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G. Drar

Learn the fundamentals of Investment & Personal Finance in ትግርኛ ዕላማይ ንኩሉ ሓበሻና መሰረታዊ ፍልጠት ናይ ሂወት ንምምሃር እዩ:: ከሙ ድማ ነዚ አብዚ ግዘና ዘሎ ምዕባለ አብ ረብሓና ነውዕለሉ ባይታ ንምፍጣር እዩ:: My objective is to educate my fellow habesha community 1) the principles of a happy and successful life 2) equip them with smart techniques to conqure the world 3) guide them to live a financially free life "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." - Lao Tzu.
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Fidel TV

SUBSCRIB NOW Welcome to Fidel TV I upload here different videos with different topics such as:- Short and Long story, video clip, comedy show, movies, education, life story, News, Advise, Tipps, motivations, funny videos.... etc. Please SUBSCRIBE here to get the latest video upload... Thanks 🙏
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SElam Show - ሰላም ሾው

Wel come to 'The Selam Show' one of the Popular show hosted by Selam Sebhat, airing each Saturday & Sunday at 11:00 a.m. in Eritrean/Ethiopia Time on Maezer TV. Empowering our community, Impacting People, Inspiring new generation & sharing success.
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