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mister custodian

Great DC! Great Marvel! Superheroes, anti-heroes and others characters. Thanks for watching. Subscribe to mister custodian!
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Last Updated2 days ago

Hero Mania

OLÁ HERO MANIACOS!! Aqui no canal hero mania você vai encontrar videos sobre super-heróis, séries como the flash, arrow, supergirl, legends of tomorrow e batwoman, DC liga da justiça snyder cut, batman, superman, mulher maravilha, quadrinhos, marvel fase 4, séries, filmes, os crossovers dessas series como o elseworlds e o crise nas infinitas terras e tudo mais que existe nesse universo nerd, noticias, histórias, teorias sempre de forma leve e divertida!
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  • 722 videos
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Last Updated15 hours ago

Thorias Unlimited

Welcome to the youtube channel of Thorias. Me. I'm a critic of TV, movies, trailers, comic books and entertainment news. I do several different types of videos including long-form episodic reviews in which I analyze and roast television episodes angry review-style, as well as more traditional movie reviews, trailer reactions, rant videos and more. I'm a tough but fair critic... I only hate things that deserve it. Be Unlimited. Subscribe today. Also, like, share and subscribe... that stuff is important too.
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  • 234 videos
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WARNING: Channel contains Opinions ;) I give the Good the Bad and the Ugly of pop culture/gaming. I fight for the little guy because we all deserve what we pay a lot of money for. All media or voice-over enquiries please email:
  • 267K subscribers,
  • 2.5K videos
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"It's a F**KHOUSE" -- David Caruso, Jade (1995)
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  • 436 videos
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Last Updated19 hours ago

John Talks

John Talks . Election 2020 . Current Events . Star Wars . Marvel . MCU . DC . DCEU . Movies . MORE .
  • 111K subscribers,
  • 1.1K videos
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Last Updated15 hours ago


Hey guys, What's up its me Pagey! Welcome to my channel where I cover anything that's comic book show or movie related. I also review shows that interest me and that I wish to share my views and opinions on. Current Video Schedule Includes: The Flash Season 7 Reviews and Breakdowns Stargirl Season 2 Reviews and Breakdowns Superman & Lois Reviews and Breakdowns Batwoman Season 2 Reviews and Breakdowns Legends of Tomorrow Season 6 Review and Breakdowns Supergirl Season 6 Review and Breakdowns DC Movie News Trailer Breakdowns Easter Eggs as well as General Theory videos Make sure to follow me on twitter @Pagmyst for up to date details on future videos.
  • 306K subscribers,
  • 1.9K videos
Super Chat$2,944
Last Updated2 days ago


Former Comics Pro. Covering the good, the bad, and the ugly from the current state of Pop Culture with an affinity for genre TV like Lord of the Rings on Amazon, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, The Orville, The Expanse, Westworld, The Witcher, Umbrella Academy, and The Venture Bros. Co-host of The Inquisition, Friday Night Tights, and The ExoZone. Gary Buechler Host & Founder at Nerdrotic 2014-Present / Founder The Comic Outpost 2003-2013 pronouns (Who?/What?/Me?) #RIPDoctorWho e-mail► Mail► Nerdrotic c/o Gary Buechler 16769 Bernardo Center Drive Ste. K1 - 844 San Diego, Ca. 92128
  • 334K subscribers,
  • 1K videos
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A new chapter is here everyone. Basically, I am excited to watch and react to amazing shows, create exciting videos, collaborate with other reactors, and so much more! I have a lot planned and cannot wait to share my adventures and shenanigans with you all! Much love! -Brittany
  • 36K subscribers,
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Last Updated14 days ago

The CW Network

Welcome to The CW Channel! Watch previews, interviews, and behind the scenes clips from your favorite CW shows. Watch FREE full episodes on The CW App: ALL AMERICAN – Stream new episodes Tuesdays BLACK LIGHTNING – Stream new episodes Tuesdays DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW – Premieres Sunday, May 2 SUPERMAN & LOIS – Returns May 18 DYNASTY – Premieres Friday, May 7 BATWOMAN – Stream new episodes Mondays CHARMED – Stream new episodes Mondays THE FLASH – Stream new episodes Wednesdays SUPERGIRL – Stream new episodes Wednesdays RIVERDALE – Stream free only on The CW KUNG FU – Stream new episodes Thursdays NANCY DREW – Stream new episodes Thursdays WALKER – Stream new episodes Fridays LEGACIES – Stream new episodes Fridays WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY? – Stream new episodes Saturdays PENN & TELLER: FOOL US – Stream new episodes Saturdays
  • 1.3M subscribers,
  • 1K videos
Last Updated15 hours ago

Princess Sarcasm

Just a bunch of my OTP's on one channel. Enjoy!!
  • 36K subscribers,
  • 298 videos
Last Updated2 days ago

Alvaro Luthor

Seriéfilo empedernido y amante de los superhéroes. Reseñas, teorías, debates... ¡Bienvenidos a el canal de Álvaro Luthor!
  • 126K subscribers,
  • 718 videos
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Last Updated8 days ago


The essence of being human is that one does not seek perfection. - George Orwell Marvelous, absolutely spiffing! - George Weasley May the forces of evil become confused on the way to your house. - George Carlin. There are a lot of cool Georges. Shame most of my favourite ones are dead. Luckily Bob Ross is superior to all of them.
  • 58K subscribers,
  • 100 videos
Last Updated8 days ago


My name is Ben Rolph, welcome to my channel! On my channel, I cover The Flash, Supergirl and the DCTV shows! Subscribe and turn on notifications to not miss any videos! Video uploads and schedule: The Flash Season 7 Reviews, Theories and Breakdowns Supergirl Season 6 Reviews, Theories and Breakdowns Superman and Lois Season 1 Batwoman Season 2 Stargirl Season 2 The Batman 2022 News Any other DC/DCTV news ----------------------------------------------------------- For business inquiries please contact me via email - For sponsorships - For Press ▼ Contact ▼ Twitter: @thedctvshow Instagram: @thedctvshow Email: or ----------------------------------------------------------- ▼ Targets ▼ ►1,000 Subs - ✔ ►5,000 Subs - ✔ ►10,000 Subs - ✔ (March 2017) ►20,000 Subs - ✔ (May 2017) ►50,000 Subs - ✔ (Jan 2018) ►60,000 Subs - ✔ ►70,000 Subs - ✔ ►80,000 Subs - ✔ (July 2018) ►90,000 Subs - ✔ ►100,000 Subs - ✔ ►110,000 Subs - ✘ ►120,000 Subs - ✘
  • 107K subscribers,
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Last Updated5 hours ago

HBO Polska

HBO GO to usługa oparta na streamingu dostępna bezpośrednio oraz u wybranych operatorów, która daje nieograniczony dostęp do najlepszych produkcji.
  • 120K subscribers,
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Last Updated14 days ago

Joris El

Ma chaîne est sur les séries Arrowverse : Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow et Batwoman.
  • 29K subscribers,
  • 776 videos
Last Updateda month ago

Yellow Flash

Check out my Patreon!
  • 35K subscribers,
  • 317 videos
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Last Updated3 days ago


Descubre lo mejor del cine, la música y la farándula desde un punto de vista fresco y divertido
  • 16K subscribers,
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Last Updated15 hours ago


This channel that I have made: HyperTribute EU is intended for tributes (music videos) of TV Shows, Movies and Video Games. Music is an important part of making tributes, most of the time is it Rock music and sometimes I used epic music for my videos. I want to spend more time in making awesome music videos, I try to upload every week one or two tributes. The shows that I liked are alot: - The Flash - Arrow - 13 Reasons Why - Stranger Things - Criminal Minds - Lost - DareDevil - Prison Break - Travelers - Under The Dome - SuperGirl - Ghost Whisperer And Many More :) If you love my channel, please subscribe^^
  • 90K subscribers,
  • 486 videos
Last Updated4 days ago


I nitpick the content I love the most! Weekly videos & team member EXCLUSIVE content! Weekly livestreams! Weds 6pm EST - The Afterparty (A deep dive into DCTV) Suns 5pm EST - The Weekly Geekly Roundup Podcast (Marvel content & more) Follow me on social media @djairrick at almost all places! email below for any business inquiries!
  • 21K subscribers,
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Super Chat$9,539
Last Updateda day ago