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Published 2016.07.14
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Hillary Clinton Song, here it is. Hillary Clinton is the Democratic Presidential Nominee. She is also surrounded by scandals.

FBI Email server scandal, Whitewater, Benghazi, The Monica Lewinsky Scandal, Speaking Fees, Clinton Foundation Investigation, Loretta Lynch, Barack Obama, James Comey, Vince Foster

Bernie Sanders has recently endorsed her for President in 2016 against Donald Trump.


If you wanna rob a bank, or run a red light,
Then There’s something you should do first 
That will make it alright.

You can break any law, with no oversight.     
If you change your last nameTo Clinton.

You can lie to the Feds or just act like a jerk.
Make a crap ton of money without doing any work.

Plus you can sleep with your staff 
as an added perk,
If you change your last name to Clinton.

The SEC. The FBI. The House of Representatives,
They just don’t apply.

You can have all of your enemies 
Mysteriously die if you change
Your last name to Clinton.

Sell special favors to the Communist Chinese.
Charge a hundred million for some speaking fees.
Tell that sexy intern to get down on her knees
You can do it! If your last name is Clinton.

Collect lots of cash through your private foundation.
Store Top Secret Info in an unsecure location,
And somehow secure the Democratic Nomination.
You can do it, if your last name is Clinton.

Nothing to it, if your last name is Clinton.
Wait, it’s against the law? Screw IT!

Your last name is Clinton.