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COMING SOON! The JayShockblast Thor the Boxer PLUSHIE! Sign up here for updates when it is available: Welcome to the JayShockblast Channel. I cover all sorts of content that makes me happy and excited, focusing on LEGO Gaming, FPS, RPG's and content from franchises like Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Star Wars, Transformers, Borderlands, Battlefield and many, many more. I love showing people how to find things and Let's Play Walkthroughs. I also like to do unboxing videos for collectibles from Funko, Hot Toys, Hasbro and more as well as electronic devices and gaming peripherals. My content is meant for adults. If you are under the age of 18, please make sure you have your parents permission to continue watching. I make videos on Xbox Series X, PS 5, Nintendo Switch and PC though my preference is Xbox. Make sure to join my Discord server! All of my Social Media Links can be found here:
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Emergency Awesome

All the best Game Of Thrones, Star Wars The Mandalorian, The Batman Movie, Avengers Endgame and Marvel Movies, The Boys, The Flash, Trailer, Promo, Easter Eggs, and Comics, Sci Fi and Fantasy Stuff with me, Emergency Awesome Charlie Schneider including: Game of Thrones Prequel House of The Dragon, Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 3, Wandavision, Loki, Avengers Endgame and Future Marvel Movies and Marvel Disney Plus Series, Rick and Morty Season 5, Spider-Man No Way Home, Venom 2, The Batman, Justice League Snyder Cut, The Flash Season 7, Deadpool 3, Young Justice Season 4, Marvel and DC Movies / TV Shows / Comic Books Working on a Video Schedule List of Weekly Videos for this page, updating soon! Let me know if there's something else you want to talk about and I'll try to do a video! Business Contact Info on Youtube Desktop Site version of this page and my Emergency Awesome Website
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D Piddy

Cosplay guy. Anime, comic book & video game aficionado. I travel the world and I shoot random videos of people in costumes. D-Piddy PO Box 412472 Los Angeles, CA, 90041 United States BUSINESS INQUIRIES: Convention/event appearances: Advertisement/promotional opportunities:
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Ei Nerd

O Ei Nerd é o maior Canal de Cultura Pop do Brasil e está no ar desde 2013. Peter Jordan, criador e apresentador do Canal traz, diariamente, conteúdos informativos e de qualidade sobre tudo que esta relacionado ao mundo Nerd: animes, quadrinhos, filmes, series, games e mangás. Desde 2018, o Ei Nerd é eleito pelo YouTube como um dos 50 canais mais influentes do Brasil. Desde esse mesmo ano, é ganhador do prêmio Influenciadores Digitais na categoria Cultura e Entretenimento há 3 anos seguidos. Além do canal, o Ei Nerd também possui um portal de notícias de cinema, games, anime e tudo sobre esse universo. Acesse: Anuncie: Atendimento a imprensa: O canal é propriedade da Petaxxon Informática LTDA - ME - Todos os direitos reservados.
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The Cosmic Wonder

Covering everything relating to Marvel and the Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, Avengers 4, Avengers Infinity War, Avengers Endgame, Phase 4, Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Spider-Man Far From Home, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, War Machine, Ant Man, The Wasp, The Winter Solider, Nova, Namor, Adam Warlock, Galactus, Cosmic Entities, the New Avengers, the Eternals, Shang Chi and Disney plus shows. Loki series, Wanda Vision series and the Falcon and Winter Soldier series. Also, check out my Star Wars, DC, Star Trek, Pokemon Detective Pikachu, and other content channel: Join my discord and talk Marvel and pop culture!
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Maximilian Dood

The biggest fighting game channel on Youtube, created and produced by Maximilian. Commentaries, reviews, short films and multiple fighting game coverage. Also videos for several other games including news updates for titles I'm generally excited for. ULTIMATE GOAL- Makes fighting games fun and understandable for everyone. Thanks for stopping by! For business inquiries or channel relations, contact me on Twitter(I check this more than my email)
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Luan Palomera

Yo solo te quiero entretener y tal vez... enseñar algo nuevo y sacar una sonrisa :D ¡Los amo Chicuelos! *Contacto:
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  • 799 videos
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Miguel Lokia

Vamos conversar sobre Super-heróis, quadrinhos, cinema e tudo nessas histórias que a gente adora! Alguns temas já abordados aqui são: WandaVision, Homem-Aranha 3, Aranhaverso, Doutor Estranho 2 no Multiverso da Loucura, Vingadores 4, Guerra Infinita, Deadpool 2, Venom, Homem-Aranha, Guardiões da Galáxia, X-Men, Filmes da DC como Mulher Maravilha, Liga da Justiça Snyder Cut..
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Repaid Tiger

I upload Fortnite videos about Fortnite memes and Defaults! I am currently uploading videos about Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. I upload around once per week or whenever I can! :) -Creator Code- repaid
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Luke Sherran

Hi! My name is Luke, and I like making videos about health, fitness, training and nutrition! I aim to make content that is entertaining, but also educational. I'm fascinated by how people prepare for professional sports, or to look a certain way for a movie role.
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Welcome To TrailerSpot.
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This channel is created to remove the hungriness of your inner Nerd. In this channel i make video of everything a nerd can relate to. This for every desi person who is a nerd. Be Desi Be Nerd
  • 1.3M subscribers,
  • 743 videos
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Mokka Commentry

Mokka Commentry : Marvel | DC | Comics | Movie Easter Eggs | Gaming | Tech | Quality Updates | Sponsers Contact - VARTA 🤙 p.s - I am BATMAN 🦇
  • 745K subscribers,
  • 2.8K videos
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Добро пожаловать на канал ХАСЕЛЬХОФ/ HASSELHOFF Гик тематика, кинокомиксы и кинофантастика - это то, что я люблю) Кинотеории на еще не заезженные темы и занятные интересности, скрытые под толщей первичного замысла! Страница на Бусти: Канал на ЯндексДзен: Канал на Рутуб: Канал в Телеграм: По вопросам сотрудничества: On cooperation issues:
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Legado Super

A arte do cinema e dos heróis
  • 115K subscribers,
  • 185 videos
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I like to make videos on the Witcher, but occasionally I'll do some Star wars, game of thrones and lord of the rings. Be sure to subscribe for your Fantasy Fix, I love talking to you guys so be sure to comment on every new video and I'll reply as soon as I can (because I actually enjoy talking to you guys). All the best Game Of Thrones, The Witcher, Avengers Infinity War Marvel Movies, Trailer, Promo, Easter Eggs, and Comic Book Stuff with me, Witcher George including: Game of Thrones Season 7, The Witcher, Spider Man Homecoming, Avengers Infinity War, Deadpool 2, Justice League, Vikings Season 7, Star Wars The Last Jedi, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Halo, Marvel and DC Movies / TV Shows / Comic Books
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Marvel Universe

Just a kid with big dreams🫶🏻 I AM VENGEANCE 〴⋋_⋌ 〵❤️‍🔥 Please subscribe❤️ my channel for amazing videos related to Marvel’s and DC 🔥
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Yo la chouca familly, Bienvenue sur ma chaîne ici vous retrouverez essentiellement des lives ou vidéo sur fortnite, ( et de temps en temps sur d'autre jeux à votre demande). Si vous aussi vous voulez vous amusez avec moi et ma Chouca Team , n'hésite pas à t'abonné et à activé la petite cloche 😁😁😁 Oubliez pas le code créateur : jochouca Merci BEAUCOUP à tous ceux qui le mettrons 😊😊 Soutien moi en regardant une pub et fait moi gagner 5 centimes en cliquant sur le lien : Utip : Deviens menbre chouca: 😎 Réseaux sociaux 😎 Instagram: Twitter : Snap : jochoucaoff Tiktok : 😎 Discord😎 Mon discord : #tendance #partieperso
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I been playing games for most of my life and decided to start this channel to share my future experience. I also watch an unhealthy amount of anime 😂 Creator code: Curlynaps_
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Hey! I really love TikTok, and what about you? I spent tons of time watching the most creative and astonishing TikTok videos... Time to share with has come! I choose top TikTokers and make best compilations in YT! Follow me / comment and please put a like =) Thx
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