box to reach us. Always remember "Life is amazing and so are you!" 🌈 Schedule: Saturday : 🐬 Mermaid Secrets of the Deep NEW episodes COMING SOON - READING WITH RADIA - A MERMAID PRINCESS .......... and bonus episodes pop up other days...subscribe to be first to see!!!! Want more Ekholms? Visit Theekholms Store
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Tribal People Try

Tribal People Try is tribal people new home on YouTube. They react to weird things and food on the Internet. If you'd like to send us stuff to Try kindly contact us on the given email. You can also send an email for any queries. akramakbar2003@gmail.com Support us on Patreon patreon.com/tribalpeopletry
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Scru Face Jean

Welcome to the official Scru Face Jean Youtube PAGE! FIRST OFF I'm a Rapper and Hip hop is my LIFE, I also do reactions to Music, Anime, and all things the SFJnation deems worthy. I ain't these other channels, we keep is a 100 at all times so leave your feels at the door. New Videos EVERYDAY and new music ALL THE TIME.
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The Deal Guy

If you love Deals, Insider Store Secrets and Saving Money then you're going to love my channel. Hi, I'm Matt Granite! You may recognize me from Morning TV, but most know me as YouTube's first ever 24/7 deal finder! Through joining my channel you will be the first to know the best tech deals, secret sale days and consumer tips and tricks that will save you tons money. I like to say subscribing to my channel is one of the best deals you'll ever find as I'm bound to save you some cash + it's completely free to click that red button and join this awesome community! Finally, if you love Black Friday and Prime Day, then I promise you're going to love my channel! - Matt Granite AKA The Deal Guy® For business inquiries, email: business@thedealguy.com
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Anne of All Trades

Whether you've got the knowledge, tools, time or space to do the things you've always wanted to do, everything is "figureoutable." I became "Anne of All Trades" out of necessity. With no background in farming or making things, I wanted to learn to raise my own food, fix things when they break, and build the things I need. 8 years ago I got my first pet, planted my first seed and picked up my first tool. Get a better roadmap of how to grow deep roots and live the life you want subscribing to this channel and look for NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEEK!
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Sinix Design

Hello everyone! This is my art channel which I started back in 2006. The first videos were rocky, but I strive to continually improve the content and quality of my videos. Aside from the normal tutorials and speedpaintings, I'm hoping to provide different unique videos that offer people other ways to indulge in their love for art and all things creative. Let's all improve together!
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Family Fun Pack

Hi guys, I'm Kristine, and I invite you to follow my journey as a mom. I have been documenting my life as a mother since 2011 here on YouTube. I have 6 beautiful children, including identical twins, and a wonderful husband. We love to travel and spend as much time together as we can. We usually travel about half the year. We love to be creative! Our motto is "fun with the family, every day", so if someone's having fun, it's our family! Thanks for visiting our channel. Please subscribe so you can come along on our adventures! Want to send fan mail? For companies wanting to send samples, please email first. Address: 1968 S. Coast Hwy #2655, Laguna Beach CA 92651 You can find our merch at https://www.flashfomo.com/collections/family-fun-pack People have been asking the kids sizes. Bigger is better if you're concerned. Here are some guidelines: Alyssa and David (adult medium), twins 12, Michael 8, Owen, 5. #familyfunpack
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Anh Đen Gaming

First Take: Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • 1.3K videos
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(( my channel is not for kids, most of my vids are 13+(teen rating) but some are 17+(mature rating). )) https://kittydog.carrd.co - my socials / info about me :3 things you're allowed do with my content (PLS Credit me) but u dont have to ask me first - making fanart / fan animations / edits :) - edit/animate with my original music - make characters of my hybrid (kittydog ocs) or any of my other species - make animations based on mine
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Hello everyone, welcome to my channel. It's your girl Summerella. There are great things in store for all my #RellaGang family for 2015. Be on the lookout for my debut Single - 11 Something currently out on iTunes and Amazon. I have tons of new content coming from all the success YOU all have blessed me with. So stay tuned and if your just now joining the #RellaGang family, WELCOME! Subscribe and journey with me into the future. Whatever you do, DON'T BLINK!
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