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African Vulture

Hello everyone! I’m African Vulture, a longtime creator who originally joined GoAnimate on June 12, 2012! My real name is Sara Ann Braeutigam. I’m basically a GoAnimator who loves to enjoy making GoAnimate videos! Welcome to my channel! I am also well known for my Mouthless Girl series with Miss Mouth and many more! Though she doesn’t have a mouth to speak it to communicate, she is very talented with magical skills and means do much to the world around her! But that's not all! I also enjoy musical videos, tutorial videos, grounded videos, cam videos and commemorative tribute videos. Although I am not very active on my other YouTube channels, you are more than welcome to subscribe to my other channels that I own.
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African Wedding Vlogs

Welcome to Wedding Vlogs😃😃 Stay tuned as we bring to you some of the most beautiful moments when two souls come together as one in Holy Matrimony Binge-watch to find out the latest couple in town. Please Subscribe to this channel and turn on the notification bell to get notified each time we post a video. Kindly Like, Share and Comment. For Sponsorship and Collaboration, kindly send us an email:
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Africa's BEST world traveler. There's nothing that's Impossible. You too can do It ✅ SUBSCRIBE 😍 🙂🤞
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African NollyTV

African NollyTV - The media and entertainment industry consist of film, television, radio and print. These segments include movies, TV shows, radio shows, news, music, newspapers, magazines, and books. In general, media and entertainment jobs include reporters, correspondents, and broadcast news analysts; writers and authors; editors; photographers; graphic designers; translators; film and video editors and camera operators; broadcast and sound engineering technicians; announcers; producers and directors; and performers—from actors to musicians and composers. The workers who are behind the scenes and focused on the business side are public relations people, talent agents and representatives, marketing managers, entertainment lawyers, and distribution workers, among others. Skills Needed. The media and entertainment industry attracts a wide variety of personalities and backgrounds. It’s a given that creative, innovative people are welcome, as are those with a knack for analyzing
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African BHALUK

Inside OLaCrazy আপোনালোকৰ মৰমৰ YouTube channel OLaCrazyৰ members এ বনোৱা Vlog এই Channel ৰ জৰিয়তে Upload কৰা হব😊 OLaCrazy জড়িত হবলৈ subscribe কৰক ধন্যবাদ
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African Diaspora News Channel

African Diaspora News Channel presents international news, social commentary, travel, and health. We're committed to reporting truthful and accurate news. Our viewers expect and love the "tell it like it is" style of reporting. We're dedicated to bringing stories that spark conversation and topics that aren't comfortable in a politically correct world. We will say what we believe and stand against propaganda. You can expect a balanced opinion in our news commentaries. We believe our viewing audience guides the direction of our platform.
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African Giant by Blessing Kolawole

Welcome to @AfricanGiant Channel. (A 100% Online Money Making Channel) I'm here to assist you with Personal finance, investment opportunities, making online money, savings, money management to allow more time to enjoy living, & help more people. I'm here to add my own quota to your success story. Here is why and How? Having traveled around Africa i.e Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Africa, Ghana, Benin Republic, Tanzania, etc, I noticed a lot of us are leaving money-making to destiny, which by the way i think it is by choice. Whatever your belief is, this channel will open your eyes and guide you through a lot of opportunities that abound based on your current location. Money must be made, we have to be Millionaires in foreign currencies. Follow along and get real, no-hype, honest advice from someone who walks the walk and truly wants to help others. Subscribe now, and join #Africangiants! I'm here to satisfy you with my daily updates.. DON'T MISS IT
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African Umemulo

Watch Long Yoga videos on my Page :
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African Wildlife

Welcome to our channel. We shoot educational documentaries about the life and behavior of animals in the wild. You will understand the wild life of animals that we rarely see them in real life. Just follow our channel to see new videos every week. Subscribe to the channel, put likes, share and leave comments so that we have the motivation to make more great videos. * Copyright * ▮ All content in these videos is for entertainment purposes and is subject to fair use. Copyright infringement is not intended. ▮ We create content that is a compilation from many different sources on Youtube, Facboook blog, website.... It is difficult to guarantee full copyright protection, we always try to contact the owners for copyright cooperation, even if there are still errors. Also, if you want to delete your video, please email us. Thank you for your tolerance.
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Kukuwa Fitness

Get ready to explore Africa without a passport and learn to move muscles you didn’t know you had! KUKUWA® African Dance Workout is not only a workout, its an education and journey, one experiences each time they move their BOOMBSEY®. It will take you on an exotic African Expedition pumping FUN through your veins, burning crazy calories and sweating buckets! Join us for your FREE 3 DAY TRIAL- FOR EXCLUSIVE KUKUWA CONTENT head over to for hundreds of amazing dance workout videos and content to keep you fit, healthy and well everyday! 10 categories - Kukuwa Dance Workouts 30-min - Get it Right Get it Tight (Strength Training) - Pre & Post Mama Baby series - Core Corner for those who love Choreography - Alive in five 30 day challenge - Tasty Town for Vegan and Non-Vegan healthy recipes - Kukuwa Live Series - Boombsey Tips with Kukuwa - Boombsey Move Lets Grove - Emotional Mindful Eating Tips & many more #kukuwafitness #kukuwaafricandance #dance
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African Insider

Africa Insider, is an afro-centric YouTube Channel with an aim to tell the African stories to the World. Our aim is to provide a platform for the diverse and vibrant voices of Africa and to tell the untold stories of Africa. For the past 3 years we have worked hard with a goal of showcasing the positive side of Africa to the rest of the World. Kindly subscribe to the channel as we bring you all the good stories from Africa.
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African Wild Experience

The wilder side of Africa
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Pan African Music

Fondé en 2017 au sein de la société de distribution digitale IDOL, PAM est un magazine musical en ligne français consacré à la promotion et à la diffusion des musiques issues du continent africain et de sa diaspora. Depuis ses premiers pas, PAM poursuit un double objectif : soutenir les nouvelles tendances en soulignant l’effervescence créative des nouvelles générations tout en s’affirmant comme une plateforme documentaire spécialiste de l’histoire et des mutations du patrimoine musical du continent africain. Avec sa communauté de journalistes europé et africain.e.s aux expertises multiples, PAM fédère un réseau international grâce à ses contenus bilingues longs-formats, entre le reportage et le documentaire, nouant une relation de confiance avec les artistes. PAM a élargi ses activités avec la programmation de soirées dans des lieux et festivals partenaires. Aujourd’hui, PAM a trois ans et continue d’accompagner une scène musicale devenue incontournable.
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HomeTeam History

Remembering our ancestors through reasonable dialogue and reclaiming the world from an African perspective. Join me as I discuss African history, culture and worldview and what it all really means for us today. I encourage us to learn and share our thoughts as this will help us reclaim Our story and pioneer a new culture of awareness. "I am because we are and we are because I am"- African Diaspora
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Devi Astika

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Kurt Caz

South African bushman, doing what my DNA tells me to.
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The New Tourist

Welcome to THE NEW TOURIST OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL We travel around Africa and help you discover how Africa is developing by creating content around African Development, Mega Projects in Africa, and More...So If you Love the African Continent and Content Around African Development and Economy, then stick around. this is the place for you Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE AND HIT THE NOTIFICATION BELL ICON Stay blessed
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2nacheki pronounced (tunacheki) means 'We Are Watching ' in Swahili slang. Our goal is to educate & inform you about everything in Africa while showing the World that Africa is Watching. ~~-~~-~- Our African videos covers; Africa Lists, Africa News, Africa Speeches , Africa Entertainment , Africa History Africa Documentaries, Panafricanism , African Culture and more -~-~~-~ Thanks for watching 2nacheki the biggest African channel on Youtube . All our videos are aimed at Educating, Informing, Reporting, Reviewing, Criticizing & Ranking everything African inorder to build a better Africa. -~-~~-~ Contact for News Tips, Content submission, Ads, Submissions, Takedowns, Collabos and Inquiries .
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Choreographer Baroz Official ( Dance African ).

Welcome to Choreographer Baroz Dance group gives you the Best of African cultures, tribes Traditional Dances. Know More about Traditional african Dance On This Channel. All My videos are created with one purpose To Entertain you through traditional Dancing and to make you smile and happy The African culture is varied and manifold consisting of a mixture of countries with various tribes that each have their unique characteristic from the continent of Africa. In this Channel Gives you full of Traditional Dances and singing. African traditions are expressed through attires, art, dance and sculpture costumes. African dance is expressed through many different art forms such as music,drums and dance.These traditions are deeply ingrained into the whole African culture. This Channel explain more about us. We have finally reached 300K milestone and now headed to 500k. Thank you everyone for your continued support and for being there,we appreciate. For more Information please Email us .
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