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Memes - #AkumaMatata
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GROUP: #Luxiem

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1. Keep chat relevant to the stream, do not go off topic unless I ask specifically. This includes trauma-dumping, which is never allowed.
2. Don't bring up topics that are controversial or political. Anything related to me, however, is fair game.
3. I am not obligated to thank donations. I will try to thank as many as possible. Do not send more asking me about a previous donation or super chat.
4. Be kind to one another.
5. Don't get too attached. I'm a dangerous creature and I don't want to harm any more people than I already have.
6. I can't offer warnings for specific triggers per stream, so please watch at your own discretion and remember that it's okay to skip a stream if you're distressed/uncomfortable. That said, below you can find a list of trigger warnings that may be relevant. Other triggers are extremely unlikely to appear, and if they do it isn't my intention. If any of these themes cause you discomfort, please proceed with caution (words partly censored to avoid demonetisation).
-Depress!on/Mental illness
-Discussions of s*icide
-Security risk/accidental leaks (idk how this keeps happening)
7. Play along. I know a lot of what I may talk about/do on stream seems fantastical or unbelievable, that's fair, but for the sake of people's immersion in my world and what I'm trying to achieve, I'd appreciate it if you could play along, both in chat and on public social platforms. Don't obsess over the line between what's "real" and what's "fake", it's all real. Get immersed, and have fun.

【Vox Akuma ヴォックス・アクマ】

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【Luca Kaneshiro】
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