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Streamed live on 2020.11.20
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Everyday Astronaut

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IMPORTANT PLEASE READ!!! I will be streaming tonight's coverage, but please ONLY WATCH my stream if you can also pull up Rocket Lab's stream!!! Each view of the livestream on THEIR feed is $1 for Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland New Zealand!!!! So PLEASE only watch me if you can watch theirs too!!! (Donations will be matched for 24 hours)

Rocket Lab's Video -

Or on Twitch -

Instead of SuperChatting, maybe contribute directly so YouTube doesn't take 30%!!! -

[[[ UPDATE ]]] THANK YOU GUYS!!! We raised $6,900!!! I immediately donated it to Starship Children's Hospital in Auckland New Zealand! Since YouTube takes a 30% cut of Superchats, I donated $2,000 to make up for it. Here's my tweet thread about how I handled the donations. It will be updated when I hear back from the donation site as well -

Rocket Lab’s next mission dubbed “Return to Sender” is appropriately named due to it being the first mission where Rocket Lab will attempt to recover their first stage, or bring it back to where it came from. Flight 16 will also be launching from LC-1A on the Mahia Peninsula just as all of the previous ones have. This will change soon though when Rocket Lab launches from Launch Complex – 2, which is located on Wallops Island, Virginia, USA. For this mission, in particular, Electron will launch 30 satellites into a 500 km sun-synchronous orbit (SSO). These satellites are from various companies including TriSept, Unseenlabs, Swarm Technologies, and a few more.

Want to learn more about today’s launch? Check out our Prelaunch Preview! -

00:00 - Intro
03:00 - Donation RULES!
05:35 - Prelaunch Preview
07:00 - Prelaunch Preview while freaking out
30:00 - Block Upgrade Details
33:45 - Approximate Trajectories
36:00 - Q&A
48:40 - Rocket Lab Stream Starts
1:06:00 - T - 1 Minute
1:07:00 - Lift Off! (Headphone Warning!)
1:09:40 - Stage Separation
1:15:45 - Nominal Transfer Orbit
1:22:12 - Rocket Lab Confirms Good Parachutes Deployment!


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