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Wil Fresco

Variety streamer, Vet, Dadalorian and lover of pineapple pizza. Thanks for checking out my channel! Live Streams | Gameplay | Reviews | Tips and Tricks | And More
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Welcome to the SpartanGameZone, hope you stick around.
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Hey guys! Im Nootmad and i play borderlands! I really enjoy theorycrafting and my goal for this channel is to make some really useful guides and builds tailored towards the playable character Moze in Borderlands 3! (and more games to follow :D) https://www.twitch.tv/n00tmad https://twitter.com/nootmad
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Welcome to the Overclocked HQ Assassins! SiegeOC here! Your Borderlands & DEADROP Legendary Assassin leader! On this channel you'll find Weapon Guides, Character Builds, Tips & Tricks & MORE. You can expect a new videos weekly here on the channel! - If You Love EVERYTHING Borderlands & DEADROP then Would You Kindly Subscribe To stay up to date with All Content On The Channel! Business Inquiries! ► SiegeOC@gmail.com Keep Up With SiegeOC & the Assassins Below! ► Follow Me On Twitter - https://twitter.com/SiegeOC ► Follow Me On TikTok - https://www.tiktok.com/@siege_oc
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Scare Soldier

This is my channel for xXScareSoldierxX gaming where i will be bringing you Call of duty and Borderlands gameplays, tips, tricks and much more such as live commentary, information about the game and it's new releases will follow the channel as the main content and entertainment. Join my discord https://discord.gg/Wxme6j Follow me on twitch @Scare Soldier
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Chillfeed Gaming

Is anyone ever reading these? If you should: What is up fellow GAMER?! my dream is to reach 1 MILLION subs, will you help me with my dream? If you help me, I will help you with your favorite games and provide honest and quality content in return, or at least I will always try my best to give you the best quality and informative videos you can get. I will try to be as transparent as I can with you guys and will interact with you as much as I can on Twitter or in the comment section on YouTube. For that, make sure to follow me on *Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChillFeedGaming* to get a more inside look on what's happening on this channel and who I am. I will cover Gaming News, Gameplays and always honest opinions on the latest games releasing.
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