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What’s up Savages! I’m Eric Leija some of you might know me as @Primal.Swoldier on Instagram. If you follow me, I’m sure you’ve seen my Kettlebell flows and complexes. I also like to incorporate many bodyweight animal flow movement into my routines to help you move better, be more functional and access tight areas that might be hindering your everyday routine. By subscribing to my YouTube Channel you'll have receive detailed instructional videos on how to perform these Kettlebell flows and more. Including strength and conditioning programs using everything from: - Kettlebells - Barbells - Dumbbells - Sandbags - Steelmace and SteelClubs & more I’m confident that with my training videos/programs you will become proficient with these tools. Train with me online so you can not only become more knowledgeable but also live a stronger, healthier, & more optimal life. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel now & let’s get to work on making YOU the best version of yourself TODAY! EricLeija.comEric Leija
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