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Hey, My Name is Shub. I Play Games........a lot actually. I almost upload daily so I got tons of videos for you. I upload different kind of content, Horror, Comedy, Motivational, Reaction, Reviews and what not. There is definitely something in my playlist that you will like so its totally worth to check it out. I have some funny/horror montages on my channel as well so you can watch it to get a feel of what my channel is about. There are a lot of screams and Rage moments so keep your volume bar down a little. Join and Enjoy the most Insane gaming journey with me. "Subscribe" right now to not miss anything I upload.
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Yo, I am a 25 year old Danish/Korean idiot guy who makes videos on anything he wants. Merch: http://mythymoo.store/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/MythyMoo 2nd channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXIGEFgolvMx4Z5_CCcKFzw Banner by: @satomifuun Profile picture by: @Overlord_JC Business email: theofficialmyth@hotmail.com
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Welcome to the MavAttack Channel! Prepare for C H A O S...
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This is a hardcore gaming channel, I like to play all games. Spread the word and share my channel with your friends, I don't care about my views, I only care about helping people, I started youtube to help people get better at gaming. I am by no means the best at any game but if I can help you, it makes me feel good and that is the only thing that matters to me. Please subscribe to my channel. My PSN is Jumpinproduction For business inquiries: jumpinhere88@outlook.com If you want to make a donation to help me, here is a link to my paypal: http://tinyurl.com/mjvdsxh Support my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/jumpinproductions My channel art was made by my friend Doodlebud he is really good! His email is doodlebuddy13@gmail.com it case you may want to contact him.
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My channel began with For Honor, still one of my favorite games to date. I’m moving into more of a souls direction, with DS3 content coming, and Elden Ring too soon after it releases. Subscribe for fun build videos and fast paced gameplay!
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Gamers Best Plays

Welcome to Gamers Best Plays. We focus on bringing you high-quality and well-edited gaming highlights & funny moments. While we mainly focus on highlights, our videos also provide you with the latest gaming news including game updates, patches and showing off new content. When it comes to our videos, we like to do things differently compared to other highlight channels. First off, our hosts commentate over the clips in every video. Commentary allows us to add value by making observations or giving pointers that will help YOU improve your gameplay or gives you a better understanding of what’s going on in each clip.
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Elden Ring Daily Plays

About Elden Ring WTF Plays: high-quality and well-edited Elden Ring highlights & funny moments, best of, best moments, wtf moments, top plays, elden ring gameplay, tips, guide, epic gameplay highlights, rage, best rages, top, funny moments, funny highlights, twitch montage, elden ring twitch highlights, epic, fails, 2022, elden ring, elden ring classes, elden ring pvp, elden ring bosses, elden ring weapons, elden ring spells, elden ring rage moments, elden ring funny moments, elden ring rage montage, elden ring fails, elden ring compilation ,elden ring coop, elden ring pvp highlights, elden ring ps5, dark souls, elden ring top moments, elden ring hard moments, elden ring ost, elden ring scary You can send your moments or Business Inquiries here: joao77carvalho@gmail.com
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