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Super Chat Earning

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WATCH SCAMMER PAYBACK'S VERSION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrLZb...

EPISODE 1: https://youtu.be/i1Bu034pGdc
EPISODE 2: https://youtu.be/-QWsi7zj6kc

We caught a money mule scammer. Red Handed. On Camera. We’ve teamed up with @Scammer Payback  from YouTube to investigate and confront the thieves, mules and masterminds behind the vicious and despicable scams infesting our phones, and our wallets. For the first time in Trilogy Media history, we’ve come face to face with a money mule scammer. This is Trilogy Media, and you’re watching SCAMMED!

The Refund scam. A web of deception starting with a call center, claiming to owe you money for your expired computer security services. They remote connect to your computer to process your fake refund, and then manipulate your online banking to make the victim THINK they’ve been refunded - but “accidentally“ at a much higher amount, again this time at $30,000. They then play on the emotions of the victim, saying they’ll lose their job unless they send them that money BACK. This scammer wants the payment, in cash, mailed to a home address in San Francisco California.

We’re taking extra precautions this time as this got a little bit dangerous, so we’re referring to the scammer as Mr. X. Thanks to our friend Pierogi at Scammer Payback, he’s baited this scammer all the way up to the finish line. Mr. X thinks he’s in for a big payday. Pierogi did mail a package, but there’s no cash inside. Only paper scraps and magazines. Everything is set to go - only step remaining is to see exactly who is behind the front door. 

As with all public videos on our channel, this is completely free, so we’d very much appreciate it if you’d click subscribe on the Trilogy Media YouTube Channel, and turn on post notifications so you don’t miss any future uploads. We also want to thank our sponsor Multi-Visions for helping to make these videos possible. Multi-Visions has the best products on the market to protect your computer from viruses, malware, and many other cyber security threats, and they have some amazing opportunities for computer product resellers. Find them at Multi-Visions.com, and mention Trilogy Media to get 50% off your order.

What evil force is waiting for us behind that door? What will they have to say? And how are they going to feel coming face-to-face with Trilogy Media and the entire world? Find out right now, in a shocking new episode of SCAMMED!

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*Videos are for entertainment purposes only. Trilogy Media does not condone, support, or encourage any communication with or solicitation of scammers*


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