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Published 2018.11.20
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Low Income Relief

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If you've ever wondered "What do people buy with food stamps?" You might be surprised by the answer!

Of course, most people have been told that you can only purchase food items with your EBT card. That makes sense, right? But you might be surprised what the government considers a qualifying food purchase! We've discovered that it isn't limited to your usual grocery purchases!

From restaurant meals to harpoons, we've uncovered some pretty surprising things in the food stamps law. Some of these, like fast food and hunting equipment, are limited to certain people and certain areas. We've found all the details for you, so be sure to watch the video for more information about these programs.

We have spent hundreds of hours researching welfare benefits, including food stamps. In fact, we have a list of 450+ discounts and freebies for people with food stamps! You may qualify for $5 Internet, free museum admission and so much more! For the complete list, be sure to visit

At Low Income Relief, we provide information about low income benefits, programs and resources across America. We help millions of families navigate their welfare and government assistance benefits every year! We also serve those who are disabled, unemployed, underemployed and facing other income challenges. You can search our information database at!