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Published 2023.08.25
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30 Moments Python Swallows Prey On A Tree Branch, What Happens Next? | Animal - Fights
Pythons are excellent ambush hunters. They will take down any prey that appears in front of them when they are hungry
30 Moments A Python Swallows Its Prey On A Tree Branch, What Happens Next? | Animals fighting
All snakes are carnivores, with their food being small animals such as lizards, birds, ...
Since snakes cannot bite or tear food into pieces, they have to swallow their prey whole
Snakes are also animals without ears, no nose, but very hearing and very sharp, can hear and smell odors from a distance.
Some snakes can still attack passing prey with amazing accuracy
Snakes also have very powerful biological weapons, which are fangs and venom..., but we still don't know much about this reptile animal.
The fearsome hunter is attacking its prey on a tree branch, even though it is suspended in the air, it is determined not to let go of its prey.
Finally, it managed to pull its prey onto a tree branch and enjoy it
The Snake is trying to attack the prey on the treetop, but its precise pounce in this case doesn't work.
It continuously missed its prey and almost fell off a tree branch
Although it tried to observe and grab its prey, this time its hunt failed when it repeatedly lost its prey.
In the end, the animal's agility helped it escape from the near danger
The predator stood motionless. It was motionless perhaps because it was humiliating to lose its prey right in front of its nose
Snakes are reptiles with deadly beauty and always attract the attention of scientists around the world
Snakes can move on many different terrains, from crawling on the ground, swimming in the water to wrapping their bodies on high branches.
Snakes can only crawl up inclined surfaces and have many attachment points such as tree trunks, where they can wrap around and form hooks with their bodies to cling to.
When attacking, the python will use its jaws to bite its prey, then quickly squeeze its body, causing the victim to suffocate to death.
The python began to open its mouth wide to swallow the spoils
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