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og trap montager / crappy video maker - Hardware: Intel i7-4790k EVGA GTX980 SC WD Blue 1TB HDD HyperX Fury 1866 16GB MSI Z97A SLI KRAIT Edition 120GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD Phanteks Enthoo Pro Corsair RM750 Software: Sony Vegas Pro 13 Nvidia Shadowplay Photoshop CC Channel Art made by Bandit/Owen. Check him out @Banditeerio or Timeline: 34 Subscribers - 3/24/16 100 - 4/25/16 200 - 5/16/16 10,000 Views - 5/21/16 300 - 5/22/16 400 - 5/28/16 500 - 6/1/16 1,000 - 6/17/16 2,000 - 6/27/16 3,000 - 7/4/16 4,000 - 7/10/16 5,000 - 7/15/16 10,000 - 8/3/16 i lost track lol but wow
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Nicki Pamaj

Due to the high number of requests i get a day, i can't do sub boxes or feature your video for free anymore. If your interested in prices message me. -Machinima Partner -GT - Beigy/Darth Beigy -PSN - Darth_Beigy -Steam - MrPackerfan95
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Metalcore Designs. Providing the BEST hardcore editing content from the community. Forever Thanks: Vexing, Syn, Brandan, Duality, Artery, Xaeret, Yugal, Fixed, Slex, Ember, ZecivR, Ariise, Linnet, LuxaaR, Mercy, SmS, and Dawn/PJ.
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Halo temen - temen semuanya!! Perkenalkan nama aku Ledib biasa di panggil Ledib karena itu namaku oke! Jadi temen temen sedikit cerita kenapa namaku adalah Ledib jadi aku terinspirasi dari salah satu youtuber luar yang bernama Defib dan dia adalah konten kreator minecraft yang bertemakan TRAP jadi bisa kalian liat konten konten lamaku itu isinya trap semua hehe. Kuharap kalian bisa suka sama konten kontenku guys!! Hahay Pal Pale Pal Pale~~
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minecraft hypixel skywars trap montage funny moments trapping hypixel ranked skywars my minecraft name is orungeYouTube defib bitzel orungeyt orange orunge orunge orange orunged orunges
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Defib Records

Welcome to the Official YouTube Channel of Defib Records! Love dance music? So do we. Defib Records is your weekly destination for the best dance music experience from around the world, there's something here for every raver. Defib Records is pacing fast at a step in the right direction in the world of dance music and is a leading independent electronic label. Defib's current roster includes North American artists Delta Bay, Cryoz, BlackLight and international artists Jack Lugec, and others. Defib Records Online:
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Sniping in Call of Duty :D GT: V9 SeG Sensitivity: 8 Button Layout: Default Started Making Videos: April 2010
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Just a Quad

-Washed up gamer -3rd Channel -First YouTube Video June 2009 GT: Just a Quad PSN: BladeBearer Become a Curse: Union For Gamers, YouTube partner. Low requirements, high CPM and a NO LOCK-IN contract (leave whenever you want):
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Survival Group

Survival group is a premier provider of emergency responder training and equipment Mission Our mission is to educate and equip rescuers at all levels of training and experience to safely respond to emergencies in their workplace, home, in public, or as part of their job with the ultimate goal of saving lives.
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Welcome To The Official Home Of NCT™ (NonCopyrightedTunes) Owner : Dezre On This Channel You Will Find Some Of The Best Non Copyrighted Songs. So Just Sit Back, Relax And Enjoy The Music We Will Upload All Types Of Music. So Hopefully You Wont Be Dissapointed All Music You Will Hear On This Channel Is Non-Copyrighted Which You Can Download And Use For Your Edits, Speed Arts, Montages, Episodes, ETC. If You Want To Make Us Any GFX Or An Intro Just Pm Us Disclaimer : We Do Not Take Any Credit For Any Of The Music Uploaded To This Channel. No Copyright Infringement Is Intended. If We Have Uploaded One Of Your Songs And You Want Us To Take It Down Just Mesage Us On YouTube. Thanks -NCT
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deadfears old channel

playin minecraft. business:
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this is defib's second channel for things that are too cool for the main channel!
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PointlessBlog Vlogs

Talk shit to me you will get blocked and deleted... nuff said (Y) ive got time for all of my subs (L) Yes I can edit for you for a small fee.. ***yes i edited DEFIB :D woop woop, now working on clan shit and my own stuff message for spaces*** Please youtube msg or skype me about business only :) Skype ID - tombradley7 Once communicated and full amount payed the edit will be started and you will get regular emails through youtube or skype. ***Looking for Sponsorship*** XBL GT: Slash Draw Capture Card: HD PVR Headset: Turtle Beach x31's YouTube GFX Designer: MattCrissall Editing Software: Adobe After Effects CS3 Sony Vegas Pro 9 Adobe Photoshop CS3 ╔═╦╗╔╦╗╔═╦═╦╦╦╦╗╔═╗ ║╚╣║║║╚╣╚╣╔╣╔╣║╚╣═╣ ╠╗║╚╝║║╠╗║╚╣║║║║║═╣ ╚═╩══╩═╩═╩═╩╝╚╩═╩═╝
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Fluke Biomedical

Fluke Biomedical is the premiere, global provider of test and measurement equipment and services to the healthcare industry. We strive to be the best at delivering innovative solutions to improve quality of global health. We serve biomedical engineers, quality-assurance technicians, medical physicists, oncologists and radiation-safety professionals and are continually expanding our range of solutions to a broader range of health and safety professionals. For more information on Fluke Biomedical, visit
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