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What's up everybody, Bluddshed here! This is the Official Youtube channel of @Bluddshed on Twitch! I'm currently making tons of Let's Plays from ARPG's, MMO's or anything that seems fun!
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*+:。 Welcome to My Channel 。:+* "インターネット戦士"タイプや"ニコニコ動画感覚"でコメントを書き込むような 人は固くお断り(年齢問わず) ※My channel does not receive any advertising income. ※私のチャンネルは広告収入は一切受けておりません I'm a Japanese / Happily Married Women, I love Video Games. This is the XBOX / Xbox360 / Xbox One Play Gaming Videos. But, I Really DO NOT CARE about what kind of your Hard. and, I Really DO NOT CARE about Sex or Age or Where are You Come from Any Nations. I'm very welcome If you have fun playing game ♡ Sometimes I uploading Walk-through. That is Just Playing. Nothing Big Deal and Nothing some Surprise Because I'm not Pro. So, Please be Understanding. The reason I uploading video games for "Game album / Memories / Share" Not for wanna be a Famous. -x- C A U T I O N -x- I no need "Keyboard Warrior" type's comments. and my channel is not dating web site. I do not Reply if you send me a messages. Thank you for your Understanding.
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