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HUM Dramas

Hum Network is the synonym with the Quality Entertainment for the entire family. Hum Drama shall be showcasing the Best of the Best Dramas from Hum Network Catalog for the drama fans around the globe. We encourage you to subscribe to this channel in order to stay tuned with the recent uploads of your favorite dramas. Click to subscribe: https://goo.gl/LvAbA4
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Dramas Central

Dramas Central is for all the drama enthusiasts who love story telling. From record-breaking Pakistani and Turkish dramas to cooking shows, Sehr and Iftar transmissions, Talk shows, Fitness & Health tips and much more, we bring you the best from TV and Independent Creators at Dramas Central. Dramas Central is managed by Dot Republic Media. All Copyrights Reserved. Don’t forget to subscribe! http://bit.ly/DramasCentral Visit our Website: www.dramascentral.com Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/dramascentralbestpakistanidramas/
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Urdu 1 Official

Urdu1 is an Entertainment Channel broadcast from Dubai, UAE, for the Urdu speaking population across the globe. We firmly believe in providing viewers with premium quality content and have successfully taken entertainment to new heights. Urdu1 is a pioneer in bringing dubbed content in the drama industry of Pakistan. URDU1 is owned and operated by Alliance Media FZ-LLC Dubai. Alliance Media FZ LLZ also owns a Youtube channel named Urdu 1 Official (www.youtube.com/urdu1officialchannel) to show the same content to its digital viewers around the globe. Follow Us: https://www.youtube.com/Urdu1Officialchannel http://www.urdu1.tv https://www.instagram.com/urdu1tv https://www.dailymotion.com/urdu1tv https://twitter.com/urdu1tvofficial
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Urdu News Diary

Watch daily news, Dramas, Films, and other Entertainment related videos around the world in Urdu language only on Urdu News Diary.
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News18 Urdu

News18 Urdu is an exclusive Urdu news channel on YouTube which streams news related to common topics such as war, government, politics, education, health, the environment, economy, business, and entertainment, as well as athletic events. It gives the complete coverage of the nation with special emphasis on Telangana & Jammu & Kashmir. The channel also has exclusive interviews & caters to a large section of Urdu speaking population in India and several countries by providing debates on culturally and socially relevant subjects, social dramas, news, religious and other infotainment programs. Subscribe to our channel for the latest news updates: http://bit.ly/2QH4xqW Follow Us: https://twitter.com/news18urdu?lang=en Like Us: https://www.facebook.com/News18Urdu/ Our Website: http://urdu.news18.com/
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T.P. has well equipped ,in-house ,quality voice recording Studio, Production house for shooting dramas, Telefilms, songs and live shows and an ultra modern , sound proof facility for indoor live audio and video shootings. Links www.tharproduction.com.pk www.facebook.com/tharProduction www.twitter.com/tharproduction www.youtube.com./tharproductionpak www.vimeo.com/tharproduction www.dailymotion.com/tharproduction Contact Us : +923453707070 This channel managed by MobiTising - Asia's Largest YouTube management Network. For connecting your channel contact Now: Email: Support@mobitising.com.pk Cell: 0301-8222794 Any illegal uploading of our audio/visual content is strongly prohibited and the result will be ending up with a Strike, copyright infringement notice and penalties. For further query please contact through our legal Team: legal@mobitising.com.pk
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Urdu Trend

اسلام علیکم !اردو ٹرینڈ قارئین یہ چینل اسلامی معلومات، اسلامی وظائف، ہیلتھ ٹپس، نیوز، اسلامی کہانیوں، اصلاحی کہانیوں، معاشرے میں ہونے والے واقعات اور مختلف معلوماتی ویڈیوز پر مشتمل چینل ہے۔اچھی اچھی ویڈیوز کیلئے ہمارا چینل ضرور سبسکرائب کریں اور ہمارے ساتھ جڑے رہیں ۔۔ جزاک اللہ
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Hum TV is the Pakistan's Premier TV Channel Geared Towards Providing Quality Entertainment TV Dramas for the Entire Family to all over the world. Watch Live Pakistani Dramas online in HD quality at official HUM TV YouTube Channel. Latest Episodes, Live Shows, Drama OST's and Latest Pakistani Dramas Videos, Special show, Telefilm Dramas. Enjoy best Pakistani Urdu dramas on HUM TV official channel with best dramatic scene, sound and surprise. Watch our official channels: https://www.hum.tv/ https://www.facebook.com/humtvpakistan https://www.instagram.com/humtvpakistanofficial/ https://www.dailymotion.com/humtv https://www.youtube.com/HumNetwork https://www.youtube.com/humtvost http://blogs.humnetwork.com http://vod.humnetwork.com
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Turkish Dramas Channel

Turkish Dramas are taking over the world of entertainment and we are here to make sure you don’t miss your daily dose of the best Turkish series and soaps. Featuring dramas such as Sawal e Ishq, Ishq e Mamnu, Sunheri Titliyan and more, Turkish Dramas Channel carefully selects top notch Turkish content for your viewing. Turkish Dramas Channel is managed by Dot Republic Media. All Copyrights Reserved. Subscribe to our channel here: http://bit.ly/TurkishChannel
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Official Channel Of LalGulab.com On this channel you can watch HD Documentary Films in Urdu / Hindi, World Facts, Beauty Tips, History Videos, Health, News, Hindi Urdu Movies, Pakistani Dramas, Cricket Videos, Informational and many other interesting videos on so many topics.
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TV One

TV ONE Pakistan AAP SAI RISHTA PIYAR KA Family entertainment channel. #TvOnePK is the Pakistan's Premier TV Channel Geared Towards Providing Quality Entertainment TV Programmed for the Entire Family to all over the world. ٹی وی ون پاکستان ۔۔۔ آپ سے رشتہ پیار کا۔۔۔!۔ Years back, TVOne laid its foundation with the launch of very first private TV channel in Pakistan, "NTM". Developed with years of experience, its up with dramas that encompass your lives; soaps that provide you entertainment and lifestyle programmes that show you different ways to groom yourself. Now we are here to know about your favourites, your likes, your dislikes, your opinions and your feedback. Lets get engaged in a spoken exchange of thoughts, ideas and feelings! Enjoy, Like, Share and stay connected with us!! Subscribe to TV One Global for unlimited entertainment Alerts: https://twitter.com/TVOnePk Updates: www.facebook.com/TVOnePK Follow: https://www.instagram.com/TVOnePK Web:http://http://www.tvonepk.tv/
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LTN FAMILY is the Pakistan's Premier TV Channel Geared Towards Providing Quality Entertainment TV Dramas for the Entire Family to all over the world. Watch Live Pakistani Dramas online in HD quality at official LTN FAMILY's YouTube Channel. Latest Episodes, Live Shows, Drama OST's and Latest Pakistani Dramas Videos, Special show, Telefilm Dramas. Enjoy best Pakistani Urdu dramas on LTN FAMILY's official channel with best dramatic scene, sound and surprise. Copy rights: All rights reserved by LTN FAMILY.
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Urdu TV

Urdu TV Par Apko Mile Gi Entertainment,News,Dramas Promo or b Bhot Kuch So Stay Tunned With Urdu TV Urdu TV is dramas based channel I hope you will entertain... If you want to contact us for some queries you can. Contact Us: https://www.facebook.com/Urdutv3 https://www.facebook.com/UrduTV1 On Facebook Page Thank for viewing Our Urdu TV
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ache drame

Ache Drame Offers you a good quality content on YouTube. Our channel have special permission from all entertainment channels on YouTube including #Arydigital #Harpalgeo #Humtv #Aplus #Bestpakistanidramas #Toppakistanidramas Urdu1tv #Ltnfamily whose allow us their contents to be used on Promo TV. Ache Drame brings all Pakistani dramas and their promos and teasers for you. Our channel isn't guaranteed to provide you all Pakistani dramas but we'll try to do that. For this purpose you'll need to share and promote our channel on across all the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. So, please Subscribe to our channel now and hit the bell icon located to the right side of the Subscription button. Don't forget to watch, share and like all of our videos.Thank You
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AVT Khyber Official

Welcome to the Official YouTube Channel for AVT Khyber - a Pashto TV Channel, providing quality Pashto entertainment for Pakhtuns around the globe. AVT Khyber launched in July 2004 and with its focused approach towards creating unique content it become an instant hit during the test transmission phase. The channel now airs for 24 hours and provides its viewership with Pashto drama, Pashto songs, Pashto talk and cooking shows, kid Shows and other lifestyle programs. AVT Khyber’s YouTube channel is managed by Dot Republic Media. All Copyright Rights Reserved. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here: https://bit.ly/AVTKhyber Visit our website: https://avtkhyber.tv/
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Muslim Teacher is a place for Islamic Solutions for all your daily life problems and you can also get help from out ulma if you are facing any issue. At Muslim Teacher, Our Vision is to spread the teaching of Islam to all Muslim Brothers and Sisters. Subscribe this channel for Islamic Solutions of all types of your problems.
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Hi-Tech Pakistani

SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL TO WATCH NEW & OLD PAKISTANI FILMS & STAGE DRAMAS IN THE BEST QUALITY www.youtube.com/HiTechPakistani Hi-Tech Music Ltd (Est. 1989) UK’s Leading Record Label of South Asian Music At 28 years old, Hi-Tech Music Ltd dominate the market and supply hundreds of outlets around the world through their digital distribution supply chain, Hi Tech Music Ltd have a strong Marketing team who use their expertise and relationships to introduce music to new fans through social media programs, Web app, music website, new technology partnerships and various other pages of social media. Keep up with HI-TECH MUSIC LTD on FACEBOOK - http://www.facebook.com/hitechmusiclimited - http://www.facebook.com/hitechIslamic TWITTER - http://www.twitter.com/hitechmusicltd - http://www.twitter.com/hitechIslamic SUBSCRIBE - http://www.youtube.com/hitechmusicltd - http://www.youtube.com/hitechIslamic WEBSITE - http://www.hi-techmusic.com
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Welcome to "Dramaybaaz", the Official YouTube Drama Channel of Digital Entertainment World. Find the best of the best Pakistani Dramas in HD quality. Watch best Pakistani Dramas, Superhit Telefilms and Amazing Serials uploaded in timely manner so you can stay updated with all your favorite shows. Please subscribe to our channel and keep liking and sharing your favorite shows. Stay connected with us!! Subscribe to “Dramaybaaz” for unlimited entertainment.
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Shalimar Recording

Shalimar Recording & Broadcasting Company Ltd. (SRBC), is an unlisted public limited Company, incorporated in 1974. Currently it is a recording and broadcasting company with 20 ATV stations in the urban centers of Pakistan. It was originally perceived and formed as a recording company in 1974 with an objective to protect the interest of the Artists, poets, composers and others who were being deprived of their legitimate earnings and with the aim to release the recordings on cassettes and other mediums, which were in the national interest but not viable from the commercial point of view. It started the business with recording and manufacturing of the gramophone records in 1976. The location of the manufacturing plant at Islamabad was chosen with a view to provide jobs in an area which was not industrially as advanced as cities like Karachi and Lahore. The job nature i.e cassette assembly line and recording of cassettes on sophisticated electronic equipment best suited to the women wor
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